Facebook’s founder – Mark Zuckerberg…takes it on the chin…TKO?


One investor who is a billionaire named Elon Musk made an announcement that created a firestorm for the man with a “Planetary Face” [i.e. – Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame]. Mr. Musk apparently plans to, (or has already), severed his ties to the Facebook creator. Why? By now the world knows of the severely negative controversy that swirls around the social media “boy blunder.” The Zuck Man made more than a few enemies over his political advocacy regarding immigration.

That’s just for starters, because a wide media spectrum reported the unfolding story. Traditional newspapers like U.S.A. today, & internet giant Huffington Post, are only two examples. In fact, it seems several news organizations additionally ran another story about Yammer founder David Sacks. He was formerly closely connected to Musk & is also distancing himself from Zuck brainchild, Fwd.us – the political startup at the center of this storm.

Has Fwd.us – created by Zuckerberg to advocate for immigration reform seemingly backfired? It would appear so, (at least temporarily to some degree), based upon the upheaval & uproar highlighted by investor ads being pulled or threatening such & other financial supporters, who verbalized their opposition.  Basically, the problem is said to be that Fwd.us, while advocating for immigration reform that would otherwise represent a progressive move forward – additionally supports political suicide issues. These include the controversial Keystone pipeline project along with drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Fwd.us took powerful blows to the chin for its T.V. ads that act as campaign tools for targeted government legislators who support the dangerous environmental action cited above.

Elon Musk founded electric carmaker Tesla Motors, & he is said to be against the ads which some now seem convinced are promotional tools for “Big Oil & Gas.” One media report said that Mr. Musk initially backed Fwd.us – because he agrees with a reasoned positive plan for the white – hot topic, immigration reform.  There was also word of several additional progressive groups pulling their ads from Facebook itself. If correct, it sends a signal to Zuckerberg that it is an act of protestation along the same lines as Musk & Sacks. Meanwhile, other backers of Fwd.us have remained behind it & the T.V. ads. These include Bill Gates along with other un-named tech giants.

Russ Feingold, the former Sen. from Wisconsin, & creator of liberal political action group Progressives United spoke out sharply against the founder of Facebook. Feingold & his group favor comprehensive immigration reform. But he is dead set against tying any legislation to promoting lawmakers who represent districts comprised of a clear majority of constituents, who are said to favor the Keystone & Arctic Wildlife energy projects.

The result of all this is Zuckerberg pulling campaign ads that had already run for about a week in seven states according to parties directly involved. The Huffington Post wrote that Kate Hanson made statements attempting to spin the whole mess, putting a positive “face” back on the tarnished Zuckerberg & his activities. She is a spokeswoman for Fwd.us, who logically would be expected to do all it can to plug the dike.

“More will be revealed going forward, as lawmakers & high rollers with a stake in the game duke it out!”


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