Dysfunctional two party system begs for reform…Middlecrat’s Unite!


          The damage the government shutdown is about to inflict on the country is a sure signal that change is needed more than ever. The same disturbing mentality that floods the country with guns…is the same right-wing mentality that threaten’s to bring America to it’s knee’s. A very dangerous game of chicken has started…and the Democrats will just sit tight and watch the Republican’s crash and burn.

Obamacare is the law of the land..these Republican’s set a bad precedent for law abiding citizens. The message is, if you don’t like a law…then just take your bat and ball and go home.

I spoke with an insider today at the Department of Justice. He must go to work, but he will not be paid. I was told that the way the funding is set, that October 15th is the day of maximum danger. If a deal is not reached by the 15th, complete chaos will grip this country… the economic damage will be swift, painful…and forshadow’s a world-wide breakdown.

      While the Democrat’s currently have an advantage in public perception..it will not last long .They share much responsibility for what’s happening. Obamacare was strong-armed through via the ONE party system..with little effort to garner bi-partisian support. This was a major mistake..the lack of statesmanship and ability to work successfully together helped create this breakdown.

    One can only hope this travesty of government will wake up the citizens that our two party system is broken. Money, corporate interests and petty politics has frozen America’s abilty to lead. Never before has it been so clear that our government needs a major kick in the ass.

   This  country needs a functional system, we need a thrid choice to put the fear of God into the reigning powers. The middle class could embrace the MIDDLECRATS…and start running sensible, independent candidates to grab the middle ground and forge compromise.

   Independents, moderates, and the unaffilated are the largest voting block in this country. We need candidates that embraces hybridism….a centrist party that can hammer out reasonable solutions to situations that are dominated by the extreme elements of both the left and the right.Dysfuntionalism…could give way to a more even handed approach that would benefit this country.

    Should this shutdown go past October 15th…our economy will spin out-of-control. It’s time for sanity and compromise to take center stage. As the Republican’a slow-motion suicide continues…the door is kicked open wide for a real change in American politic’s. The opportunity is NOW to create a new alliance and take the leadership from a two party system that’s has lost the respect of it’s citizens!


One comment on “Dysfunctional two party system begs for reform…Middlecrat’s Unite!

  1. GlennBo on said:

    So tell me Ron, who’s the prototypical Middlecrat to you? And what kind of belief system do they espouse? Patrick Murphy? Steny Hoyer?

    To me the Democrats are the Middlecrat Party, willing to bargain away Social Security or promote Simpson-Bowles in a spirit of compromise that will undermine the New Deal and irreparably harm the middle class. The problem with the Democrats is that they have compromised too much and are perpetually on defense.

    If I were Obama I would demand that Medicare eligibility be dropped to 55 in order to let the Republicans off the hook in this latest shutdown. But that’s just me. The Democrats will find a way to bargain from a position of weakness and give away the store in exchange for nothing like they usually do.

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