Is drone warfare inciting those that threaten America? .

Two bombs exploded in the streets close to the finish line during the running of the Boston Marathon on Monday. Killing at-least three people..and injuring more than 140.Boston police said they have no suspects in “custody”. Officials in Washington said there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathys go out to all affected by this tragedy.We all greive at the senseless inhumanity and carnage brought to bear yesterday at the Boston marathon. Today we investigate and wonder why any person or persons would bring such terror to such a happy event as Patriot’s day in Boston.

Credible report’s out of Pakistan report that 100’s of American drone strikes took place from 2006 to 2009. Started by George W. Bush…and rapidly expanded under President Obama. During these 3 year, America successfully took out 14 high ranking Al-queda operatives…which is important work in the war on “terror”. The downside is 687 civilians that were killed, many were women and children. It’s all a numbers game…and Dick Cheney controlled the Bush White-house his way ……with little regard was towards “collateral” damage…and the Obama policy seems to be acting in a similair manner .
While America has the lead in drone technology..we all know that it wont not last much longer. Machines are machines..many know how to make them and sell them too.Were two model years ahead..and until the world catches up….Should we continue to mow down bad guys driving their cars …or through his sliding glass window.Does it matter to Americans, to the courts, if he’s taking his son to soccer practice or his daughter to dance class?
I know if my son or daughter was killed by some arrogant superpower I might have some hurt. The slaughter of innocence is equally horrific …were all human beings. If American can come to grips with it drone warfare …they may come to understand why some of the Anti-Americanism that’s been fermenting against us…possibly fueling the fire of those disposed to terrorism.
When we send a drone that kills women and children, it sets back and possibility of peace. Angry orphans grow up and become terrorists gangster.We should conduct ourselves better…we could stop the Boston Boomerang.

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