The door’s wide open for a 3rd party takeover…

         About 30% of the voting public is hard right..and about 30% is hard left. Fortunately, this election will be decided the 40% in the middle.. This silent majority is squirming in their proverbial chairs right now. Is this really the best and brightest America has to offer? Can we really afford 4 more years of partisan bullshit, or can we actually find a leader willing to unite these not so “united” states.?

    I’m so tired of hearing both sides rail about “Obama Care”. This is not a personal issue, and it’s not about Barack Obama.  This moniker is not acceptable to me…and the misfits in the mass media should grow up. Health care is a complicated subject, not served well by name calling and pandering.

   Our economy is broken..and it’s not going to be fixed  by just taxing the rich or brow-beating the poor.
    We shouldn’t  just pick sides…line up our billionaires..and just run ads at nauseaum blasting the other side. Things do need to change..and fast. The world is not going to wait for us to get our act together.

   The coming of age of a 3rd party is about to happen. Despite misgivings about American Elect 2012, someone does need to do something and I guess the wealthy people are the one’s  to instigate action. The middle class doesn’t have the time or money to make a revolution happen. Obama’s rise in voter sentiment is not real, only the buffoonery of the Republican circle jerk has bolstered his numbers.

  Maybe a coalition government is what we need here to actually solve some very difficult problems. Although..someone like Jeb Bush creates consternation among many, he is  better than a Romney or Santorum. He understands about governing over a diverse population..his wife is Hispanic and he is something of an out-of -box thinker. If Jeb Bush were to team up with a Democrat ( 3rd party rules)..maybe someone like a John Kerry could bring balance and experience  to the White House.

  Voter discontent is palatable. Both president Obama and  Congress have disappointed.Maybe throwing caution to the wind would be a step in the right direction. The door has been kicked wide-open for a third party bid…maybe the America people should put out the welcome mat!


One comment on “The door’s wide open for a 3rd party takeover…

  1. Hahahahaha…Jeb Bush? You CAN NOT be serious. No Democrat worthy of the office would ever sign up to run with another BUSH…especially as a second in command. ANY Republican in office is a grave danger to our country. SCOTUS alone a clear reason to make sure that does not happen. What on earth would make you think any Republican, especially a BUSH, would do anything other than carry out the current sick GOP agenda? That being said…Oh please, yes…Run another Bush. Seeing the GOP completely wiped out of elected offices across the country would be a beautiful sight.

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