Not a Romney fan? talk to your friends…the undecided ones!


                     Does their seizing on a stray remark from New Jersey Mayor Booker trying to justify Romney’s  Bain banishment of middle class jobs upset you?  What type of person ties a dog to the top of his car while driving hundreds of miles to Canada? How about a guy whose anxious to end funding to planned parenthood? A   man that has bank accounts tucked away  in Switzerland and he Caymans…after earning his money gutting American companies and moving their  jobs overseas …and then brag about it.  A kid that was apparently a bully in high school…he wasn’t’ a very nice  then..and you just don’t change the spots of a leopard.

     There’s so much more. Here’s a guy bragging to his Republican brethren about his wife driving two Cadillacs ..a guy willing to bet 10,000 dollars during a Republican debate. Ten grand is about two hours pay for Romney….why doesn’t he just rub it into the face of the rest of us ?.He publicly stated quite recently that he is not concerned about poor people..that he will make sure the government “safety nets is there”..despite Romney doing everything he can to not pay HIS fair share of taxes.

   Here’s a guy that’s unwilling to support equal pay legislation for women .A man that will never support a raise to the minimum wage. Once upon a time, Romney was pro-choice..but political expediency turned his severely pro-choice..capitulating to his  conservative brethren. Not to mention his typical denial of equal right to Americans wanting to engage  in the sanctimony of marriage.

    Romney’s reign in Bain capital was Romney’s reasoning  that he was they guy to turn round our economy. His true record at Bain was one of profitability, for the private equity big money people.  They  make a living at knocking out businesses…making  products overseas…and selling a striped down… profitable… but job shedding business. Republicans call it efficient..and free markets. Apple makes their products utilizing questionable labor ..but Americans want lower damn the torpedo’s and let’s look the other way. We love Walmart because they have lower prices…how many really care where products come from and whose been exploited for cheap labor? We do and we don’t…it’s  survival of the luckiest?

      There’s everything on line this election year for Americans. This election will determine our direction for year to come. All indications are this election will be  close. In fact , smart money  thinks the election will be decided in Ohio and Florida..two major swing states. How can progressives help change the election? Let’s each talk to 3 friends that are either undecided or weak Romney supporters. Let’s take the time in a one-on one discussions of the pro and cons of each candidate. No extreme talk..just a reasonable exchange  of the most important issues separating the candidates. Educate your friends and associates. Don’t waste your time battling wits with the Romney supporter..lets out smart the bellicose right.. instead concentrate efforts to where it makes a difference. Reach out to your undecided friends. We all have friends that haven’t voted in years…maybe decades..let’s get everyone educated to what’s at stake.   As Iowa proves every year, there’s nothing more effective than one on  one approach…..when you can discuss issues face to face. You really want the POTUS back…talk to your friends…the undecided ones!!

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