Detroit sinks Romney in foreign policy debate….


                      Monday night’s presidential debate was tailored made for the president. He was aggressive, he had command of the facts. He knew this issues with detail and confidence. Romney seemed less assured…and played it safe. The real news in this debate seemed when the discussion turned to the issue of Detroit… debating Romney’s previous view that GM should have been allowed to go down in bankruptcy. The facts of the matter is when GM needed private funding ,it was not their,Romney friends had their hands in their pockets. It’s  Obama and his gutsy move to provide the cash ….banking on Detroit when our  banks failed to buck up.

   When all is said and done…states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and most importantly Ohio will  go Democratic, pundits will look back at he jobs Obama saved in these heartland states in regard to the auto bailout. Instead of the USA chocking on Chinese imports, the USA car companies have put the  pedal to the meddle. When all is said and done, it’s the waitress moms in Ohio that want equal pay for equal work,planned parenthood and reproductive rights…and Ohio dad’s that have a lower unemployment rate then the nation..keeping us at the cutting edge of job creation throughout the vast auto industry.

                         Romney must regret writing that op-ed piece for the New York Times. “Let Detroit go bankrupt” .When these words were muttered, Im sure Romney  had no idea this might be the difference in him winning the Whitehouse. If Wisconson,Michigan,Pennsyvlvannia and Ohio hold for Obama….Democrats owe Detriot …and Romney the columnist…for handing Obama his second term.

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