Michigan Democrat’s for Santorum? Really! …

   In 2009 Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed article for the New York Tmes. ” Let Detroit go Bankrupt” .
About Obama’sAuto industry  bailout plan he bellowed ” Americans can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye” Not such a good call…and the voters haven’t forgotten.

   Everybody in Michigan cares about the American automotive industry. In fact, the whole country is invested in the automotive industry..almost 17% of the economy is intertwined with the automotive business.

  When Obama bailed out GM-(government motors the right-wing claims) ..and others, he came under heavy heat. He and the taxpayers took a big risk. As history now shows, Obama was right to do what he did,  keeping GM out of bankruptcy. Our automotive business has rebounded nicely, helping to lead the overall economy into better numbers.
  So, Romney couldn’t have been more wrong. If we listened to him, we would have alot less jobs, and the people of Michigan wouldn’t be leading the nation in it’s recovery. . Michigan is so far gone for Mitt, his 50 to 1 outspending off Santorum  won’t make a bit of difference.Look for a big Santorum win..and here’s a dirty little secret. Anyone can walk up in Michigan on election day, and pull the ballot for Santorum. If any Democrat or Independent wanted to help Obama’s chances in November, they could  prolong this painful process for Republicans. The longer the Republicans battle this out and tear each other apart, the better chance the “progressive people” will indeed re-elect Obama and protect the assault on the middle class.

   I wonder if some of  those mostly Democratic auto workers will give a little high five to Obama..and walk in and pull the ballot for Ricky S.? Seems the patriotic thing to do..this is hand to hand combat, it would be nice to see Democrats get tough, and do what we have to do to protect us  “progressives ” form either  Romney or Santorum. Mitt and the Republicans are cooked goose…thank you, Detroit!

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