Democrats Derby Choice….RUN HILLARY RUN …Are the betting on a winner? ( Jay H Berman)


Quinnipiac University conducts one the nation’s largest & widely followed polling organizations.  Recently, multimedia sources reported its latest findings regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton.  At this time, according to the numbers crunchers she remains the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential nominee favorite.

Other household names may be in the running, but they all trail the former first lady & Obama’s first-term Secretary of State. Not surprisingly the polling strongly suggests Mrs. Clinton is not merely the favorite, but well ahead of the presumed field of potential Democratic contenders. If primaries were held today, she very well might leave her opponents far behind, whereby they’d be relegated to little more than “pretenders!”

The most pressing question for Democrats, even at this early stage, is whether or not she will run. Clinton has not yet made that clear, although many observers consider it a done deal & simply a matter of time before she formally announces her bid for the White House.  Few would argue that her party “rock star” spouse is ready & raring to go, go, and go! Former President Bill Clinton may be even more popular among Democrats than his also celebrated wife. The party faithful in their supposed best case scenario get what some view as a two for one victory in the making tag team tandem.

The Quinnipiac findings additionally pointed to a clear path to victory, [should Hillary not run], for a man who clearly wants to occupy the Oval Office. That of course is current Vice-President Joe Biden. He has run before, & was unsuccessful in his campaigns for the party’s nomination. But the V.P. is the clear favorite unless he has to go head to head against the formidable Mrs. Clinton. The poll cited here determined that if Hillary Clinton is his primary opponent, she may garner as much as 65% of potential voters compared to his 13%. Yet, if she is removed from the race, a vastly different potential scenario ensues. In that case, Biden should be the favorite, & by a wide margin.

Other names being tossed around & included in the Quinnipiac research include N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo,  Mass. Governor Deval Patrick & Va. Senator Mark Warner. The numbers in a field minus Hillary Clinton show Biden winning as much as 45% of voters compared to 4% for Cuomo & a paltry 1%, (or possibly even less), for Patrick or Warner. However, it still makes for interesting speculation nonetheless, because all three of these men have been seen as rising stars in the Democratic Party.

Interestingly, for those who love speculation – Joe Biden, [who presumably is a sure bet to toss his hat into the ring] – if he was a Republican instead, likely would be the proverbial, “next in line.” The political pundits, aka talking heads in some quarters, make it a habit of anointing the Republican Party faithful choice in this manner. But, reality usually speaks differently, & the buzz inside the GOP is a strong ticket of Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio in 2016.

So, it all boils down to the biggest question as yet unanswered. There is only one person who can & will answer the call. I’m putting my money on the first woman to hold the highest office in the land – Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’ll enjoy Bill Clinton & Barak Obama stumping for her, & . . .

“I envision Hillary catapulted into D.C. on the wings of a huge turnout, with women being the ultimate deciding factor!”

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