Can Democrats win the House ? Is the tea party on the ropes?


                       More and more it feels like 2012 will be the year to remember as  the presidential election shifts decisively towards Obama. Whether a true believer..or just a pragmatic picker of the lesser of two evils..the end result is the same.   A plethora of positive developments for the Democrats has opened the door to some realistic possibilities.The  Democrats will increase their dominance in the Senate.  The big surprise will be in the in house ,as the closer to the ground races, will see a steady trend against an extremist ticket of the GOP..towards a more sensible, moderate party working towards installing  more middle class tax fairness.

     Romney  is now and will become enshrined as the poster boy for the evils of the excesses of  capatilism run amuch during the turbulent pre & post 911 era. Can you imagine one person alone is  willing to take his whole party down because of his bad judgement .Would why anyone even consider  running for President of the United States ? … he full well knew the dark secrets contained in his tax returns . His arrogance took over, he has the pretty face..the cash..and the good fortune of running against a group of also-rans.

     Romney’s tax woes makes him a beleaguered candidate beholden to the tea party for not “benching” him at the convention for his bad behavior. The extremist got Paul Ryan for their shot in 2016…the story is now about just how badly will the GOP gets pounded…can this be the seminal shift that will move America toward a more balanced tax policy that  party breathes life back into its middle class? The progressives are on a roll, buoyed by the  pivital supreme court green light the for  Affordable Health Act. After inheriting a reall messy economic situation from the Bush boondoggle..things are  more positive as housing is perking up..a lynch pin for a sustained economic recovery. The stock market remains in a healthy trend.

      The  dynamic duo of Romney’s sleazy business practices and arrogance coupled  with  Ryan’s extreme beleifs  on medicare and lack of repsect for our seniors. Now’s the time for  America, to wrestle tax policy from the big corporations and special interest, back to where it belongs. Power back to the people… that actually do the work in this country….and legislate fair play back in the tax codes  All this could never have happened witout Romney , Ryan and the big money GOP .(Greedy old pricks).


2 comments on “Can Democrats win the House ? Is the tea party on the ropes?

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  2. GOP candidates across the country are being pulled down by the extremism and Tea Party takeover of the party. Americans now have a real choice to make.

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