Democratic ” “BULLY” pulpit breathing life back into the GOP?


                      Several months back…I went on a date…we first met in cyber-land. The benefits of online dating sometimes make sense. You get to pick the age range, general points of common interest.You can look at photo’s…and narrow the field… giving you a general idea of who you might be compatible with. You can talk on the phone and email and text..and by the time you meet in the real world you have a pretty good sense of who your meeting…not like the true blind dates of yesteryear.

            Even so,  I had no idea   what “profession” my date had. We had a nice dinner and I came to learn that my date had spent 25 years with the FBI. I found out that South Florida is home to some big time FBI offices. We had a most interesting discussion.  I had always wondered if my “blogo-sphere activism” caught the attention of the FBI. I spoke about my blog…and having 20,000+ twitter followers and garnering some  100,000+ hits per month.

      When I asked her if the FBI had a file on me ..she looked at me with a wry smile. She said most assuredly, the FBI had my “information” at there fingertips. Millions of Americans have digital files..she explained ..”that’s what the FBI does “Never mind I have never been arrested , I don’t own a gun…and never given law enforcement any reason to be wary of me…or so I thought.

     The government has unfettered access to anything and everything. Big brother…Big sister…take full advantage of public information ..private information…no warrants needed to find out pretty much anything they want on anyone. Google now reads our private emails…and if we talk about buying a new house..low and behold the Internet immediately has ads for home mortgages and furniture store specials.

   Now we find out that the Democrat’s have used that power to put the magnifying glass on those that threaten  their power. Conservative groups, tea party affiliated groups…and those Koch boys apparently received extra special scrutiny. It seems groups more favorable towards the Democrats received much less scrutiny.

   Somehow, I’m feeling some sympathy towards any group that receives uneven scrutiny based on partisan political leanings. I’m feeling that lot’s of American’s are uneasy about this slanted treatment.

Maybe the conservatives has a point when they argue government is too big…and should be smaller and less intrusive? Is there a backlash brewing in America…are regular citizens put off by government collecting information…and offering uneven treatment to it’s citizens?   Will Democratic arrogance create an unexpected backlash towards governmental manuverings? Is the Obama “bully” pulpit about to breathe life into a beleaguered Republican party?

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