Dark clouds follow Republicans to Florida…


                   As the Republicans set to gather here in Tampa Bay on Monday…a tropical storm swirls closer to the USA. One has to wonder if the almighty is sending a signal of his (her) discomfort with the GOP’s current mindset? We hope any weather related disaster stays far ashore, a man-made disaster lingers inside.  The road to Tampa Bay has been plenty bumpy for Romney, and he awaits his kings crowning as standard bearer for the beleaguered GOP.

         Recent bumps in the road include the goofy tea party belief that….if a “legit” rape occurs…God intervenes with immaculate anti-spermicidal protection. Even crazier yet, our “presumptive” Vice-presidential nominee is one of the biggest proponent’s of Rep Akin’s legislative initiates. These zealots want to deny a women’s right to make her own reproductive choices..and yes..even in the case of ” real ” rape…and incest…these extremists want the government to control  our personal and family decisions. This will be part of the GOP national platform..Aren’t these the same folks that want less governmental intrusion?  Let’s add  in the Republicans favorite legislative pastime of 2012, passing restrictive voter participation legislation to disqualify  the vote of hard working Americans. The basis of our country is to make voting easy and encourage widespread participation in our open and free elections. I’m appalled that moderate  Republicans and many Independents  seem to be just fine with restricting the vote of Americans. Republican immoral behavior is piling up, and soon enough their day of reckoning will come.

  Let’s watch as the Republican brand is forever besmirched with the nomination of a tax dodging, ethically challenged  Mitt Willard Romney. He doesn’t answer questions, he apparently doesn’t hold the American voter in very high esteem. If your not a CEO or don’t have thousands to give the campaign,step aside. There is no place for your participation in Romney’s gang of  corporate profiteers. As the darnkness swirls towards Tampa Bay..this may be nature’s way of sending a message to the powers that controls 2012 Republicans….someone’s not very happy.

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