Rupert Murdoch- Corporate media manipulate all that is .. Danger lurks .#MH370


Since the 1960’s .. Americans ruling elite has had an overweight influence on the dissemination of news to the public . Operation Mockingbird , a CIA initiative , has long “finessed ” the news to gain advantage for those that benefit .

The bankers and the military industrial complex ..literally own today’s news media. 6 media companies control 90% of the news .. And not one of those 6 companies is free from the clutches of the Rothchild consortium . Bankers pull off billion dollar scams but never face prosecution . The regular folks , mostly those of color , fill the prisons with petty crimes in comparison . Justice in today’s America depends on your status in life and hue of your skin .


The post 9/11 era has fueled an even greater disconnect . the corporate elite has tightened  their noose on the truth , but this time they have overplayed their hand and the citizens of the Western free world can smell the bullshit.

Where oh where is the investigative journalists from the New York Times or The Washington Post?… Wall Street Journal .. ABC .. CNN … Boy do I miss Tim Russert of NBC !

How long can the mainstream media ignore what really happened to Malaysian flight 370? Lets examine these keywords Freescale semi-conductor – Diego Garcia Kaula Lumpur, electronic warfare , federal reserve , Illuminati , currency crisis , NSA and Serco! Plenty of meaningful questions for any journalists .. the American people get NOTHING! .. It’s time we give the same thing in return !

The only way to regain our free press is to hit them where it hurts … They only respond to money . No matter if your conservative or liberal or middle of the road .. Unplug yourself from corporate media .. Completely and for good …

Go Internet and ignore corporate media . Read , daily Kos, infowars , intellihub, think progress, buzzfeed, blaze, before it’s news , abel danger , or NPR.  check out free thinkers like ronrambles , The Guardian,  great game India or a  plethora of interesting and independent thinkers on You tube .

The citizens of this planet can make their own judgements . Do not continue allowing the elite to manuver and ” mockingbird ” our freedoms and good sense . Let’s unplug from corporate media , let’s make them irrelevant .. Let the free press remain free !








One comment on “Rupert Murdoch- Corporate media manipulate all that is .. Danger lurks .#MH370

  1. 2424giger on said:

    we need de-classification DoD full briefing as to what happened that night,How many NK and how many Russian and Exercise participating downed and how many US downed , BUAB with MH370 failed 9M-MRO code cracked BUAp we need to know everything ,see me in Youtube

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