CONGRESS is ridiculous – can we really run a country this way? Stop wasting our time and money! Jay H Berman


By, Jay H. Berman

 I too believe that both major parties must share the burdens of stewardship. First, Social Security is fully funded through 2040 something at present. Its solvency has been significantly diluted by continued borrowing from it to fund other government spending in recent past decades. If this practice was immediately made unlawful, much good must come of it, [i.e.] purely mathematical logic dictates this. The baby boomers, smaller workforce argument going forward -is likewise solved simply and mathematically. Just raise the retirement age to 67 and the fund is solvent into the next millennium. We are living longer and will continue to. Therefore, this makes perfect sense and is fair to all. Those requiring early retirement due to medical reasons are provided for under the current system.

Second, it is blatantly incorrect to incorporate fairness or equality into an equation that provides for a system of wealth subsidizing poverty. Often, these are the same voices that rightfully condemn corporate welfare. You can’t have it both ways and claim integrity; as all consistency is totally lacking under these schemes. This scenario, arguably stable on moral grounds, fails by proper economic and linguistic definition. If we wish to ensure a decent quality of life for low to medium wage earners, why are we not instead working our tails off to create a new economic paradigm? Assuming we wish to retain a Capitalist economy. Be most careful to understand and accept that Capitalism cannot ever be a system of complete equality and fairness – for these are antithetical.

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Winston Churchill sought to teach us, he who looks furthest back, will see farthest forward. When will America learn from history instead of repeating the same mistakes? Let’s make new mistakes for a change; because it means we must have done something different! Putting the brakes on the top down model is a good place to start. I absolutely love the “race to the top” philosophy. Why not apply this system of public education to an economic one? When I look back I see the Keynesian model, FDR’s “New Deal,” and “The War on Poverty” led by Dr. King, LBJ, academics and labor unions of the 1960′s.

Thanks to the Ayn Rand’s and Milton Freidman’s of the world, I and me and mine, has replaced we, us and together. This mentality has been allowed to dominate nearly every phase of American life and our top down systemic culture(s). “To the victor go the spoils” is fair in principal. The problem is unequal opportunity to play the game in the same arena. Let there be winners and losers. But let us use the same ball, start from the same starting line and be assisted equally by the same enhancements.

Former N.B.A. super-star Magic Johnson has been waging his own war on poverty in inner city America for the last two decades. He and his investors create new economic vitality where it is most needed. At the bottom, and make a tidy profit in the process. This is but one example. On a giant scale, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund aid to fight poverty world-wide. The best way to accomplish this is never hand-outs, rather, instead, a hand up! Isn’t that the direction we all desire? This requires major surgery and shall not be easily accomplished. Generational systemic poverty and its root causes have infected larger than ever percentages of our population and cross demographic and geographic boundaries. However, existential evidence of solutions abound if we are truly willing to look. I have mentioned only two, as previously cited.

The solution to Medicare is simple. It’s too small, not too big. Let everyone in on the single most cost effective health care available in the U.S. Any argument denying this fact is an outright lie, and I hereby challenge anyone to prove it untrue. Medicare works better than anything else in the marketplace, period, end of conversation. Want to contain costs and provide good quality care? Ask grandma, she knows the answer. Perfect, certainly not, but better than all but the most prohibitively expensive private plans.

Jay H. Berman, (D)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Author, Consumer Advocate & Political Activist

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