Compromise is not a dirty word – “Econominc Calamity ” is much worse…


                       While  the Democrats and POTUS have the upper hand, they hardly have a mandate. While it was a big electoral college win, Americans split’s their vote  60 million for Obama, 57 million for Romney..50% tp 48%..pretty close. If the Democrats want an overall reform package…the Republicans are in a position to do good to help their “stock” is at a new alltime low.   We must keep in mind the House of Reps needs leadership,and we will see if  its there.  We Will see some fresh faces step up from the new ranks ..perhaps some fresh ideas can come together and help craft legislation in Washington….. to lay out the kind of legislation that’s going to get American’s working again…and regain confidence of the financial world.Happy Democrats have been gloating, let’s hope their getting it out of their system and the are ready to go down to work. To get a comprehensive plan passed, its going to need bi-partisian support of both house  of congress.

      My Democratic friends has lots  of suggestions after I expressed my desire to potentially compromise on some important issues.Some got feisty,even vulgar, I thought for a minutes I was getting heckled from my tea party readers! Right now this country needs a comprehensive bi-partisian bill that will both cut  govemental spending and  raise revenues. Let’s forget politics..this is economics. This must be done. We just need  figure out a way so it’s fair and acceptable to the American people.

      Taxes need to be raised for all those that took advantage of the Bush tax cuts. But instead of being punitive, we can legislate a more gradual increase…a compromise of sorts. Something like this may ignite agreement of a more broad based range. An agreement works when there is something in it for both sides. We need this agreement so the world markets maintain their confidence in us. This opportunity is crucial,the timing good for getting it done. Too many of  on the Democratic aide are screaming for “vengeance” s . That quality we don’ need, let’s leave the vengeance and bad feeling to the fading tea party. Progressive should let the president do his jobs, and if a few sacred vows like SS and Med need some adjustment…lets just do what we need to do. Everybody is willing to take sacrifices, as long as everybody’s part of the solution. Compromise and bipartisanship sound a lot better than a  “economic calamity’



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