CNN-The Castrated News Network…


              Why does it seem so hard for CNN to figure out why they have become irrelevant? Businesses need to give their customers what they want..not what CNN wants us to want…! Put the blogosphere in charge of CNN programing and you might just attract more of  that coveted 24 to 54 demographic that’s turning their backs on CNN faster than you can say “ambien”.

          Piers Morgan may be a darling of the “elite” and the “critics”…but he just plain sucks to the average viewer. He is pompous, pretentious and appeals to a very narrow group of viewers. They have wasted this time slot on a guy that’s just not going anywhere. Want to boost ratings immediately and cause a stir nationwide? It’s Buddy Roemer time…yeah, that guy who is running for president and is throwing hand grenades to the left and to the right. He is interesting, unusual..and doesn’t fit into anyone’s box. He can interview politicians, journalists and movie stars too. How about some plain talking no bullshit dialogue on CNN…give the viewers a reason to tune in.

   Wolf and Anderson…both professionals with strong resumes that stir NO PASSION. Want viewers?…find some passion. Break out the checkbook and bring the folks to CNN..that we the people would like to  watch. Nothing against grey hair dudes.Im getting there too..but theirs a reason why the 20 to 40 year olds  are tuning out CNN… once again..its not brain surgery..give the viewers people they would like to view.  How about doing an hour prime time crossfire type show…With sultry Erin Burnett holding up the left…and feisty Ann Coulter spewing from the right? That would be a hot show that would grab an audience and keep them in their seats.  

    Rachel Maddow’s the hottest commodity around. Love her or not, she is excellent at what she does. Open up the checkbook and bring her over to CNN. Can’t get her, grab her protege..up and coming star Crystal Ball. If you don’t know who she is…check out MSNBC  and find out. She’s witty, pretty and bombastic. How about bring in a couple of the guys from ThinkProgress or the Daily Kos?. Each group has one or two young and very capable people that can attract viewers of all stripes and size.What about  Tavis Smiley..he would be great on CNN.  One more for good mesasure? Write a nice check and bring Sarah Palin on board for a “Lawrence Odonnell” type last word  from the right, Love or hate her…shes pretty, witty and would bring viewers in droves.

   Buddy Roemer can hold down the middle…Erin/Crystal ,et all can well represent the left…and Sarah and Ann can fire up the right. BTW…no charge to you folks over at CNN…this advice is for free. Save your money and save your network..we do need a network thats not far left only..or far right only..yet can creat some excitement. Find your balls CNN…use them or lose them!




4 comments on “CNN-The Castrated News Network…

  1. Very intelligent comment….new trends abound…maybe CNN just settles in face of reality…and grinds it out.

  2. PBCliberal on said:

    What happened to radio is now happening to cable-disseminated television news. Your reasons for the low numbers are valid, but high numbers just aren’t possible.

    The big reason that the FOX nighttime block is beating all the other news/talkers is that the Fox demo (older, whiter, more conservative) is the vast majority of what is left for the cable newsers.

    The desirable target demo isn’t there. They’re here on the internet watching niche video, short clips from the cable news providers, and reading blogs like yours.

  3. You might be right…!

  4. Linda Pollack Mercer, MD on said:

    Erin Burnett represent the LEFT? Are you kidding? She’s got all the RW snarking points down pat! Snipes at Obama every chance she can.

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