Freescale Semiconductor…Carlyle Group…Dick Cheney…Test “Invisibility Cloak” via Malaysia Flight#370? #MH370


Now you see it…now you don’t! Mis-direction. The magician’s favorite trick.

Freescale semi-conductor (Motorola) began operations just one year after the Roswell, New Mexico Alien crash in 1947. Initially based in Phoenix,Az….now with “home” officies in Austin, Texas…and Area 51.

Some 20 high-ranking  employees of Freescale semi-conductor were onboard Malaysia flight #370.

Funded by the Carlyle Group ( Cheney,Bush,Koch,Blackstone group,Rockefeller,Skull & Bones) …Freescale has been engaged in ultra-secret classified weaponry. They have  developed an “invisibility cloak”…a type of electronic warfare that jams and disables any potential enemy. This (previously) super-secret warfare can make airplanes seemingly disappear. More 9/11 type war games have begun. Perhaps an “Israeli” led attack on Iran is close at hand?

Will the mainstream media become part of the solution?…or are THEY owned and operated by the Carlyle group et all?… is the fate of mankind left to one guy with a cell-phone JD?

Can the 99% come together and stop this madness…or is our last chance SOME REAL  cosmic intervention?




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