Cardinal O’Malley- How do we repair a broken world?- An honest airing of the facts might be a good start.


Boston Cardinal O’Malley gave a riveting sermon this morning in Boston. He spoke of  both hope and despair. How there is both darkness and light in the world. He spoke about the importance of love….living up to God’s eternal wishes. We heard from a distinguished well as a leader from the Muslim community. Cardinal O’Malley asked the key question…How do we repair a broken world?

One  good way would be a balanced airing of the news from the American media. Currently, American’s media is simply an arm of our corporate plutocracy. What is disseminated as news to the public is of course what corporate American want us to hear. One of the most disturbing aspect is not just  the dishonesty of  reporting of the news as “corporate titans” see it… it’s also  lack of major media asking questions that might actually make American’s think about why this country is disliked by much of the world.

How long can our government stonewall the world’s concern for America’s penchant for disregarding international law? Why  are we surprised when the world  objects to our tossing of  deadly robotic missile anywhere we feel it’s necessary for the “war on terror”. While some drones makes a lot of sense for surveillance…the offensive use of these killing machines should  be re-examined. Weve launched drones all over the world..killing “bad guys”…apparently …we believe America’s Democracy is so superior that we can do as we please. China is producing the same drones..and will be selling them to countries all over the world in short order. How can we blame them…what country doesn’t want to protect it’s borders and safety of it’s citizens.

We have two political parties in this country that are unable  to conduct the countries business. We have 90% of the American public in favor of background checks…but we can’t seem to make our elected officials  represent our citizens desire. How do you think the rest of the world views a country that’s unable to pass legislation that’s  sensible and supported by nearly the whole country?  What message are we sending our youth that background checks can’t  be adopted?. crisis after crisis traumatize both the  youth and adults in this country.

We cannot begin to repair our broken world until were able to access all the facts about the issues of the day. Then we could have a full   discussion of why America’s respect is diminishing…as the dangerous of a continued war on terror continue to be exasperated by our actions.  We need our mainstream media to report ,analyze and question…and not be simply a  tool used and abused by the powers that be. How do we repair a broken world…? A full reporting of all the issues would be a productive way to make some  progress. It’s like an alcoholic in denial…recovery can only begin  when we  fully understand our  actions are counterproductive to the world  we desire.

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