Forget the endorsement- Bush still a threat….

      Don’t be fooled by Jeb Bush’s belated endorsement of Mitt  Romney. If he didn’t endorse soon..everybody would have been wondering..hey what’s up with that? . Jeb is now free of any scrutiny,and if it comes to a brokered convention or 3rd party draft…he did his part..his hands are clean!! Plausible deniability  doesn’t get better than this.  It’s now more than speculation that we may be  looking at a deadlocked convention. At first blush you might think this is good news for the Democrats…but this could the worst case scenario for progressive hoping to send POTUS back for a second term.

   The Romney machine continues on self-destruct it a dog on the roof or a political advisor seemingly on truth crack. Romney has burnt his bridges..and has diminished his chances of capturing the White House. . Rick Santorum has put in an impressive run, he would have been just an asterisk if Romney had not imploded. Santorum’s is not a real presidential candidate, lets face the facts. His routine  might play well to the religious right, but in a general election he is DOA.

  So, who is waiting in the wings…our man Jeb Bush. What a strong general election candidate he would make. Anybody that pays attention ..knows that Jeb Bush wants to be president…in 2012! Media reports out of China, alleged that Henry Kissinger told the Chinese in January of this year.. ….that American/Chinese relations will be strong again..after Jeb Bush is nominated in a brokered convention. Kissinger reportedly went on to explain “the math” to the astute Chinese…assuring them that the Republicans will be unable to nominate after a first ballot…and that the “powers to be” are waiting to “bailout” the beleaguered conservatives…and bring a ‘gift” to Democracy by dropping Bush #3 in for the nomination.

 This scenario is looking  more likely each day. While nobody months ago could have counted on Romney’s reversal of fortunes..the Bush clan had  already geared  up for big show possibilities. American Elects 2012….. a first time  3rd party nominating platform that will be on the ballot  in all 50 states..As it is with a brokered convention looming.. AE2012 may turn out to be just an insurance policy for the .1% of the 1%! …they now have a much easier opening to the big prize.

  . As much as loyal Democrats would like not to admit…Jeb Bush on a  Republican ticket would be very competitive in a two way battle for the White House. Bush is poised to save the day at the deadlocked convention. Santorum places second on the ticket..and Romney fades into the sunset. Forget the endorsement…this could just be a head fake on the way to the White House.The .1 of 1% that calls the shots means business..they will do whatever it takes to move to front of the line …..!

3 comments on “Forget the endorsement- Bush still a threat….

  1. Junior on said:

    This is exactly something I need to find more information about, thank you for the article.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Jindahl and Rubio are not qualified to be VP or Pres…neither are natural born citizens. Both sets of parents were not US citizens when their sons were born.

    If the media reports are correct…the one-worlders are in action controlling our elections…perhaps Americans are tired of the Bushes/Karl Rove/Karen Hughes' control of the Republican party.

    Texans are well aware of the disaster both Bushes have caused…Sr. being a backer of Agenda 21 and Jr. creating the North American Union that has opened our borders and caused illegals to flow in.

  3. PBCliberal on said:

    Jeb Bush would be a real bad move for the GOP. It would enable the president to deliver speeches that blur the distinction between the Bush running for office and the Bush whose failed policies we're still running from.

    I don't doubt that Romney may lose a brokered convention, but there's far more chance they'll commandeer Christie than Bush. They'd be better off giving Jindahl a crash course on public speaking and running him.

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