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The Right is Wrong…U.S. Women Kick Ass – Jay H Berman

“The Right is 100% Wrong . . . U.S. Women Kick Ass!”

By, Jay H. Berman – Feature Guest Columnist for

Creator & Publisher: Ron Tenin, on twitter @rpt62960

“We are not now, have not been, & shall never be a Theocracy.”


As I began to formulate the ideas circulating in my mind regarding abortion, the voice of moderation reminded me how sensitive an issue this is. I truly do wish the national conversation was less divisive. But no, it is not – not this time,& not this war. Yes, make no mistake, this is a war.

It is indeed war, but, what of tolerance?

That is a position for those afraid to fight. Hiding behind a facade of tolerance has no place in this battle. One cannot express the truth unless they take a stand. There can be no tolerance for hate & evil. Never!


The women of this nation, of this world, give us life. They do not extinguish it.

Abortion is not murder. It is a civil liberty, the right of an individual to decide their own fate. It is the freedom to create their destiny, not yours & not mine. We must not deny them their rights. To do so strips every woman of equality. Thereby that action, which is the Right-wing Christian Conservative war on women, spells doom for freedom & justice for every individual.

The lord& savior of the Right implored people to love one another – Not Hate! You cannot claim religious fervor invoking a moral imperative to protect the life of that which is not life. What you call life is a zygote, & in no way qualifies for what we call life. All science & medicine confirms this.

Our Constitution created a republic based upon democratic ideals, not religious zealotry. Conservatives angrily declare their opposition to government infringement upon private lives. Yet, insist upon using this same government to impose their will, & infringe upon the individual liberty of women.

Yours is the height of hypocrisy – for what value for human life do you claim when bombing clinics? You applaud the execution of black men in prisons built to dehumanize a man or woman. You stand & cheer the Texas Governor whose record of executions is without parallel or remorse, & who then self-righteously condemns taking life.

What is this “life” you hold so precious & pure? It is a biological reminder of rape or incest. Oh, but care not thee one iota for the life of the woman so abused. Of women who are victimized by unimaginable cruelty you care nothing. You would have women return to using coat hangers in back alleys. Where is your commitment – your compassion for the care, support & nurturing of her life? You have none!

Sadly, there is no surprise regarding this current renewed assault on the U.S. Constitution. The phony hypocrites who call themselves patriots are fascists draped in our flag, to cowardly hide their true intentions. They defile its majesty with their hatred for all who dare disagree with them.

The Left is ready for a 50 state battle, we are ready to fight evil & we stand united. We are the good proud people of America who fight for freedom, justice, equality & the rule of law. The Righty Whitey’s think they have a monopoly on patriotism & a monopoly on love for America. No, they do not – they monopolize only lies & hatred. You would shackle your wives & daughters in chains & chastity belts. You shall not enslave ours!

An American patriot protects all of the people. An American patriot does not pick & choose or discriminate. A coward does that. Come with your guns & your filthy hate. I fear you not. I wield the mighty sword of truth.

In this war there is only one truth. It most assuredly cannot be promoting death for the women of our nation.

– Jay is on twitter @BermanJ1


PTSD – When war lasts a lifetime! (Jay H Berman)

By, Jay H. Berman, “Guest columnist.”

Publisher, Ron Tenin on twitter @rpt62960


Severe trauma in some form is experienced by significant numbers of individuals at least once in their lifetime, according to The American Psychological Association, The NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health), & The PTSD-Alliance amongst many others. Mental healthcare providers agree that most rebound from the trauma fairly quickly. Not so for too many who were in combat.

PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) is NOT a phenomenon that was born in Vietnam. In the aftermath of WWI & WWII American’s heard the names, “Shell-shock & Battle-fatigue.” Vets of war in Korea must be included in the discussion. Fast forward to S.E. Asia & the dreaded disease is now known as PTSD. The U.S. government refused to acknowledge this fact for a disgraceful period of time, (which for the afflicted is one day)!

Finally, too late for our brave warriors of that terrible time, the U.S. government eventually accepted what Vets & their loved ones already tragically knew. This is factual history, disheartening though it may be. But the result of prior refusal to acknowledge the plight of Vets suffering from war’s devastation in this manner continues. There are Vietnam Vets still residing on the streets of America!

It must be noted that most individuals after experiencing extreme trauma do not develop PTSD. These include horrific vehicular accidents, exposure to weather that culminates in tornados, hurricanes, flooding or worse, severe abuse, other acts of violence & the list goes on.

Although not every Vet develops PTSD, as a nation we have a moral obligation to familiarize ourselves with it. We have a duty as citizens to reach out to our Vets & help in any way possible. We must insist that our government does a better job of providing U.S. Vets with all they need.

I’m here speaking for myself & no one else. These are my values – they may or not be yours & I accept that. With proper respect for 1st. responders, teachers, dedicated healthcare providers & so very many other great American’s, – our military men & women are priority one in my opinion.

What is PTSD & why can it last for a lifetime? Symptomology is characterized by flashbacks – [reliving the experience accompanied by audio& /or visual application(s)], depression, acute anxiety, episodic uncontrollable rage, appearance in some cases of psychotic features, isolation, eating disorders, racing thoughts, & tragically for huge numbers of those so afflicted – results in homelessness, domestic violence, unhealthy sexual behaviors &/or addiction, (in any of its forms).

Small percentages of mental healthcare providers are specially trained to diagnose & treat PTSD. This contributes to a lack of care whose result is long term illness. Over-lapping symptoms may cause misdiagnosis & again, non-application of helpful treatment. These are two extremely important factors, because they are solvable with the will to do so. PTSD is treatable.

Unfortunately, the nature of this still misunderstood mental illness is that it may be arrested only to return later.

A buddy of mine who served honorably in Vietnam returned home in one piece & resumed civilian life. He married, pursued a respectable profession & contributed to his community. Nearly three decades later he became symptomatic. Today he is better. But, severe stress continues to trigger symptoms. He copes as best he can, sometimes requiring hospitalization. A courageous man, he gets back on his feet each time – fighting the good fight.

This is what I hope you consider today.

I thank Ron Tenin for graciously allowing me the opportunity to address his audience. This is his blog & an excellent one.

Jay is on twitter @BermanJ1

Good News for America’s finest….U.S. Military Vets…Jay H Berman


“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, is directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated.”


~George Washington

. . . There certainly is good news to report. But, before I do there is something that MUST be said. It is as follows:
“I don’t know about you, but for me those who wore & are wearing the uniform deserve a helluva lot more than merely paying lip service!”
It’s despicable & should not be tolerated. There are many sins one may be guilty of. This transgression trumps not all, but most. Whether or not it’s a public official, or an individual or group of civilians, actions speak loudly & are well remembered.

“Let us give thanks to all of our men & women in uniform; & pray for the families& the memory of our fallen heroes.”

Boy, that sure sounds nice. It is, when sincere.

“It means nothing & is worse still when not accompanied by a real demonatration of gratitude!”

For the last several months I’ve sought to express some of my views that shed light on the horrific effects of war. Finding factual documentation of our governments failures is commonplace. If you don’t know at least some of these details, stop reading right now. Anyone turning a blind-eye to the plight of your fellow American’s returning from combat will NEVER be someone I speak to.

Okay, now I wish to employ a respectful tone instead; & speak to the people who care. If you are amongst this group, know that your actions deserve praise. The U.S. government fails to fully take care of it’s own. The key word in that sentence is fully. Declaring that all governmental services provided are of no use is blantantly false. Acknowledgement of the positives & negatives in this regard is fair.

Because too many Vets still “fall through the cracks,” scores remain bereft of essential services. These are those still among us who so bravely served in WWII &/or Korea. These are the poor souls who sleep on the streets of America. These are the Vietnam Vets who decades later continue to suffer from horrific injustices. These are the Desert Storm Vets who are struggling. These are the Vets of the two wars of this millenium; men & women unable to readjust to civilain life. If you’re still on this page you know the gory details & they need not be reiterated.


A well-spring of grass-roots organizations has sprung up & grown. Many were begun by Veterans. Some continue to be led by Veterans. Others, equally worthy of great praise – are those private organizations created by civilians; aka – “We the people . . .”

The following organizations are not alone in supplying that which the U.S. government does not for a myriad of reasons. They are representative of many who aren’t mentioned. This is only because of limited space – which does not mean that those not listed are not worthy. Many are. The four listed consistently receive the highest ratings by independent analysts of non-profit entities. They also provide pathways to medical services, educational needs, general information, available employment opportunities, housing needs, special family needs, counseling & therapeutic support, along with a plethora of additonal support & services.

– Operation Home Front

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors / TAPS
Hope for the Warriors
– Operation Support Our
* Authors note: Thank you all who are helping the bravest of our nation.

Iraqi Oil nets great results…for a U.S. Banker named China. By Jay H Berman


By, Jay H. Berman – Feature Guest Columnist for

Creator & Publisher, Ron Tenin On twitter: @rpt62960


China is now the biggest buyer of Iraqi oil. Wal-Fart reaps the benefits of Chinese manufacturing. Iraq’s oil production is currently at its peak since the U.S. invasion. The loser in all of this is, once again – the American people. Who the hell do you think footed the bill in blood & taxpayer rip-offs?!

Before the invasion, Iraq’s oil industry was subject to sanctions & unable to compete in world markets. The Bush “Crime-syndicate” promised renewed access to its enormous reserves. But, somebody out-snookered the D.C. crooks. More than $2 billion a year & hundreds of workers appeared into the sandy ‘Black Gold.”

Where did this money & labor originate? Nope, not in Crawford . . . in CHINA! How has this happened? China has no problem with lower profit margins, because in the process it gains contracts. Not convinced? Ask former “DoD Bush oil dude” Mike Makovsky who told the N.Y. Times, “It was our war, but they benefit from it, & we lost out.” Even worse, the U.S. Naval Fifth Fleet & U.S.A.F. – act as security for the supply chain!

Western oil giant Exxon Mobil whines while the Chinese are very happy. One Iraqi Oil Ministry spokesman said, “Chinese companies are state-owned & do not answer to shareholders, pay dividends or incur costs of outrageous executive pay. China only cares about securing its huge energy needs; Exxon or BP or Shell only care about profits.“Whew, good thing the I.R.S. understands & helps Exxon & their buddies get by!

But the Wall St. gang tells us this isn’t a problem. These energy “experts” explain that Chinese demand helps keep world prices low. Adding to this the fact that U.S. domestic production has spiked, thereby supposedly lessening our needs for foreign oil. Sounds great, but these are the same folks who drain the U.S. treasury via our nation’s largest “private” bank, the Federal Reserve. Reality is that there is NOTHING federal about this cash cow, opened for business back in 1913. It is a private enterprise that regulates, [i.e.: dictates], both monetary policy & interest rates.

While The Federal Bank of the U.S. is mistakenly believed by many Americans to be part of our Federal government, it is not. Further, despite Congressional hearings that on C-Span make it appear as though our elected legislators do more than play golf, it is not subject scrutiny or transparency requirements. Why has the Federal Reserve Bank never been audited? Well, they run the show folks. In bed with the largest Wall St. investment banks, brokerage firms, commodity exchanges & insurance companies – who’s kidding who? Sure, Iraqi oil is irrelevant to all of these interests. After all, it was not their son’s & daughter’s who gave their lives in the desert. Plus, it was & is Americans who can ill afford gas prices & their tax bills that take it on the chin!

Don’t worry, because Wall St. says all is well. True, for them, Iraqi Oil Ministers, Wal-Fart . . . & CHINA!

* Jay is on twitter @BermanJ1


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Syrians Dying & the Mideast is on fire! By, Jay H Berman

Syrians Dying & the Mideast is on fire!

. . .”In the US we’re talking about the new Star Trek.”

By, Jay H. Berman, Feature Guest Columnist for

Creator & Publisher Ron Tenin

On twitter: @ rpt62960


Alaa Al-Marjani/Reuters


In fairness to millions of Americans who work hard gathering information that really matters – this wordsmith salutes you. Even more so, without reservation, my eternal respect & gratitude for all who are or have been in harm’s way! But for the millions who daily are most concerned with frivolity you deserve scorn. Only this nation, with all of its innumerable problems, still represents the greatest hopes for mankind. Yes, I blast the invaders of equality & justice daily, that is true. Yet, I likewise hold fast to the determination that the United States can do better. “No, I am not running office.”

But I do enjoy writing for dumbass pols lacking wit, savvy & smarts. I do not compose for the faint of heart or the mind of the dullard.

Okay, so what am I ranting about today you wonder? I’m so glad you asked, because pontificating accomplishes little, so here are some hard facts. “This isn’t pretty folks.” Across the pond our fellow humans are dying, starving, maimed & scared shitless. In Iraq, according to the N.Y. Times, the people are dying from warring faction at its worst in no less than the past 5 years! Our “leaders” tell us we won, are out & democracy rules that country.

“Uh huh, RIGHT – & Dubya told the truth about mass destruction weapons.”

This here is some serious shit! We must never forget that U.S. government officials have a history of loving civil wars, especially in places like Korea, Vietnam, throughout Central America, in the Balkans, (which was justifiable on humanitarian grounds), Iraq, Afghanistan, & the places where they’ve love to instigate violence – Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Gaza, Somalia & several other star systems. This is according to former C.I.A. covert operatives whose identities cannot be revealed. Unless of course it is Mrs. Valerie Plame-Wilson!

A brave anti-Assad activist inside Syria named Malik, (pronounced by gringos as Ma’Leak), was quoted by reporters. “People lost brothers, sons, and they’re angry; Sunnis & Shiites vie for power.” Additionally, Hezbollah proved it couldn’t resist the blood thirsty taste of violence. Experts on the Middle-East explain that the region is imploding in its worst cumulative reign of terror since the Ottoman Empire collapsed!    

Syria’s bloodbath has killed over 80, 000 & spilled across its borders. Rockets land in neighboring countries. Fighting ensues in regional territories. It has incited Sunnis and Shiites in other countries to attack one another. What of Iran? It exports war by supporting Assad, Hezbollah & militant Palestinians in Gaza.

For the U.S., the dilemma continues to exist on multiple fronts. Geo-political machinations create an impossible balancing act. While we guarantee Israel’s safety, we likewise support corrupt Arab regimes, Monarchs, & generally any Arab or Muslim state that represents “viable U.S. interests; [read, greenbacks].” The sands of Black Gold, tactical nukes, (aka Pakistan), or anyone not bought off by China or the Russians. Oh, BTW: One more thing, the Cold War is alive & well, vis-à-vis “hot wars!”

Since Armed-Drone proliferation is certain, it may get much worse before it gets better. Qatar & Turkey, allied with the U.S., support the overthrow of Assad. Iran & now Hezbollah support Assad & all three are all fervently bent on the annihilation of Israel. A fierce & ever growing regional antagonism exists between Saudi Arabia & Iran, as both seek to dominate.

Nobody seems to know what to make of The Muslim Brotherhoods motivations in an Egypt they now control, much less their intentions elsewhere. Will Libyans prosper minus their deposed crazed Colonial? The U.S. helped “run him out of Dodge,” replaced by what? In Lebanon, perennial clashes between Alawite & Sunni militias reached their worst level in years.

Back in Iraq, the Sunni minority dreams of over-throwing the majority Shiites, installed by whom? Yes, you guessed it, hello Dubya! The former “Prez-pretender”loved the new Star Trek movie – how about you?!  


The U.S. Department of Defense news publication, Stars & Stripes

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Military Sexual Assaults Reflect a U.S. Societal Cancer? By, Jay H Berman

Military Sexual Assaults Reflect a U.S. Societal Cancer?

By, Jay H. Berman – Feature Guest Columnist for

Creator/Publisher Ron Tenin

On twitter: Ron Tenin@rpt62960


WASHINGTON — The Pentagon reports, 12,100 of the 203,000 women & 13,900 of the 1.2 million men on active duty had experienced sexual assault in 2012. Our government would never lie to the American public – so these figures are accurate, right?

“Is this observer of over 5 decades of US politics cynical? Damned right I am!”

The failures of the systemic military culture created & fostered by top leaders, both in uniform & civilian are at fault! Our courageous warriors, the best & bravest among us bar none, deserve our undying gratitude & respect. The greatest percentages of men & woman wearing the uniform serve with honor & dignity. Those who tarnish this reputation should face severe penalty. But, I lay blame at a societal culture that has infected our military & nearly all walks of life.

With sincere respect for the abused & their loved ones – this clearly is no laughing matter. I am not ashamed or afraid to admit that I possess personal first-hand knowledge. So my snide opening remark is aimed at authorities whose irresponsibility has led over decades to a reprehensible culture being allowed to fester. The cancerous growth grows ever larger, as millions never report these heinous crimes. As a survivor & the former editor & Board Member of the ptsd-alliance, I don’t speak as a voice of authority or professional expertise – rather, a voice of concern & painful experience.

Curiously, military & government officials alike admitted that the aforementioned number of assaults was a marked increase from such reports in 2010. POTUS publicly displayed an image of anger, declaring Congress must take immediate action! Of course, he is right, we should all be very angry.

But, this disease must be confronted with a commitment that justice be served. Top brass have been negligent in this duty. Reportedly, Defense Sec. Hagel is stridently addressing the matter.

Additionally, & in the longer term more importantly, a nation-wide effort has to be made to open our hearts & minds with great compassion for the abused! This is imperative & absolute if healing is to take place. Additionally, we must remake our culture . . . both civilian & military, gender or sexual orientation, all ethnicities & religious beliefs, all value systems & political persuasions, from every demographic profile both personal & professional.

Here is why . . .

It is pointless citing endless studies & statistics I’ve pored over regarding this awful subject. My point is that harsh brutal truth-telling is our one primary missing ingredient. People who are abused are afraid to report the crime. The criminal justice system fails to provide protection for the innocent. They are blamed as “willing participants.” Parents, teachers, & clergy disallow the victim to feel empowered to come forward. They are faced with rejection, scorn or worse.

I had a dear friend – a woman whose uncle lived next door & sexually assaulted her repeatedly when she just a child. Her mother, upon hearing her daughter accuse him, was physically slapped & punished for telling such a horrific lie. She was made to suffer in silence until well into adulthood, when a complete mental breakdown finally culminated in the truth coming to light. No one but the abused woman herself was punished – emotionally scarred for life.

Insofar as my own story, I never came forward until too many decades passed. Instead, I lived with nightmares & turned to drugs & alcohol to dull the pain. No one could have convinced me that I’d have been believed & protected. This is true for children, adolescents & adults, (including seniors) – both male & female.

“No, I have NOT watched too many episodes of Law & Order S.V.U.”

When survivors are no longer afraid to come forward, when they no longer face retribution for doing so, when offenders are properly brought to justice, then, & only then will we as a nation be in the process of changing the decades long culture of burying our collective heads in the sand!

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

– Author Unknown

“This famous quote I learned in Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m eternally grateful, Jay – on twitter @ BermanJ1



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The Backlog in V.A. Disability Claims is worse!”

“The Backlog in V.A. Disability Claims is worse!”

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki, is the man being held accountable for the Veterans Administration problems. He is also the man who was given his job by a beleaguered Pres. Obama. The most pressing problem in particular is the backlog of a huge growing inventory of claims for disability compensation; filed by wounded or ill veterans. Nearly 600,000 claims qualified as backlogged, according to both the N.Y. Times & other major media outlets. Backlogged claims are defined by the V.A. as those pending for over 125 days.

Imagine a wounded warrior unable to fully re-adjust to civilian life being without support from their government. Not for a couple of weeks or even thirty days -no . . . but for as much as four months & more!

This observer is asking the question, “why is this not at the top of our list of priorities as a people?!”    

“I’m going on record right now, in declaring my bitter anger, disgust & mistrust of our elected leaders – aka Hermes of hubris.” Instead of doing what is morally correct – Wash. embroils itself in partisan politics over the I.R.S., Associated Press & Benghazi. “These are vital concerns, no doubt, but above & beyond our concern for Americans finest? Hell No!”

The number of delayed processing of disability claims is worsening & so are complaints. Last year, veteran’s advocates tried to make the backlog a campaign issue, but, failed. Now, criticism grows louder & yet louder still. Concerned Veterans for America created a Web video calling for Shinseki’s resignation; they sponsor an online petition signed by more than 9,000 people. (R) Congressman Duncan Hunter is a Marine Corps veteran who served in Iraq & Afghanistan. He has taken up the fight calling for action. A letter signed by 67 senators urges Obama to resolve the problem.

Yet, The White House has expressed support for Sec. Shinseki, (a former four-star general). (R)Rep. Jeff Miller, Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee called the Secretary honorable & trustworthy; but raised questions about the secretary’s staff. He called for the firing of Under-secretary Allison A. Hickey, who oversees disability compensation. The Chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, (I) Bernie Sanders of Vermont, praised Mr. Shinseki for setting a deadline to end the backlog by 2015.

This also leaves us with the following additional catastrophic dilemma. That is the question of stateside suicides. Combat vets who are home & left dangling in the wind due to the V.A. backlog. These brave warriors are taking their own lives in unprecedented horrifying numbers.

Our Commander in Chief has failed his battle scared troops. Is such severely harsh criticism unfair? Well, Obama chose the man running a V.A. that clearly has failed – & he steadfastly chooses not to replace him. Now, you decide.







By, Jay H. Berman

A Guest Commentator for

Creator & Publisher, Ron Tenin



The accused “Criminal of Crawford” needs a vacation from . . . well . . . his vacation.  Asleep at the wheel for most of his eight years of continuous disaster in D.C., the inimitable G.W.B. travels frequently.  But, curiously, his destinations have not included Europe.  In 2011, he wanted to take his dirty laundry to Switzerland of all places.  The Swiss like things neat & clean, so maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.  The thing is – The “Decider” may have been advised that there was no room left on this side of the Atlantic for his evil deeds.  But, our friends across the pond weren’t having it.  Maybe “The Blair Man” might’ve tried to sneak his good ol’ buddy in by the dark of night.  Not a bad wager, considering their mutual fondness for darkness.


“What is going on here you ask? Oh boy, strap in readers, you’re going to love this one!”


I know it’s hard to believe, but Dubya really had been invited by The United Israel Appeal to speak at their gathering in peace loving neutral Switzerland.  This was back in 2011.  The Swiss love their banks & may be accused of many things, but direct military engagement is not one of them; reported ties to the Third Reich of WWII Nazi Germany notwithstanding.  Besides, that was just a minor footnote in history as far as the Swiss bankers are concerned.  After all, they have more pressing concerns, like vaults & green pieces of paper with famous Americans pictured on them


“But hold on now ladies & gents, it gets crazier as this story unfolds.”


The trip was DOA via demonstrative protestations by multiple human rights groups.  To be more precise, the planned excursion died before it even got off the ground.  Last week, asked the question, “The Bush Gang, or, The Chain Gang?”  This week, we decided to look further.  Swiss officials were called upon in 2011, to intercept the former occupant of the Oval Office, & escort him to a different type of gathering, (one clearly not to his liking).  More plainly, they were flat out asked to arrest Dubya & investigate him for authorizing torture!


In between naptime & enjoying his milk & cookies, G.W.B. likes to gaze at a map of the world, wondering where Iraq & Afghanistan are.  Sometimes, his “handlers” figure out where he should go next.  Remember, he likes to travel, especially to Orlando, Fl., & I’ll give you one guess why.  But Europe, with all its great cities & rich culture, art, & history, also has a history of international prosecutions; so it’s really interesting that he has gone out of his way to avoid it.


But a Bush mouthpiece “explained” – his cancellation of the 2011 trip was due to the probability of protests, “not at all having anything to do with possible arrest.”


“Of course, we know Good Ol’ George would never fib, right?!”


Now get this . . . Switzerland is attached to the UN Convention against Torture, & Amnesty International along with the Center for Constitutional Rights have said they are obligated because of this to investigate him; which may lead to potential prosecution.


Swiss authorities received a memo from Amnesty International in 2011that points out Bush admitted in his own writings since leaving office, that he approved water-boarding & other forms of torture; as interpreted by the Geneva Conventions & adopted by The U.N.  This includes detentions & interrogations in Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib & Gitmo.  However, still – no top ranking U.S. officials have been investigated, & there is likewise no accountability for C.I.A. crimes in secret detention facilities, according to the Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Bush might have faced investigation and potential prosecution for torture and other crimes in international law; 147 countries are part of the UN Convention against Torture. “US authorities have failed to bring President Bush to justice & the international community must step in,” quoting Salil Shetty, Amnesty International Secretary General, who along with his organization has been unsuccessful in these efforts.  A 2,500-page complaint against Bush was ready to be filed in Swiss court on behalf of two Guantanamo detainees by The Center for Constitutional Rights; yes indeed you guessed it, back in 2011 in lieu of the derailed Swiss trip.  I tried to confirm this, but George won’t take my calls.  Rumor has it that “His Pacifiers” say I ask too many questions & G.W.B. doesn’t like questions, especially the ones about his time in the White House!

Meanwhile, Dubya “decided” to sit at home on his throne instead, & then take a nap after watching Fox News, aka “the other Comedy Channel.”  Or, “Unfair & unbalanced,” along with whatever else you wish to call it.  Oh, one more thing folks, “an un-named source” claims, that George knows what those rectangular things inside The Bush Library, containing all the paper are.  He just can’t understand why they’re not filled with nice pictures instead of all those funny looking black markings.








Facebook’s founder – Mark Zuckerberg…takes it on the chin…TKO?


One investor who is a billionaire named Elon Musk made an announcement that created a firestorm for the man with a “Planetary Face” [i.e. – Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame]. Mr. Musk apparently plans to, (or has already), severed his ties to the Facebook creator. Why? By now the world knows of the severely negative controversy that swirls around the social media “boy blunder.” The Zuck Man made more than a few enemies over his political advocacy regarding immigration.

That’s just for starters, because a wide media spectrum reported the unfolding story. Traditional newspapers like U.S.A. today, & internet giant Huffington Post, are only two examples. In fact, it seems several news organizations additionally ran another story about Yammer founder David Sacks. He was formerly closely connected to Musk & is also distancing himself from Zuck brainchild, – the political startup at the center of this storm.

Has – created by Zuckerberg to advocate for immigration reform seemingly backfired? It would appear so, (at least temporarily to some degree), based upon the upheaval & uproar highlighted by investor ads being pulled or threatening such & other financial supporters, who verbalized their opposition.  Basically, the problem is said to be that, while advocating for immigration reform that would otherwise represent a progressive move forward – additionally supports political suicide issues. These include the controversial Keystone pipeline project along with drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. took powerful blows to the chin for its T.V. ads that act as campaign tools for targeted government legislators who support the dangerous environmental action cited above.

Elon Musk founded electric carmaker Tesla Motors, & he is said to be against the ads which some now seem convinced are promotional tools for “Big Oil & Gas.” One media report said that Mr. Musk initially backed – because he agrees with a reasoned positive plan for the white – hot topic, immigration reform.  There was also word of several additional progressive groups pulling their ads from Facebook itself. If correct, it sends a signal to Zuckerberg that it is an act of protestation along the same lines as Musk & Sacks. Meanwhile, other backers of have remained behind it & the T.V. ads. These include Bill Gates along with other un-named tech giants.

Russ Feingold, the former Sen. from Wisconsin, & creator of liberal political action group Progressives United spoke out sharply against the founder of Facebook. Feingold & his group favor comprehensive immigration reform. But he is dead set against tying any legislation to promoting lawmakers who represent districts comprised of a clear majority of constituents, who are said to favor the Keystone & Arctic Wildlife energy projects.

The result of all this is Zuckerberg pulling campaign ads that had already run for about a week in seven states according to parties directly involved. The Huffington Post wrote that Kate Hanson made statements attempting to spin the whole mess, putting a positive “face” back on the tarnished Zuckerberg & his activities. She is a spokeswoman for, who logically would be expected to do all it can to plug the dike.

“More will be revealed going forward, as lawmakers & high rollers with a stake in the game duke it out!”





Millions of Americans stand tall & steadfastly support returning combat vets from the ravages of war. But the plain truth is that the government who sent them off to distant lands has failed them. The U.S. war machine that torments its adversaries with ferocity heretofore unknown to mankind – does not ably supply its wounded warriors with a successful transition back to civilian life. This amounts to a morally contemptible & spiritually bankrupt military that is unable or unwilling to take proper care of its own!

Statements as harsh as these must be supported by proper verification lest they be relegated to the ranting of a madman. The following documentation shall provide more than ample supply of credible evidence in support of these outrageous accusations. I have extracted in large part materials taken directly from the archives of U.S. government agencies & organizations.


Among others, a giant multifaceted grass-roots non-profit nationwide program has both corporate & individual support. This is known as Operation Home-Front & Wounded Warrior Project. Large U.S. corporate sponsors provide necessary supports for volunteers in all fifty states who do the work that our government fails to. They provide counseling, housing, peer support, financial resources, reintegration programs, educational opportunities, business assistance, & family supports. Why do organizations such as these exist in the first place, & why must they operate on such a huge scale? It is exactly because the government’s military structure is not getting the job done.


The work of this non-profit & many more like them are only urgently needed as a result of abject failure on the part of the U.S. Dept. of Defense & the Veterans Administration. Failure to properly & effectively take care of its own can be witnessed through a variety of lenses. The aforementioned organization has been hailed by these very agencies as, “doing great work.” Is this not in & of itself an admission of guilt without intending such? For, why else are the people of this nation forced to supply that which its government promises & then reneges on that promise?


Some point out that the military is doing all it can. They place blame instead on lack of adequate funding via the Congress of the U.S. While this must be taken into consideration, for its truth clearly has merit, funding alone does begin to tell the whole story. It is true that both the D.O.D. & the V.A. have expanded & improved certain aspects of vital services. However, the military was woefully unprepared for the unusually high percentages of returning combat vets requiring extensive services. Just as we were unprepared to wage war – we were even less prepared for its aftermath.


The quagmires abroad are duplicated in design by a causal relationship. So that here in America a quagmire likewise exists that is the direct result of returning troops & facilities woefully inadequate & unprepared to meet their needs. Today, we witness homeless vets in numbers never before seen,& 40% or more are suffering from a mental illness. Suicides, addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, financial hardship, harmful sexual indiscretion, abusive relationships, & other forms of dysfunction permeate the community of returning combat vets & their families.


As drone attacks cause civilian casualties abroad, our government’s policies likewise inflict irreparable harm on afflicted civilians here at home! Paralysis, amputation, loss of vision &/or hearing, PTSD, major depressive episodes, severe anxiety disorders, insomnia, violence & inability to function & resume normal civilian activities are now all documented as the domestic result of our military interventions in Iraq & Afghanistan.


When we speak of the cost of war – usually raw data provides numbers of casualties& financial resources spent. These wars have a further long term consequence for the American people. The sights & sounds of lingering horrors brought back home within the minds & bodies of those who sacrificed all. For references to provide support for this summation & all of its particulars go to:

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