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Listen up mainstream media. CUT THE BULLSHIT! Stop being the submissive sluts  to the government and it’s corporate masters.  The 4th estate used to play an important role in this country. Now your just a rat pack of shills serving the interests of of the Oligarcy. If we allow investigative journalism to die…this society will follow suite.

It’s time to aknowledge and demand  accountability from the shadow government that now controls all that is……CIA/NSA/DOD/MI6/MOSSAD/BOEING/RATHEON/HALIBURTON/LOCKHEED- MARTIN/MONSANTO/MERCK/WALL STREET/CHASE/BANK OF AMERICA/RUPERT MURDOCK/SOROS/… AND THE ROTHSCHILD CLAN.

The illuminati is all too real…and if we continue down this road…the pitchforks will  come out .This world can not continue to be controlled and manipulated  by a few thousand  people. The 1% controls 44% of the worlds wealth. The Queen of England owns 12% of the land of the entire world…while 50 million Americans work for minimum wage…and billions of others worldwide operate as cattle for the benefit of the few members of the 33rd order.

We either operate as a free country with an open press…and shine the light on truth and justice….or we are doomed to extinction.  Snowden may have been the catalyst…but the pendulum is in full motion…and the truth will find a way to come out. Any hint of credibility left in the MSM is in it’s death spiral…the time to redeem yourselves  is running short. Considering the ownership of 95% of the press is those mentioned above..the likehood of a major change is slim… the mainstream media bares a huge responsibility for the  death of the America we knew and loved.

The Patriot Act and Citizens United was a one..two punch…. the world has not come to grips with it’s dangerous and grizzly ramifications. Operation Mockingbird is over. The manipulation of the masses is no longer possible or rational… the immorality of the ruling class is palatable…. it’s  filling this  universe with loads of bad karma. We must  demand accountabilty from the government and we want real investigative reporting of just what’s going on.

Is any major news organization going to investigate what the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD are up to in our black opp’s  secret site otherwise known as Diego Garcia? We dumped all the legal inhabitants of island (atoll) 2 decades ago….and made it a clandestine outpost for what purposes? We all know by now that MH370  never crashed. Shot down by a missle or electronic laser technology ..maybe?…a warning to Russia and China…maybe…What have we done with the 230 passengers?…did they meet the same fate of the 9/11 passengers and that very dubious “attack” by outsiders ..or  insiders?

Tell us what really happened with Malysian flight #370? TWA 800? Chemtrails? The underground military instillations throughout the world?  Weather manipulation? Electronic Warfare? EMP/HARP  technology? FEMA? Immigration crisis/ disease threats? Why do we have 250,000 Russian troops stationed in Northern Michigan and Montana? Has world war 3 begun? Whats really happening with the currency crisis?  Whats been going on at Area 51for the last 70 years? What really happened to JFK..RFK..MLK JR…..Why was the  9/11 report so obviously the Warren report 40 years earlier?

What’s the story with FREESCALE SEMI-CONDUCTOR?  It’s becoming quite clear that a chunk of this company is a CIA  front…. financed  by the Rothschild/Carlyle group/Blackstone.18 BILLION was paid for this “small company” an outrageous amount. Much does not make sense…just where  is  the  the beleagured middle class taxes going?…why trillions in “off ” the books secret undiclosed expenditures? Artifically low interest rates have been a reverse tax on the can we stand by and not question this backdoor theft from hard working Americans?,The militarization is space is extremely dangerous ..were playing with fire..the entire universe can burn. Do extra-dimensional forces exist? …and what effect are they having on our world today?

Time for some truth! We need an honest discussion of the facts…so smart people can discuss  important  issues and make wise decisions ..that’s not handcuffed by old schooll capitalism.  When all the information is held by just a few…abuse and danger abounds!

MAINSTREAM MEDIA..the balls in your court?  Tim Russert and Andrew Breitbart aren’t coming back….will  the rest of you continue  to submit to the intimidation?…or stand up for your country? Time for a reality check…the tipping point is here…and time is short to regain control…We need the mainstream press to stand up and be…without further delay! 

Has Investigative Journalism Disappeared along with Flight MH370? #MH370


Has Investigative Journalism Disappeared With Malaysian Flight #370?



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June 22, 2014


A myriad of theories and conjecture abound regarding Malaysian flight #370; whose disappearance reportedly occurred on March 8th 2014. Determination to discover the unvarnished truth is ‘MIA,’ – although certain facts are crystal clear. Today’s remaining investigative reporters, (determined as Woodward and Bernstein had been), have been shut down and sent home.


The Rothschild/Murdock/Corporate Oligarchy has the world in a headlock – not letting go.


One has to wonder how and why everybody is keeping the lid on. Even Russia, China, the US, UK, and Malaysia are in lockstep. Their ‘unprecedented cooperation’ is controlling of the flow of information. No dissent nor finger pointing – all governmental entities fully unified. What has made this a reality? Further, the CIA, NSA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, and Interpol, (combined with private corporations Boeing and Rolls Royce collectively silent); no information forthcoming from anybody about anything!


The Western media is proven completely under wraps by virtue of the fact they’re not pursuing any of the most promising leads in this disappearance. Their silence is not just disturbing, by not asking any of the right questions, it points to what they’re hiding. Any savvy card player knows that ‘you can tell more about an opponent’s hand by what’s not revealed than . . . what’s in plain sight.’


Most revealing – ‘complete silence’ – about the two key links in missing flight #370. The ‘Free scale Semiconductor’ and military base ‘Diego Garcia’ are the elephants in the room. For more than three months the world has barely been educated about either of these two subjects. Austin, TX based ‘Free scale Semiconductor’ had 22 high level operatives on this flight. This supposed ‘insignificant player’ in the semi-conductor market was acquired just years earlier for a mind boggling $18 billion dollars by the shadowy CARLYLE GROUP. Which is owned by the equally secretive BLACKSTONE GROUP.


Both owned in large part by the Rothschild-Illuminati Cabal; which controls 95% of the Western press . . .

‘. . . Starting to get the picture?’


‘Diego Garcia’ is a black ops military island, [atoll] located in the Indian Ocean. Some information is in the public domain. The bulk of knowledge about this secret base is ‘highly classified’ – just as is the ‘AREA 51’ ultra-secret military industrial base located in Nevada. Underground extensions are said to reach throughout the Western United States, (most notably connecting it to the ‘White Sands Missile Range’ in New Mexico. ‘Diego Garcia’ is also believed to have extensive underwater capabilities containing information so secret . . .


Many interested parties are quite certain the technology, [in both sites] is literally unimaginable.


One may go so far as to say, ‘out of this world!’


Word association provides pieces of a puzzle fitting together:


Nuclear detonation New Mexico, 1945 – Roswell New Mexico alien crash, 1947 -Freescale semiconductor birthdate, 1948, [originally part of Motorola].

– Reverse technology – Stealth technology – Area 51 CIA Control, 1948 . . .
‘Hmm…busy year(s).’


Government exists to control power . . .



Isn’t it interesting that the U.N. established an ‘Ambassador to Extra-terrestrials’ in 2013, Astrophysicist Malan Othman, of Malaysia? She also is the Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). Its mission is to act as an office dedicated to promoting – ‘Peaceful international cooperation in outer space.’

Additional word associations provide keys unlocking the doors to such secrets:

– The ‘Weaponization’ of space – ‘Space cloaking’ technology – Electronic warfare – Weather manipulation – Katrina – Sandy – Werner von Braun – Apollo 13 – Nazis – ‘Chemtrails’ – Rothschild patents – ‘Illuminati’ – Skull and Bones – Israel-Iran-Nuclear War-DIA-Philip Wood-Obama-Shadow US GOV-Military Industrial complex- Snowden – NSA – FEMA –

And so, the Woodward’s and Bernstein’s, (Et al), of investigative journalism are put out to pasture. Is anyone else wondering why?



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What could possibly make Russia, USA/UK and China come together with so much calm and cooperation…acting  in virtual lock-step post MH370? .Has anyone else noted a subtle but noticeable difference of tone . With  Malaysia and Australia ,India and Veitnam silent …thery s NO BITCHING  ..No one ready or willing to expose the truth? What if the truth is Earthlings MAY not be in power on this one….or we have some kind of onogoing negotiation GOING ON….with most of the passengers alive and well? Why not? The Weaponiozation of space, electronic warfare,lazer weapones,Russia ultra-dangerous Topov missiles,the Earth is in real danger….maybe we need some help from smater entities.

Is it possible this  has plane never landed…reports of UFO’S much larger that a 777…could it be in a hanger ,right now, orbiting Earth…or perhaps be under the sea? Exrta-Dimensional interceding( like it’s been said 100’s of times shutting off  the nuclear power plants) CouLd their be a cosmic power interceding to save all from self-destruction. EVERYBODY ACTS IN THEIR OWN BEST INTEREST. OUR EXTRA -DIMENSIONAL FORCES HOLDING HOSTAGE AS A WAKE UP CALL TO EARTH THAT FUKISHIMIA AND THE FURTHER WEAPONIZATION OF SPCE PUTS EVERYBODY AT RISK….AND TO CUT THE SHIT NOW OR PAY A PRICE? This theory is not any crazier than someone telling you a plane went up..and never came down? So what happened?

The originally theory that the plane “crashed” because of mechanical faluire or “pilot” suicide seems more and more unlikely. The track record of the Boeing 777 was near flawless….and the fact that not one piece of debris has shown up anywhere in the world is quite telling. It deifies all logic,the assumption that the plane crash doesn’t hold water….and the missing black boxes only reinforces that this “crash” scenario didn’t happen.

Another  theory is that the plane was “hijacked” and flown to some undisclosed location. A secret base in the Antartica, perhaps to  Pakistan…or hidden in Diego Garcia,a USA/UK secret black opps site ….possibly underground and out of sight. Perhaps by auto-pilot…and secretly flown very low to avoid radar. This scenario is possible but  more unlikely. China, Malaysia and Russia would be extremely unhappy…everybody so quiet and well beahaved..  It’s highly doubtful that Pakistan or any Earth bound terorrorist organization/country could pull off such a sleight of hand without detection.

Another scenario is that the plane was blown out of the sky by a highly advanced laser weapon or missle.  A kind of live demo by the USA/UK to warn both Russia and China not to mess with Ukraine or take down the “dollar” and destroy the Western economy. Laser technology has been developed…and exists…but one has to wonder a few things. There would still have to be debris from a blown up plane. Black boxes would still exist. The laser “shot” would have had to come from one of America’s destroyers…with 5000 navy personel on board. Tens of thousands of other military would be involved,from various carriers and support ships. If America and it’s Western allies  can keep this “action” totally secret it would be impressive. Knowing what we all know  about government and it’s imperfections….it defies logic that a secret this big can be held for such a protracted length of time.

The “fourth ” scenario is becoming more likely by deductive reasoning and common sense…even though the theory may seem “out-of-this-world.  ALL the major super  powers had satellites in the area and witnessed whatever   happened… no one is sharing the details with the “civilians”  It’s a long held belief by many that “extra-dimensional forces” began to interject themselves more frequently  in Earthly matters after the nuclear explosions in 1945. While these “visitors” or perhaps “originals” have been part of the Earth scence for thousands of years, nuclear devastation ( THE WEAPONIZATION OF SPACE)  on Earth will affect the health of the entire cosmos.

We know MH370 and electronic warfare and “invisibility cloaking ” were part of the scenario…that is confirmed. We also know that in 2013, the United Nations named Malaysian astrophysicist Mazian Othman “United Nations space ambassador for extraterrestrial contact affairs” Interesting coincidence…or not? ! UFOologists have long looked at Malaysia and the city of Kulala Lumpur as a hot bed of “extra-dimensional” activities.It is time journalists and the world at large  direct questions to astrophysicist Mazian Othman. It is possible the plane was encased in a larger plane and either taken out to space and is orbiting the earth…or was flown undeground and the plane is kept in a hangar beneath the sea. UFO’S and it’s counter part USO’S (Unidentified submerged vehicles) certainly do exist.

The weaponization of space threatens  Earth, and also puts our entire universe in jeopardy. I’m tired of  the “Independent” press being marginalized because we ask the questions that need to be asked. Alien abductions are not a new phenomenon, and  President Obama’s  ” weaponization of space ” has been a secret  top priority.

Lets’ find out the truth of flight MH370…where ever it takes us.  DO WE HAVE  BIG BROTHERS AND SISTERS?…TRYING TO  SAVE EARTH FROM ITSELF?  … Time FOR AN ALL OUT attempt to get the truth out…Maybe the realizaton that human beings aren’t the onlt thing that matters…..a humbling but need experience?

Perhaps an announcement of something  unexpected maybe coming forth in 2014? . Bill Clinton just a few weeks ago went on national TV.  and said it was quite possible we have or will get visited by exta-dimensional. Obama commented ont he “REPTILIAN ” BRAIN last year. …and now we our  prepared with a United Nations ambassador to the Extra-Dimensional..hailing from Malaysia of all places!

Middle class destroyed – First your house, then your car…NOW your bed ! Predatory lending fuels the 1%….


With 80% of the American people in favor of raising the paltry federal minimum wage…even the Republicans can read the writing on the wall. With the midterm elections closing in, both political parties are ready to back an increase. It’s likely you will see a bi-partisian adjustment of the federal minimum wage to something near $10.00 an hour. While that is good news ..and way over due…it will not address the most distressing financial issue  America’s middle class now face…predatory lending.

America’s middle class has been strangled and shrunken ….most profoundly after the devestation left in the post   9/11 economy. Instead of investing in infrastructure and energy efficiency, the war against “terror” has indeed created terror….right here in our well as around the world. The world of pay day loans and subprime lending is  further enslaving  the shrinking middle class.

Our banks borrow money at close to 0% interest from the privately owned Federal reserve. In an attempt to re-coup profits from their derivative swapping and market manipulation, the spread between their costs and what the middle class is paying is both outlandish and predatory. Homeownership is unreachable for many, with the percent of Americans renting  at an all time high. With no choice but to rent, landlords take advantage of those unable to get a home and are charging a premium for renting in most communities…with all the extra “juice” landing in the pocket of the banks and the 1% (Iluminati)

General Motors is American’s biggest source of sub-primes auto loans. If your wondering what percentage of  car loans are made at a sub-prime rate….it’s now a whopping 80% !!+  You have to get to work, you must have a car…so you pay what you have to pay to make a living for your family. The banks that buy this paper from GM, are all the well known major banks…the ones that are “too” big to fail. Car loan interest prices are often double digits, with consumers stuck with  long term auto loans on new and used cars …with little hope of breaking the cycle.

Now, the furniture industry is smelling blood. That mattress set  that costs the retailers say 400.00( everybody has to sleep) priced at 1200.00(ON SALE..NOT) …but if you buy today it’s just 999.00. But the ugly truth is since your credit is shot…sub-prime lenders are taking 20% off the top from the retailer to get you financed. That 999.oo mattress set is padded by 200.00, so you can get the credit… your children have a place to  sleep.  On top of overpaying to obtain credit, that 999.00 mattress is often financed by a sub-prime “rent-to-own” lender..that BY LAW doesn’t even have to disclose what the APR is on the loan. Let’s just say what used to be high at 28.00 reality is a loan that you will pay 200% interest on if you take the “lease” or “rent to own” price.

GE and Wells Fargo, the two major retail lenders, have tightened credit standers, millions of American workers are now forced into these “sub-prime loan”. Every major furniture company has watched the car and housing market..and they have learned how to prime the pump. Kiosks are now set up in furniture and Appliance stores coast to coast…when you get turned down for standard credit…BAMM

So, the small increase in the minimum wage, will be sucked up by the high priced loans for your house, car, and now your bed and TV set. Until the middle class gets representation back into the political world, don’t expect anything to change. Neither the Republicns or Democrats have any control on the corporate bloodsuckers…in fact..we ALL are at the mercy of the 1% and their financial stranglehold on the “free” world.

                                                           Something has to change…and fast!

Illuminati -Skull and Bones – Federal Reserve rule – World in Peril


As a two time Obama supporter…this is a difficult  admission to make…evidence strongly suggests the American  people have been dangerously Ill-served under this president. It’s become clear that  Obama serves at the pleasure of the Illuminati…Skull and Bones….and America’s Military/Industrial/Corporate Oligarcy. Under Obama’s leadership America has been co-opted by the  The  Rothchild Juggernaut…which is now  firmly in charge…preparing the masses for their New World Misorder. Our  mainstream media is nothing more than the public relations arm of the  Illuminati.
     This spring  is a time  for important self-reflection. The American people should do some soul searching…and  fairly access the presidents performance. The lack of candor from this Whitehouse….is both  defining and deafining. Important questions were shelved or ignored…and the  American publics best interests have been disregarded . The rich get richer,the middle class shrinks..and the poor and disadvantaged fill our jails, homeles shelters.. urban blight and despair expand at lightning speed.
 Let’ not forget that fateful debate night in Denver, the day after the  Benghazi tragedy. President Obama put on his worst public  “performance” on record. Mitt Romney closed  the gap that night…and if it wasn’t for Hurricane Sandy, the Obama presidency  may not have survived.
Did forces behind Obama manipulate the weather for their  advantage? While 4 years ago I would have thought that a “crackpot” idea, one  has to wonder if weather manipulation could have been part of the  powerful  tools now embraced by the evidenced by Malaysian flight #370, electronic warfare and HAARP weather control technology.
               Both Russia and China have disrespected  America…and our president appears like a real light weight on the international  scence. While I dislike “labels”… the far-right “birthers”  spoke of  a possible  ”Illegal” president, born outside of America. Independent analysis…of  his birth ceticficate….certainly leaves it an open question. It’s like the cheating  spouse, once trust is broken…one can’t help but wonder what else brews in the  smokey mess. Unconfirmed reports claim the “CIA” has DNA  proof of the president’s ture idenity…and that both Russia and China have the  facts….making the president subject to blackmail and weakness…both here and  abroad.
     New developments surronding Malaysian flight #370  ..point towards a US government being run by renegade forces…CIA/NSA/DOD/CITY OF  LONDON/SERCO..ET ALL…All logical evidence points away from any type of  mechanical faliure..and looks more like a electronic warfare test run…and the  pocketing of billions of dollars by the Illuminati via of patented technology now solely owned by Freescale semiconductor…which is owned by the Rothchild consortium.
Might the  government-with-in-the government be the real leaders …with the Rothchild  Juggernaut being the defacto leaders of  the New World Order? The outright lies and distortions of the  mainstream media point towards larcency, mayhem,murkiness and more.  The same  faction that have pulled the strings of Malaysian flight #370..were the forces “quarterbacking ” the false flag 9/11 attack. Sound crazy? , do your own  investigation, read David Lee Griffin’s book, The New Pearl Harbor. World trade  center building #7 is the key. It’s all their for inspection…but can the “public” handle the truth?
The tyranny of the Elite and disregard for the  constitution and law an order must be stopped…by all Americans..regardless of  political affiliation. Conservative…Liberal…Moderate…were all in this  together!The“Powers that be” have taken full advantage of  the complacency and fearfullness of the post-9/11 world . We must all come to  gripes with reality…if we allow this to continue…the fate of America is  sealed.We will have only ourselves to blame for our dark , dangerous and dismal future.
                                         #  Operation American Spring 2014. Get involved.

Rupert Murdoch- Corporate media manipulate all that is .. Danger lurks .#MH370


Since the 1960’s .. Americans ruling elite has had an overweight influence on the dissemination of news to the public . Operation Mockingbird , a CIA initiative , has long “finessed ” the news to gain advantage for those that benefit .

The bankers and the military industrial complex ..literally own today’s news media. 6 media companies control 90% of the news .. And not one of those 6 companies is free from the clutches of the Rothchild consortium . Bankers pull off billion dollar scams but never face prosecution . The regular folks , mostly those of color , fill the prisons with petty crimes in comparison . Justice in today’s America depends on your status in life and hue of your skin .


The post 9/11 era has fueled an even greater disconnect . the corporate elite has tightened  their noose on the truth , but this time they have overplayed their hand and the citizens of the Western free world can smell the bullshit.

Where oh where is the investigative journalists from the New York Times or The Washington Post?… Wall Street Journal .. ABC .. CNN … Boy do I miss Tim Russert of NBC !

How long can the mainstream media ignore what really happened to Malaysian flight 370? Lets examine these keywords Freescale semi-conductor – Diego Garcia Kaula Lumpur, electronic warfare , federal reserve , Illuminati , currency crisis , NSA and Serco! Plenty of meaningful questions for any journalists .. the American people get NOTHING! .. It’s time we give the same thing in return !

The only way to regain our free press is to hit them where it hurts … They only respond to money . No matter if your conservative or liberal or middle of the road .. Unplug yourself from corporate media .. Completely and for good …

Go Internet and ignore corporate media . Read , daily Kos, infowars , intellihub, think progress, buzzfeed, blaze, before it’s news , abel danger , or NPR.  check out free thinkers like ronrambles , The Guardian,  great game India or a  plethora of interesting and independent thinkers on You tube .

The citizens of this planet can make their own judgements . Do not continue allowing the elite to manuver and ” mockingbird ” our freedoms and good sense . Let’s unplug from corporate media , let’s make them irrelevant .. Let the free press remain free !








Has the mainstream media disappeared along with Malaysia # 370? #MH370

Its become more than obvious that Americas free press has given way to a very expensive toy for the billionaires that run our world . If Americas ( not so ) free press had any credibility left , it has vanished with flight #370.

CNN particularly has disgraced itself . Anderson Cooper spent 2 years in Langley , Virginia. Erin Burnett is a member of the Council on Foreign relations . Night after night , the CIA news network “mocks” the American people with Bullshit .

The first few weeks they sold us on a Northern route , a Southern Route . Now they spend 24 hours a day selling us on a route straight into the Indian Ocean .

Whatever happened to investigative Journalism ? Is Cooper and Burnett that stupid that they can’t smell the connection of Freescale semiconductor and Americas not so secret , secret military base in Diego Garcia?

Night after night they discredit themselves… selling the world on the governments contorted story of what they want to make us believe about what happened to flight # 370 .

Let’s ask the real questions . Was flight #370 headed for Bejing with dangerous cargo ? Was the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur a target ? What role did the Ukrainian crisis play in this military operation ?

How is the federal reserve board involved with the currency crisis , China and Russia? Why did the Rothchilds buy Freescale ( supposedly a minor chip player) for 18 BILLION dollars ? What Roll does George Bush , Dick Cheney and skull and bones have in Americas shadow government .

One guy and a phone can’t have all the answers. Unfortunately , the Mainstream media can’t even provide the questions . What remains of our free press disappeared with Malaysian flight #370!

Did we get played on Malaysian #370?…What about 9/11 and JFK? #FreeRonRambles #MH370


Despite the mainstream media’s frantic effort to lead the “world” on a wild goose chase in the Indian Ocean….all logical thinking leads to a”military operation” intercepting flight #370. The mainstream media had no credibility what so ever. In fact, what is  clear is the “corporate media” has been outed as a unresponsive, unreliable and quite franky deceitful. Only the internet pioneers of free speech have opened the door on a plethora of interesting information only revealed thru the “independent” press.

We’ve seen a complete cover-up of any information about the USA/UK black operations site in the Deigo Garcia military base. Not one major network has inquired in any detail about the possibility of the plane landing there. It’s as if they are taking orders from the government… or the NSA/DOD/CIA/ROTHCHILD  NWCA(New World Corporate Alliance)

We’ve also seen almost no coverage on Freescale semi-conductor….the company with 22 high-ranking employees on the wayward plane.  The Rothchild consortium of banks and companies “dropped” 18 billion dollars on Freescale investment. That’s a number way out of proportion to any rival semi-conductor business. It’s way out of the norm…based in Austin,Texas..where are the CNN/NBC “human interests” stories about the “beareved” in Bush country ,Texas?

We keep getting sold a story about the black box..and the batteries running out. How about the total lack of debris..with all the ships deployed, it defies any logic. If the plane crashed…not one piece of debris has shown up. Don’t expect to find a black box ever.

The opposition party in Malaysia is screaming cover-up..they are quite sure the Malaysian ruling “powers”  knows exactly what happened. Guess who is the biggest investor in the Malaysian government? ..and their  bank…which owns the biggest part of Malaysian airlines…yep..Rothchilds again.

In a court of law, once someone is proven to be a liar and obfuscator…common sense and American law presume that there’s plenty more bullshit behind the this case the American government and the NWCA.

There is much evidence refuting the government’s account of what really transpired 9/11/2001. Dozens of books and thousands of scientists are now on record about an “inside Cheney directed” job. America’s second Pearl Harbor,rallying public opinoin..with George Bush’s famous contrived words, “your either  for us or your against us..moving American public opinoin. Waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…” and getting the “Patriot Act”  passed with barely a wimper 2 days after 9/11! How did they have that legislation ready that fast? Amazing!! Supposedly about “spreading Democracy” was only  about oil and feeding the military industrial complex.

No difference in JFK…if our government is willing to takeout #370..and the world trade center..removing a president seems more plausible every day. Not to mention the death’s of Robert Kennedy,Martin Luther King , and the mysterious “facts” surrounding the death of NBC newsman Tim Russert, who was hot on the tails on the “truth”…and exposing Dick Cheney,and the renegade governemnt-with-in-the governement.

Once you lose credibility….there’s more and more reason to doubt the official versions of all these tragedys. Free citizens everywhere can advance the cause of freedom  and transperancy…by continuing to doubt the veracity of  the mainstream press thats  “bought and paid for”…and open the door to the “independent” voices that demand the truth…wherever the facts  fall.

Some Internet .com  sites to keep an eye on for truthful reporting…

Intellihub…Great game India…Infowars….Whatdoesitmean…Before it’s news…Buzzfeed….Ronrambles…&more



Government exists to control power..not to confirm what the can’t control.

The post 9/11 era is in full swing and to say that we’re spinning out of control is not hyperbole. Washington D.C is in pure meltdown…and the American people stand by seemingly helpless to help themselves.The middle class lacks the clout to make any meaningful change happen; the elite 1% or 2% of the country continue to feather their own nest. America is imploding from the inside. Do “Un-manifested” cosmic powerhouses loom larger still -… to take advantage of our dangerous self-destructive tendencies..or perhaps to save us and the universe from ourselves? Electronic warfare and Electronic  magnetic Pulse (EMP) technologies  are little discussed…. but most important to our universal health and continued survival as a healthy and safe planet.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is to my mind one of the most important contributions Hollywood has created in this post 9/11 world. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, who have honorable intentions, and what team they play on. A failing political system is laying the groundwork for the middle class to look for alternate solutions, but which could prove to be a fatal “human” error.

Is the Robin Hood mentality portrayed in “Gotham” foretelling a game plan that may be in the playbook for those that would take advantage of an increasingly desperate population? Is the disappearance of Malaysian flight #370 more than a military conflict between China/Russia and the USA?…perhaps extra dimensional forces are also involved in this showdown?

Earthquakes have rocked the world in alarming frequency…have you noticed how quiet the governement had been about California,Oklahoma,Texas,Chile..and many others? What really is going on? Does the Iluminati’s penchant for “fracking” contribute to Earth’s instabilty?  Are  the world governments being over-matched by some greater cosmic presence here-to-fore unconfirmed and un-manifested…atleast in the public realm?

Perhaps the concept of global warming is a misnomer, and what we’re really witnessing is more of a cosmic warning. The scientific community has been put to sleep, integrity nullified by government grants that control much of their funding. Few leaders within the scientific community dare speak of the increasingly obvious signals. They will not admit that events are happening that defy human understanding. Unwilling to destroy their careers or face ridicule and defunding – many “scientists” remain silent.

Proper discussion needs to take place and long-classified information needs to be disseminated to the public. The American people remain “barefoot and pregnant” at the bequest of the “Earth bound Powers-to-be.” Just like the scientists that protect their own interests, Washington D.C is the poster child for those that would protect “their own” at the expense of the greater good.

Those that are in leadership positions need to take some calculated risks and step up to the plate. We are a maturing planet, that is one in which citizens can handle the information that is needed; so we can ascertain what is really happening here on our mother ship. It’s time for government to give us the real story, not the one that is currently manufactured for the benefit of the 1%!

Level with us and tell us, that there are things in this world that cannot be controlled by legislatures and soldiers in arms. Otherwise, risk the chaos that will allow the exploitation of the masses via powerful forces of the “Un-manifested.”

Malaysians confirm criminal investigation #370-Operation “Mockingbird” the American people…Rothchilds in charge…#MH370

Every American has been taken for a ride…on  our “government with-in-the government”-“ Flight 370 Mockingbird“. It’s the old adage, If you tell a lie long enough… it becomes the accepted truth. The New World Corporate Alliance (NWCA) is fully in charge of our budding one world government. Flight #370 was hijacked by American interests..if it’s been’s after a safe landing in Diego Garcia.

It would not be a surprise if president Obama isn’t even in the loop….Dick Cheney is a Rothschild point man..doing the NWO bidding. The Carlyle group, Blackstone, Boeing,Haliburton..Mellon Bank,Exxon..Kissinger….all roads lead back to the Rothschild family. The Rothschilds fully control America’s media.America’s 6 media giants control over 90% of all information diseminated to the American public. Explain to the American people why our media powerhouses cannot speak the words DIEGO  GARCIA OR FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR IN THE SAME SENTENCE?  ELECTRONIC WARFARE?..INVISIBILTY CLOAKS?


Does eveyone know that CNN’S Anderson Cooper spent 2 years of his life in Langley, Virginia? That Erin Burnett, Brian Wiliams are all  members of the Council of Foreign Relations? An American “think tank” owned and operated by the Rockefeller/Rothschild empire? GE is the parent company of NBC….guess who pulls the strings for GE?

Why have we NOT heard what was on the pilot’s flight simulator found in his home? Was he practicing his flight into the secret American/CIA military base in Diego Garcia? Credibile reports are now circulating that Philip Wood, an IBM employee, successfully sent a message from his iphone that he secretly hid in his anal canal from Deigo Garcia of March 18th. Reports are he has been masked and chained…and put into isolation. Flight #370…  It’s either still sitting in Deigo Garcia..or more likely crashed into the Indian Ocean..with the media on a wild goose chase…someday recovering parts of the intentional “SNATCH AND LATER CRASH”.

If our media was legitimate, there would be a full expose on Diego Garcia and what goes on there. A full investigative report on Freescale semi-conductor and what they are really all about. What keeps th media silent about these things? Do they fear for their lives?

Why hasn’t any media source investigated the questonable death of the late NBC correspondent Tim Russert? On June 14th ,2008….Russert died suddenly of a supposed heart attack. As the moderator of Meet The Press…Russert was hot on the heels of Dick Cheney,who appeared just weeks earlier and slying suggested Russert could die of a heart attack. Secret “HARP” technolgy, EMP…ELECTRONIC MAGNETIC PULSE…can cause a heart attack to anyone, anytime..the government-with-in- the government needs to….and there is no trace …any coroner can only concluded it was a natural heart attack…i.e,..Andrew Breitbart…One can’t help but wonder what truly happened to president John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King..and the attacks on the world trade center in 1994 and 2001. The 9/11 “report” was an embarassment..and raises  more questions than it ever answered.

Our clandestine governement surely exists, with offices in Langley, Virginia, Area 51 in Nevada…and  home offices on the  Bilderberg compound in Geneva, Switzerland. All thoughtful world citizens should do their due diligence..and study the information in this article. It’s all out there in the public domain…but…you won’t get the information from the Mainstream Rothschild News Network….We are what we to make of it….do the people of the world really want to be the MOCKINGBIRDS?