Are we really picking on the rich? Alms for the Republicans.

     So which is it? Is the middle class engaged in class warfare, as the Republicans are saying? Or… Is the President talking some sense.. the polls indicate public approval of his state of the union.?

   I guess you can call it warfare if you mean the middle class is willing to fight for some fairness and equity. Does it seem unreasonable that really rich people pay their fair share of taxes? Social security is going broke and underfunded. Why do we have a cap on social security taxes? If you make more than 110,100 …you pay 0 social security tax on any amount over that. That low number is antiquated and insufficient. Raise that number to  200,000per year….and any income over and above that be taxed at 50% of the current tax rate. These are the people that can afford security is a safety net for our senior citizens…let’s take care of our people.

A smug,wealthy man who claims not to have inherited any of his wealth. His dad just happened
to be a wealthy help at all to Jr..Romney. Would he even have noticed if he paid a little more social security taxes to help those who have worked all their life ..middle class people  trying to raise a family?

  Polls show that 91% of the people approved of the presidents speech. When does this happen.? 91% of the people can’t  agree on anything. This is an astounding number.

  Maybe the Republicans can open their eyes and ears. Give the people what they need  and deserve. No one thinks successful people shouldn’t be rewarded. ..but are we really engaged in class warfare when we just want to share some of that success too? Raise the minumum wage..let family’s be family’s..IF WE ALL JUST STOP SHOPPING WAL-MART UNTIL THEY PAY A LIVABLE WAGE…IT WON’T take long for walmart  to prod its legislative friends to getting off their ass and even the playing field just abit! Raise the minimum wage!!!




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