Any strong 3rd party bid unseats Obama-"House" rules.

       Here’s the facts. In 1824, no nominee received over 50%  of the electoral college delegates. The 12th amendment then comes into play as the “house” decides the presidential winner, the senate chooses the Vice-President. Almost 200 years later, the electoral college remains the same antiquated system.

   The brain trust over at American Elects 2012 is quite aware of this. They have already made provisions to deal with this. Whoever gets the nomination  from Americans Elect 2012…the opposite party MUST be selected as the Vice-President. Does anyone else think it’s odd that the Bush family is supposedly sitting on it’s hands waiting for 2016? Jeb could have secured the nomination with ease…why didn’t he run? Everyone knows he wants to be president.

  He didn’t “run” because he just needs to be “drafted” by AE2012 Internet nominating process.  The Bush clan and his fellow neo-cons are making an end run around Democracy. They plan to take advantage of this loophole..and use the 12th amendment to steal the White House from Obama by a technical knockout
 All a 3rd party has to do is make sure Obama doesn’t receive 50.1% of the electoral college. Let’s assume their candidate is Jeb Bush….and the SOUTHERN STRATEGY kicks in. Both Romney and Obama struggle in the south…and Jeb figures to take Texas and Florida in a 3 way battle.  So if the Bush clan wins these two states, most of the other smaller southern states..and captures some fly-over western states..the election is thrown to the  Republican friendly “house”. The house decides the vote on a one state-one vote system.Wyoming and Montana count as much as New york and California. As the house tilts to the right..chances of Obama prevailing are slim to none.Even if Obama wins 60% of the popular vote…he can  lose. Yes, the president could  lose with 60% of the popular vote…all that matters is the electoral college. To all thoughtful Americans …time to start asking some questions of all our leaders. It’s painfully obvious the mainstream press is NOT going to educate us. Don’t wait for the New York Times to tell you about this…they are co-creators of American Elect 2012.

  The moral of the story? Let’s expose American Elect 2012 for what they are. Let’s be pro-active and make sure their little scheme doesn’t come to pass. The billionaires behind AE2012 mean business..they are not spending their money out of their “love” for Democracy. . We cannot allow the 1% to pull off this sneak attack …..wake up …wake up… the gangs all here…are we ready for it? .America..time to make sure the people rule..not the “HOUSE”!     

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