Listen up mainstream media. CUT THE BULLSHIT! Stop being the submissive sluts  to the government and it’s corporate masters.  The 4th estate used to play an important role in this country. Now your just a rat pack of shills serving the interests of of the Oligarcy. If we allow investigative journalism to die…this society will follow suite.

It’s time to aknowledge and demand  accountability from the shadow government that now controls all that is……CIA/NSA/DOD/MI6/MOSSAD/BOEING/RATHEON/HALIBURTON/LOCKHEED- MARTIN/MONSANTO/MERCK/WALL STREET/CHASE/BANK OF AMERICA/RUPERT MURDOCK/SOROS/… AND THE ROTHSCHILD CLAN.

The illuminati is all too real…and if we continue down this road…the pitchforks will  come out .This world can not continue to be controlled and manipulated  by a few thousand  people. The 1% controls 44% of the worlds wealth. The Queen of England owns 12% of the land of the entire world…while 50 million Americans work for minimum wage…and billions of others worldwide operate as cattle for the benefit of the few members of the 33rd order.

We either operate as a free country with an open press…and shine the light on truth and justice….or we are doomed to extinction.  Snowden may have been the catalyst…but the pendulum is in full motion…and the truth will find a way to come out. Any hint of credibility left in the MSM is in it’s death spiral…the time to redeem yourselves  is running short. Considering the ownership of 95% of the press is those mentioned above..the likehood of a major change is slim… the mainstream media bares a huge responsibility for the  death of the America we knew and loved.

The Patriot Act and Citizens United was a one..two punch…. the world has not come to grips with it’s dangerous and grizzly ramifications. Operation Mockingbird is over. The manipulation of the masses is no longer possible or rational… the immorality of the ruling class is palatable…. it’s  filling this  universe with loads of bad karma. We must  demand accountabilty from the government and we want real investigative reporting of just what’s going on.

Is any major news organization going to investigate what the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD are up to in our black opp’s  secret site otherwise known as Diego Garcia? We dumped all the legal inhabitants of island (atoll) 2 decades ago….and made it a clandestine outpost for what purposes? We all know by now that MH370  never crashed. Shot down by a missle or electronic laser technology ..maybe?…a warning to Russia and China…maybe…What have we done with the 230 passengers?…did they meet the same fate of the 9/11 passengers and that very dubious “attack” by outsiders ..or  insiders?

Tell us what really happened with Malysian flight #370? TWA 800? Chemtrails? The underground military instillations throughout the world?  Weather manipulation? Electronic Warfare? EMP/HARP  technology? FEMA? Immigration crisis/ disease threats? Why do we have 250,000 Russian troops stationed in Northern Michigan and Montana? Has world war 3 begun? Whats really happening with the currency crisis?  Whats been going on at Area 51for the last 70 years? What really happened to JFK..RFK..MLK JR…..Why was the  9/11 report so obviously bogus..like the Warren report 40 years earlier?

What’s the story with FREESCALE SEMI-CONDUCTOR?  It’s becoming quite clear that a chunk of this company is a CIA  front…. financed  by the Rothschild/Carlyle group/Blackstone.18 BILLION was paid for this “small company” an outrageous amount. Much does not make sense…just where  is  the  the beleagured middle class taxes going?…why trillions in “off ” the books secret undiclosed expenditures? Artifically low interest rates have been a reverse tax on the elderly..how can we stand by and not question this backdoor theft from hard working Americans?,The militarization is space is extremely dangerous ..were playing with fire..the entire universe can burn. Do extra-dimensional forces exist? …and what effect are they having on our world today?

Time for some truth! We need an honest discussion of the facts…so smart people can discuss  important  issues and make wise decisions ..that’s not handcuffed by old schooll capitalism.  When all the information is held by just a few…abuse and danger abounds!

MAINSTREAM MEDIA..the balls in your court?  Tim Russert and Andrew Breitbart aren’t coming back….will  the rest of you continue  to submit to the intimidation?…or stand up for your country? Time for a reality check…the tipping point is here…and time is short to regain control…We need the mainstream press to stand up and be accountable..now…without further delay! 


  1. a n other on said:

    “Citizen Journalism” on social media, has become the new trade union movement.

    The commercial success of the past 300 years has caused the human population & its wealth, to grow exponentially.
    People start a business for a number of reasons.
    Those of us who live, work & learn amongst those who created the wealth, capital & infrastructure, will come into ideological conflict, as predicted by Machiavelli & Karl Marx.
    Knowledge can be a dangerous thing when spread too thinly.
    Paranoia & fear, are the sword & shield of the powerful, to enable them to divide & conquer the weak, since feudal times.

    We wouldn’t read about the revolution in the press, or see it on TV.
    the revolution is happening live.
    From the Faustian pact you make with your boss, to the person you exploit to get what you want or need.
    We are all part of the conspiracy of human chaos.
    For humanity to work as a team, we must trust each other.

    Investigative journalism isn’t seen as helping that process.
    But it might help those with an agenda.

  2. Ronald O'Clair on said:

    I liked your piece, you make some interesting points (Claims). It is a shame there are no real investigative journalists anymore, but you have never met me, either. I write for a bi-weekly in Worcester, Massachusetts, the Bay State, the place where it all started in 1620 when the Europeans came to the land of the people and brought with them some foreign concepts. Things that the people had never had experience with before. Those things you can find in any Bible under the listing of deadly sins. Greed, avarice, malice, envy, and many more evil traits were brought with those settlers who would have died that first winter if not for the kindness and charity of the native people. As far as civilization went, the native Americans had a far superior system. The white man won out with technology, and treachery. I think we need to talk, call me anytime at: 774-242-1468 and check me out online at: http://www.incitytimesworcester.org just put “Ron O’Clair” in the search engine on the homepage, hit enter, and a list of 37 of my published stories comes up. I think you will find the “Ron’s urban diary. Merry Christmas Officer Thomas Daly” story to be very telling as to why I am what I am, and I do what I do. I spent the last 28 years investigating America, now I have a lot to say that will rock the foundations of the establishment. Call me. Thank you, Ron O’Clair

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