American’s must demand a new 9/11 investigation…Here’s why….

The seminal event of the 21st century is surely the acts of terror that were perpetrated on American soil Sept 11th, 2001. With a heavy heart I must relate why I believe the real terrorists were then President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and just a handful of others.

Many people have asked; how could a secret like this possibly remain secret?

Let’s examine historical precedents that address this vital question:

Since the Roswell incident in 1947, government has managed to keep the truth and UFO’Ssecret…some 67 years later. Area 51 is loaded with extra-dimensional beings. Much of our advance technology was gleamed by reverse engineering; a prime example is the stealth bomber. The conspiracy against John F. Kennedy has remained secret…some 50 years later. These are but a few of the more glaring instances.

So, history proves that when and where the military is involved, [and information is tightly compartmentalized] our government within the government is very adept at hiding and disguising the truth!


I could go into the plethora of evidence that contradicts the embarrassing 9/11 Commission white wash of a report. Even Co-chairman Hamilton and committee member and ex-Senator Bob Kerry is on the record, [i.e.: let’s say wavering] . . . pertaining to the validity of their own report. Carefully reading the N.I.S.T. Report further casts severe doubt on the veracity of the governments’claims.

The explicit technical details are well researched and please read David Ray Griffins book, The New Pearl Harbor. Check out the documentary Loose Change, it’s available on YouTube. Both are unquestionably enlightening. We could talk about controlled demolitions, Marvin Bush’s heavy involvement, money laundering, and disappearance of gold. These particular disturbing facts tie in with destroying evidence of financial improprieties at the highest level of the country.

The demolition of the World Trade Center 7 . . . never hit by a plane, but yet was the largest CIA outpost outside of Langley Virginia. Paul Bremer had wonderful luck of not being in his office that day. Instead, he made a rare appearance on a network morning show, while his friends and coworkers were slaughtered. Who later became the point man in the Iraq war?

Putting that aside, here are the real telltale signs that things are not as the government would like it to appear:

My observations of the “smoking gun” are a bit more unscientific, based more on understanding human nature and its fallibility’s. When the Pentagon was attacked, and Chief of Staff Andrew Card whispered the news to Bush, GW gave him a funny look and continued his “story telling.”How did they know that no airplanes were headed towards that school…that the President wasn’t a target? Protocol would immediately whisk the President away and take him to a secret bunker immediately…without delay!

But, it seemed as if they knew they had nothing to worry about. Isn’t that extremely curious?

Also disquieting was the Presidents apparently well-rehearsed preparation for his World Trade Center declaration(s). He unequivocally told the entire world – “You’re either with us, or you’re against us!”It reeked of the type of scripted phrase test marketed months in advance. Did Bush come up with that in the heat of battle, or was it well thought out and premeditated? I think the truthful answer is obvious, based upon all of this damning evidence.

Even more telling, is the evil Dick Cheney. When asked if he would have blasted Flight 77 out of the sky, killing 200 Americans, to protect others on the ground he didn’t blink. His answer was yes. So, what would keep Cheney from not slaughtering 3,000 Americans; when we consider his disturbed neocon mind? He in effect told us that he felt that it was, for the greater good. It seems there can be little doubt that American oil oligarchy and opening the door of intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan were the former Veeps’ priorities.

I dearly wish it weren’t so. But intentions plus evidence paints a very dark picture of post 9/11 America. The Patriot Act has infringed upon civil liberty and justice, for the N.S.A. and D.O.D. do whatever, wherever, and however they please. The American people were told a story . . . but,

So heinous is the possibility of our own government killing their own . . . we just don’t want to confront the truth.

Yet, we must demand a re-opening of hearings and we must learn the whole truth. If we allow this to stand we will never regain control of our renegade government; law abiding citizens will never be safe…ever again!


The 9/11 Commission Report

The N.I.S.T. Report

The U.S. Dept. of Defense

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerry

Lee H. Hamilton, 9/11 Commission Report Co-chair

The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin

Loose Change, Documentary on You Tube

The F.A.A.

Fair Game, by Valerie Wilson Plame


One comment on “American’s must demand a new 9/11 investigation…Here’s why….

  1. Bart Stewart on said:

    Well, I hate going negative on an indie freethinker, being one myself, but the truther stuff doesn’t hold up to a skeptical probe, Ron. Where is the jetliner that didn’t crash into the Pentagon? Truthers say it was a missile that hit the Pentagon. So we are missing one very large airplane. Tons of truther stuff is built on word-of-mouth evidence and hearsay. Like the claim that there were puddles of molten metal all over the twin towers site. Says who? And being eye-witness testimony, could it have been something else? Also, why would it have been necessary to set off explosives to pancake those towers all the way down? I think the shock value was well achieved by the planes flying in. Indeed, blowing up the Statue of Liberty would have achieved it. Whoever hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was out to tank the economy of the United States. The Bushies would not have done that – not on purpose, anyway. Plenty of Bush’s plutocrat pals were set back hard in the aftermath of 9-11. Also, radical Islam does exist, you know. It is no myth (like UFOs.) The chaos of the 9-11 scenes afford conspiracy theorists ample room to claim all kinds of things. Not doubting that the government doesn’t do terrible things with all the secrecy it has. But Bill Maher says 9-11 is the one and only time in which he defends the Bush Administration. That’s how it is with me.

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