Americans Elect 2012 Pitch- Voters like you ? Im not so sure!!!!

The money people behind  Americans elect 2012, the supposedly non-partisian,non-profit organization says in there mission statement they are voters like you and me. Curious how these very sweet people are so very concerned with our Democracy . So who  makes up the list of “exclusive ” individuals who are “INTENDING” to repay there financial benefactors.

   Of the 63+ names listed on the leadership council…seems everyone is a millionaire. Wow, voters just like you and me. Christine Todd Whitman sits on the board, seems to me she is like Jebs Bush’s best gal pal…hmmm. Check the list for yourselves…

  Here’s their pitch…Americans elect is a non-partisian,non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any political party,ideology of is funded “EXCLUSIVELY” by individual contrubutors. Ive been a businssnes man 30 years,one lesson Ive learned over and over again. When you hear that word “EXCLUSIVE “it’s a big  red flag, grab your  shorts and be sure NOT to bend over. More fun to come…


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