Americans Elect 2012- Pervertors of Democracy

When do we tell the voters about Americans Elect 2012? How they intend to pervert Democracy to get what they want. How they intended to take advantage of a frustrated, vulnerable voting public.

    While wrapping themselves in the American flag,(these types always do)  and touting their internet based Denocracy, what is the real story behind this powerful special interest soon to control the  presidential ballot in all 50 states.

  For starters, they are a 501 (c) 4..” social welfare organization” .it means they can rasie as much money as they can but dont have to disclose who their donors are. I’ll save you the time. Their web site claims they are voters just like you and me. Interesting then , of the 63 people on there leadership council, the are all millionaires and billionaires. Right, voters just like you and me.

Even more interesting, cross reference the leadership names with the very secret skull and bones society.
You will get the picture right away. Americans elect 2012 is in effect a front group for  Jeb Bush and allies. Hedge funds, big oil, Saudia Arabia..the elite of the elite. ..but remember, they are voters just like you and me,WHY, because their website says so..ITS WHAT THEIR SELLING….NO SALE HERE!!!

Were all upset with the economy and the inability of the two parties to get it together and lead. But as the saying goes, dont throw out the baby with the bath water. What lurks is something very sinister, the elite
pervertors of American Democracy.

Will the main stream media be willing to expose Americans Elect 2012 for what  they really are and what they stand for?   Or, is the media elites (Murdoch,GE,et all) really just part of the American Elect 2012 team? Lets not take the bait, can we prove that we are smarter than the !% please retweet me… click my ads.. help support 99%! We have family’s too.

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