Americans can work harder for peace…for Israel & Palestine….


“I remember when I was just seven years old, coming home from  Sunday school …collecting loose change to help Israel in the war.  We tried coming up with anything that sent help to Israel.” American Jews did their share to help tiny Israel in The Yom Kippur War of 1967. People bought war bonds and we were excited. Close to 46 years later, multiple wars wrought death & destruction.Threatening a military solution rather than peace, Israeli leadership has been consistently hostile. The process of a two state solution is the only reasonable alternative. Palestinians deserve a legal recognized state of their own. While Israel relinquished Gaza, Hamas & its antagonist play Russian roulette. Each blames the other, & the violence continues.There is no good reason for American Jewry to fail to put strong pressure upon the Right Wings hold on Israel. Obama’s speech in front of Israeli young people was very well received. Now we must speak in a louder and clear tone here in America.”Jews should support a homeland for the Palestinians …period!” It’s too long overdue in getting it done.  When is enough collateral damage inflicted by both sides going to bring willing partners for peace to come forth toward fair negotiated peaceful coexistence?


The best and only safe way of ending potential Iranian nuclear proliferation would be the creation of a new independent Palestine state. Iran and Israel’s other enemies insist that the Palestinians plight is at the root of the hostilities. Iran, Syria, and all states who have avowed a commitment to Israel’s total destruction have likewise gone on record with this caveat. Albeit, the proof is in the pudding as they say, statements declaring Israel’s right to exist by these antagonists is dependent upon the creation of a free sovereign Palestinian state. Not merely Israel leaving Gaza, but removing the block-aide that cripples the lives of the innocents living within. Additionally, the days of creating settlement after settlement under the guise of improving its bargaining position must end.

 What should happen in the Middle East are the world’s major powers supporting a two state solution….the fact that adding to official governmental involvement is the best case scenario. Such additions must include American Jews concerned for Israel, the Palestinians, and all neighboring states. Only with determined commitment to apply pressure while adding assistance can peace become reality.Often left unsaid are the benefits that would be enjoyed by all. The Israelis have thriving businesses, and the help of Palestinian integration will grow these business operations exponentially. It’s mutually combined efforts will support all members of the community. An amazing paradox exists between political tensions and medical science. Once again irony rears its head dress of macabre coloration. Why?”Because it’s been determined the chromosomes in Palestinians and Jews are so similar – that they are pretty much  sister and brothers. “They’re also culturally far more similar than dissimilar. Both love their families, foods and traditions, wherein Palestinians and Jews are tantamount to cousins, therefore even more connected than neighbors. But even if just neighbors, they must start acting like it, not the few but the many.

It is high time that true friendship reigned instead of militancy.Over 10% of the Israeli population is Christian. They sport a good life and make decent wages. A two state solution will make the land safe and commerce can grow. When an Arab and a Jew do business together they both expand their markets. New consumers become available when livable conditions allow the people to prosper and obtain purchasing power. The right thing, and smart thing, is to give your brother a hand up. It will create the type of good feelings that will lay the groundwork for a different Israel moving forward. The current coalition government of Israel cannot last. It shall be gone sooner or  later. It is the people who are screaming their hearts out for peace! It is time for American Jews to step up, apply pressure and support peace…. now…for Israel and Palestine.


3 comments on “Americans can work harder for peace…for Israel & Palestine….

  1. back ache on said:

    Thanks for finally talking about >Americans can work harder for peace

  2. Boy are your right! Thanks for the correction. Surprised your the first person to catch that!

  3. John on said:

    Great article, but your childhood memories are a little off. The Yom Kippur War was in 1973. The Six Day war was in June 1967.

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