American Elect 2012- Weve Privatized The election. Democracy in action..

They are a very smart group. Dont underestimate this Lobbying/Pr Firm/Neo-con/Billionaires club.

   Its nearly 2012, and its still not understood by the public that this will be a whole another election.

  We have a powerful lobbying group ..( American Elect 2012)  on all 50 ballots. These guys play for keeps. This has never been done before. With a wobbly President Obama  Vs. a Weak or unelectable Republican..Jeb Bush becomes a very viable 3rd party candidate.

     American Elect 2012 …funded by hedge/funds and Billionaires…..Brings us their own thoughtful…guess they are average voters just like me and you…they say it on the website..its MUST be true.

                                               Wake up …Wake up..The gangs all here.

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