501(C) 4 ORGANIZATION …American Elects 2012 Manipulation..

What is a 501(c)4 social welfare organization? Recent legislation allows for these groups to raise as much money as they can and they don’t have to disclose donors.

American Elect 2012 boasts on their website, ” exclusively funded by individual donors ” NOT corporate ,special interests,foreign  or lobbying sources.


American elect 2012 is a front group for the Billionaires,hedge funds, and members of the still pretty secret
Skull and Bones Club.This SPECIAL INTEREST group will soon be Epic.  Cross refrence the names on the leadership council with known members of the Skull and Bones..and you will quickly see what it all means.

 The Bush dynasty is about to be reserrected, compliments of wall street gang,  Bank of America and all it’s friends…They are attempting to hijack and privatize who becomes next president of the United States.

                   Time to wake-up and take notice…the 1% means business…they dont often lose!!!

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