…47% Chance Scott Prouty can become the next governor of Florida?



Living near Boca Raton, Florida, I often wondered who anonymously filmed and released Mitt Romney’s 47% comments. Was this a pre-meditated set-up by a dirty tricks squadled by Obama zealots? This week, a 38 year old registered Independent stepped forward to claim responsibility. He may have changed the course of history. Scott Prouty, a handsome well-spoken man appeared on national T.V. to explain his motivations in both releasing the tape and coming forward publicly. Little did I know that Mr. Prouty was my neighbor?


We live within a few miles of each other. Even more personal for me, he spoke eloquently about the factory in Freeport, Illinois that was shut down by Romney’s Bain Capital. My former business was located within miles of that factory, and was shut down after 40 years due to weakened economic conditions. This was mostly due to the out-sourcing of jobs to China.


While the 47% comments by Romney was the headline, Prouty was mostly outraged by Romney’s flippant comments about the squalor some 20,000 Chinese workers face trying to make a living. Romney explained how women ages 18 to 23, are relegated to 12 women sharing one bedroom. Any wagers if many are 16 or even younger? Some suffer 50 workers sharing one bathroom. Romney described how the factory was protected by barbed wire and guard towers! This existed to keep out other Chinese workers. Apparently, employment in this factory oasis was so desired, they were protecting it from intruders.


These people, [i.e.: intruders] were trying to sneak in to get a job and receive compensation. We know this was, and is, a bald face lie. Barbed wire and guards exist to keep the employees in line. These workers are little more than indentured servants enslaved by the Chinese. They make small appliances that continue to enrich the Wal-Marts of the world. But a courageous American hero named Scott Prouty, now has a huge opportunity in front of him. His standing up for regular folks and display of leadership may place him among the hottest of all rising political stars.


Watching this man’s demeanor, this is clearly the type of leader America’s middle class seeks. College educated, thoughtful and well-spoken, all Americans will soon know Scott Prouty. As (R) Governor Rick Scott continues his unabashed dismantling of the middle class, Democrats and Independents have a man that can change the course of history in Florida. The minimum wage of $7.65 an hour may soon be a distant memory.


Sometimes, the most unlikely events catapult an individual, and previously unrecognized change occurs in front of our eyes. We owe a big thanks to Scott Prouty for what he did. Move over Governor Christy; watch out for the hottest gubernatorial political commodity to come along in years. Not only can Prouty unseat the incumbent governor, (at only age 38), a very long future awaits him. My instincts are already screaming for a potential move from the sunshine state to D.C. There is more than a 47%chance that Scott Prouty will be a household name. No amount of barbed wire can keep this man from accomplishing more than anyone could ever have imagined!


4 comments on “…47% Chance Scott Prouty can become the next governor of Florida?

  1. Jay H Berman on said:

    Is a rush to judgement in the best interests of Floridians? For myself, I know as much about Mr. Prouty as that which appears on these pages. Prior to his role in the Romney fiaco I’d never heard of the man. This much is clear however, Democrats are salivating for a real shot at the Governors Mansion. In this case are his supporters groping at straws, or will Prouty go all in?

    If he does, what are his chances likely to be? Will the (D) Party machinery in Florida do a better job than the pitiful losing campaign run by Alex Sink? The political disaster for Democrats which culminated in the State of Florida erecting a Gubenatorial throne for a convicted felon. Rick Scott, assuming he goes ahead and seeks a second term, is anathema to Democrats. This makes even a “shooting star” desirable.

    For now, I’ll watch from the sidelines. Prudence dictates as much as do recent (D) losers like Sink. But a scenario for both party watchers to remain fixated on are the futures of (R)Sen. Rubio and (D)Rep. D.W.Schultz, whose stars are unlikely to burn out anytime soon.

    Jay H. Berman
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
    Author, Consumer Advocate & Political Activist

  2. Feeling special karma here. something fun’s going to happen.

  3. Eleanor Ruby Moon on said:

    Where do I sign up?

  4. Zo0tie on said:

    I sure hope you’re right. Prouty has demonstrated high character to me. Even though he was beset with financial and medical problems he did not seek to immediately capitalize on his video. He could have earned thousands of dollars last year by taking the role of a media darling but instead chose to anonymously keep Romney’s selfish callousness as the message.

    However I also know we tend to devour our heroes. I sincerely that does not happen to him.

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