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By, Jay H. Berman – Feature Columnist / Political Commentary

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Immigration Reform in D.C. & the Media Circus, a clearly solvable misnomer. But, where the hell is the political will to do so


Immigration’s an issue? The geniuses who supposedly run the U.S. government decided it is. There is some disagreement as to when the current dialogue began. 9/11 brought major changes to D.C. & as a result the nation at large. One of the primary legislative decisions was the Patriot Act. I’m still trying to ascertain what’s patriotic about electronic surveillance that violates our Constitutional rights. But, it is pertinent to any consideration of immigration.

The people who either are afraid or those who wish us to be seem to enjoy pointing to the fact that Un-documented Aliens are amongst us. I’m scribbling this on Halloween but so far no goblins have appeared at my door. If Aliens have children, don’t they like candy?

The utter nonsense spewed by talking heads regarding, illegals within our borders, isn’t a cause for terrible fear because buildings fell down. Proper respect for the deceased & those mourning their loss remains. However, immigration to the U.S. has delivered a well-spring of talent, ingenuity & prosperity, aligned with wonderful cultural diversity.

If you’re afraid of every person wearing cloth above their neck, you deserve the Patriot Act. Unfortunately, millions of American’s are terrified. This is where that asinine piece of legislation & immigration intersect.

Conversely, a dose of reality tells us what? Simply that people come here from the world over to get an education &/or employment that provides a significant improvement versus that from which they’d come.

More recently, when we speak of immigrants we’re quite oft referring to folks who come here from Mexico & other regions south of our borders. Somehow, if Spanish or Creole is one’s native tongue, they’re evil individuals who if not feared, at the very least must be scorned. Those in lockstep with this insanity, win acceptance onto the varsity of the fearful Patriots team, aka The Dullards, bereft of any ability to think rationally.

According to their illogic, immigrants are all bad guys who knock down buildings & kill people. When not doing that, they’re smuggling narcotics & killer weed across the, (suddenly), unprotected border & infecting our schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, & whatever else comes to mind.

Members of the fearful Patriots team believe every Spanish speaking person is here illegally, & their mission is: Do evil deeds. Every Muslim person is here illegally, & their mission is: Do things that are more evil than Spanish speaking individuals.

Yet, the folks who employ these Aliens aren’t afraid. They benefit from their presence & are awfully glad they’re here. It kind of makes you wonder what magic powers employers of cheap labor have that the fearful Patriots don’t?

Is illegal immigration a problem & are un-documented aliens to be feared? While asking redoubtable queries, do these same folks negatively impact our all-important facet of existence, the Economy? . . .

. . . Well, I suppose that’s relative to one’s station in life.

Alright, let’s fix immigration. Ready? Enforce the laws that already exist. Can’t do that you say? Too many thousands of them already here & we don’t know who or where they are? Hmm, ever wonder how the government knows, [even approximately] how many are already here if they don’t know who or where they are?

But since the patriots are scared shitless, do a couple of things that should be done anyway but aren’t. Local law enforcement should focus a helluva’ lot more of their attention on drug sellers, rather than users. Have the TSA read the watch lists, (duh), & lock the damned cockpit doors!

Some of us aren’t thrilled with our current immigration laws. Okay, let’s be proactive. Change the path to citizenship – so that most immigrants will bust their ass to achieve that status. I’m tired of hearing this refrain, so do it or shut the _ _ _ _ (expletive) up!

Political will? In D.C. it’s exemplified by the budget bungling fiasco.

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