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Will Obama and the Democrats Sacrifice Hillary to Stop Trump ? Biden/Warren in the Bullpen ?



It should be clear to America by now, despite the corporate media’s best efforts…that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Trump has already proven to be Hillary’s worst nightmare, she can’t handle him. Fortunately for the Democrats, they have  ways of ” disposing” of their losing candidate… prior to or during the Democratic convention this summer.

Clinton is currently under investigation by the FBI for her security breaches related to her misuse of classified information. With the amount of hacking going on, her carelessness and selfishness has exposed sensitive classified information. She has put everything loyal Americans hold near and dear in  danger. Regardless of party affiliation, a leader who puts this country in further  jeopardy is not fit to become president.

When Hillary’s support continues to erode, the likelihood of  Obama green lighting the FBI  indictment concerning the email scandal rises dramatically. He will do everything in  his power  to  save his party from defeat. Propelling his popular right hand man to the nomination would be a really smart move. Obama is simply the errand boy for the bankers and gangsters ushering in the coming one world government. George Soros , the Rothschild and Rockefeller clans  will ditch Hillary in a New York minute.

Additionally, the 69 year old Clinton has some serious health issues that have been so far mostly ignored  by the mainstream corporate propagandists. Anyone who saw Hillary’s stuttering interview with the Des Moines Register newspaper clearly knows  serious medical issues exist.  She was lethargic, dazed, confused and clearly medicated … not  the earmarks of a competent leader . He can threaten her with indictment, and provide her with a medical excuse to drop out of the election. He will do whatever is necessary to keep Donald Trump out of the White-House.

Our current Vice-President Joe Biden is liked and respected by both sides of the political street. His close confidant Elizabeth Warren would make a popular  Vice-Presidential .The MSM media would relish a last minute take-down of Trump. Many Democrats would be more than happy to ditch an unsavory Clinton. Perhaps this writer is a perfect example. I would never ever support Hillary Clinton for a multitude of reasons. I would  vote for Trump. However, a Biden/Warren ticket would bring me ( and many others) perhaps back to the Democratic fold.