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John F Kennedy…Malaysian Air #370….Secret Society Speech….#MH370

President John F Kennedy Secret Society

Has the world been taken for a ride ? Malaysian flight part of war games prep? #MH370


Did the Wall Streeet Journal have a role in what’s looking more like a war games exersize than a crash?

In this mornings blockbuster story, The WSJ was  surprisingly exact. Who gave just the journal this information? and why?

Why did they release the number of 2200 miles in their story?… That’s pretty specific.

I immediately googled the distance from Malaysia to the secretive U.S naval base Deigo Garcia. Although it’s called a naval base, even non-military understand  in this day and age… fighter jets can and have utilized this facility. Just happens to be 2200 miles between Malasya and Deigo Garcia. Who would figure?

Even CNN said something very strange today on air. Why would CNN  say that “conspiracy theories” “may” be “hampering operations”. Who told CNN what hampers the operation? Same folks that were talking to the WSJ?

The main clue…no news media operation is making the connection with Freescale Semi-conductors 20 employes on board…and the “cloaking” Electronic Warfare games that FREESCALE specializes in. Plus … the convienient distance of 2200 miles clearly mentioned in the WSJ article  It’s seems obvious to me that would be one of the first thoughts . The words Deigo Garcia and Freescale Semiconductor have never been uttered together despite the obvious connection.

Has our news been manufactured like were watching a episode of lost? Has the news media done what some will argue is a “patriotic” act ..protecting America’s interest with an important war game?  The situation between Russia and Ukraine is tense…equally intense….Israel’s plan to attack Iran’s nuclear facilty

. What an opportune time  to make sure America’s technological edge ,electronic warfare capabilities..and “disappearing plane ” abilities …are ready to go. ….a possible critical tool to squash the nuclear ambitions of  Russia and Israel and Iran? Sounds Obamaish. Are we getting ready for a “surprise” news conference from the almost silent  White-house

Odd’s or Flight #370 “showing up” in Deigo Garcia are increasing. I am praying for them. God speed.







The answer to mystery flight #370 not in Asia? Try ,Virginia,U.S.A.


The United States seems quite content to keep Malaysia “barefoot and pregnant” on it’s search for missing flight #370. In fact, all of Asia is clueless  about what happened . Only Dick Cheney..and his government-with-in the government cohorts…know the pieces to the puzzle. Our Mainstream media can work this one on a budget …it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to Langley, Virginia.

You would think with 20 high-tech employees from Austin,Tx based Freescale semiconductor onboard, there would be a little more public interest from the American government. Think again. Our government now works in secret …just ask senator Diane Feinstein.

Freescale Semiconductor is/was the foremost leader in electronic warfare and “invisibility cloak” technology. This company (Motorola) was born directly from the Rozwell ,New Mexico Alien crash in 1947.

Reverse technology leading Freescale has had the ball since since 1948. Speculation is that Freescale is a major operator within Area 51 ..dedicated to it’s electronic warfare and invisibility cloaking technology.

Previous reports have connected this technology with Israeli intentions to destroy Iranian nuclear capabilities, a mission Dick Cheney has publically supported.

Note to Mainstream media… Catch a bus to Langley … the world depends on it.  

Freescale Semiconductor…Carlyle Group…Dick Cheney…Test “Invisibility Cloak” via Malaysia Flight#370? #MH370


Now you see it…now you don’t! Mis-direction. The magician’s favorite trick.

Freescale semi-conductor (Motorola) began operations just one year after the Roswell, New Mexico Alien crash in 1947. Initially based in Phoenix,Az….now with “home” officies in Austin, Texas…and Area 51.

Some 20 high-ranking  employees of Freescale semi-conductor were onboard Malaysia flight #370.

Funded by the Carlyle Group ( Cheney,Bush,Koch,Blackstone group,Rockefeller,Skull & Bones) …Freescale has been engaged in ultra-secret classified weaponry. They have  developed an “invisibility cloak”…a type of electronic warfare that jams and disables any potential enemy. This (previously) super-secret warfare can make airplanes seemingly disappear. More 9/11 type war games have begun. Perhaps an “Israeli” led attack on Iran is close at hand?

Will the mainstream media become part of the solution?…or are THEY owned and operated by the Carlyle group et all?… is the fate of mankind left to one guy with a cell-phone JD?

Can the 99% come together and stop this madness…or is our last chance SOME REAL  cosmic intervention?




What the mainstream press isn’t allowed to ask…What if Malaysian flight #370 didn’t crash? #MH370


It’s been 5 full days since Malaysian flight #370 has gone missing.

Speculation has begun, wth the leading theories being a possible catastrophic mechanical faliure or a possible terrorist bombing at 35,000 feet.

What  we do know is no physical evidence of  an airplane exists to date. We are being told that no distress signal of any kind was emitted from the airplane.

Several other possibilites exist, perhaps off the beaten path, but worthy of discussion.

Has the plane been safely landed by terrorists…making secret demands as we speak? North Korea could be behind something very sinister, as the bulk of passengers are/were Chinese.

Some 9/11 conspiracy theorists contend big jetliners have disappeared before…and there where abouts are still unknown today.

What if we have a Bermuda traingle type situation, and Malaysian flight #370 is gone for good. Is it unthinkable that this airplane was swallowed up in mid-air by some extra-terrestrial space entity?

Could this be an opening salvo in some type of cosmic war games? OR Can this be a pre-cursor to our global governments “one-world” fixation…where the powers to be are “aware” of  impending events that would change the world forever?

These are  some unusual questions being asked….Let’s not wait for our  “world government” to reveal any startling possibilities…they WILL NOT level with us unless it becomes more than obvious that they have no choice.