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The Government with-in the GOVERNMENT…The silent coup d’ etat!

Things are coming along faster than light speed in these days before the big announcement. The United Nations has just appointed an ambassador to welcome our space friends, Malaysian astrophysicist Mazian Othman. She’s the new world organization’s Space Ambassador for Extraterrestrial Affairs.

This in itself is a very significant event, and there’s a reason it’s happening now. So much evidence and so many other governments are confirming the existence of these extra-dimensional, living and dying members of our COSMIC FAMILY. Just like in our world, some will be friendly and some will be dangerous. Its real life, they are mortal just like us; and God has a hand in creating all life in the Universe.

Since the Roswell incident in 1947, our government has been busy trying to control the big cover-up for several reasons. Back then, society was not prepared for this, and the information was justifiably held back. However, things are happening at warp speed now and it’s time to bring in the American people.

A silent Coup d’ etat has happened here in the United States. President Obama is a ceremonial president. Even he doesn’t have access to all the information. It’s very compartmentalized and on a need to know basis only. The mainstream media has been co-opted by the military/industrial corporate Oligarchy. The scientific community has been intimidated with threats of withholding money and more; they have also been silenced.

The last bastion of a real free press is on twitter and YouTube. That’s the people’s weapon to hold onto the freedoms we have been “guaranteed” by the constitution. The mainstream media is owned by the same interests of those that have kept American’s barefoot and pregnant these 60 years. We are at the major crossroads of an American democracy….can we save it? Government went to great lengths to lie about Watergate. We all know we were sold “bullshit” by the Bush II administration, those weapons of mass destruction that never existed. It’s so clear now about their intentions, one has to wonder about what really happened on 9/11. Did we take a hit for the “team”?

We are all pawns in the game of the oil and gas energy people that control the world. We have been privy to and have reverse engineered much of the technology that’s been brought to us by several alien worlds. This country could have GONE GREEN…global warming and Hurricanes Katrina and Sandra didn’t have to happen! The advanced cold-fusion, electromagnetic electricity producers render oil and gas obsolete. We continue to destroy the environment because the powers that be are trying to hold on to what they have.

But worry not free people of America, these interests are now launching Space Wars. The militarization of space has been ongoing for decades. How many Americans know that we bombed our own moon? The aliens are not the real enemy…it’s the 1% rearing their ugly heads once more. A few people are gaining a lot of money and HOLDING THE POWER. …