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Stop… the looting of the masses to fuel the classes – RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE…

We read never ending stories of the Koch cabal funding billions and billions of dollars to the Republicans. Corporate tax loopholes and off shore accounts protect the rich and well-connected. All of this is bad enough. It’s obscene when beleaguered Americans underwrite all of these enormous billionaire profits with middle class tax dollars.

The average fast food worker is 29 years old and makes $8.69 an hour. Wal-Mart workers get the same poor wages; while they and many other major American companies buy from off-shore wholesalers who exploit slave labor conditions making products. It must be quite profitable to have slave labor workers produce your products . . . and indentured servants effectuateclosings that result in cumulative earnings. The injustice and inequities of unfettered capitalism must be dealt with.

This archaic system is both unsustainable and untenable, foreshadowing an explosive societal situation.

The minimum wage in other countries reads like this:

Canada 12.50 +

England 14.00

Germany 15.00

Australia 16.00

. . .But, the pillar of democracy and economic fairness, the USA, checks in at 7.65 cents an hour!

Our wages are so low in this country that full time workers for McDonalds, Wal-Mart, etc., qualify for many governmental subsidies. 50 million American citizens are on food stamps; these are mostly working people. The Freeloaders are the corporate entities that pocket the difference to inflate their stock prices, increase CEO payouts, funnel profits to off-shore accounts, and entice sinister lobbyist’s.

More than just food stamps, the American taxpayer also finances low-income housing subsidies, day-care, and most costly of all . . . the system fuels despair – resulting in higher crime rates amidst those that are trying to survive. In effect, another back door tax that keeps for-profit prisons filled to capacity, furthering the corporate feeding frenzy.

We hear all the complaints about the shaky beginnings of the well intentioned Affordable Care Act. While rolling out a new program is trial and error, (and frustrating), private corporations would do no better if they took on this massive project themselves. Something about the pot calling the kettle black?

Both political parties share responsibility for this disastrous situation that infects the 99%. The president trotted out his support for an increase to the minimum wage during last year’s State of the Union Address. Some speech writer figured it sounded good, but . . . actions . . . speak louder than words. Big corporations simultaneously ply, [provide] the Democratic Party with billions and billions of dollars. Is it ironic that the minimum wage has not moved an inch in over a decade?

Inaction by both political parties is an infectious disease. It’s a national disgrace!

Lack of economic justice is the biggest political story of this decade. The heisting of America by big corporations at the expense of the middle class must not be allowed to continue. We must stop looting the masses, and stop feeding wealthy greed. Who ever thought the biggest threat to the American people would be sanctioned by the American people?

It’s time for the corporate whores to be held accountable . . . and provide a living wage to all American workers.

We have nothing to fear – but fear itself ? Someone tell Uncle Sam !!!

In 1933,during his first inaugural address, President Franklin D. Roosevelt invoked his famous quote:

“We have nothing to fear – but fear itself.”

What FDR meant is that fear causes people, (and governments), to make BAD decisions when overwhelmed by our worst anxieties and paranoia.

Decades later, after 9/11, President George W. Bush speaking to the country and the world declared:

“You’re either with us . . . or . . . you’re against us.”

We knew he had just labeled anyone not in lockstep with the U.S. to be an ENEMY. This was his opening salvo in the aftermath of the Sept 11th, 2001 tragedy.

The government with-in the government, currently calling all the shots is really not controlled by President Obama. Nor was it controlled by George W. Bush. The leadersof our country, [past, present and future] have become “Figureheads.”

We’ve allowed this country to be taken over by a military tribunalof sorts.

The Department of Defense, (DOD), The National Security Agency (NSA) and the New World Corporate Alliance (NWCA) -are fully in charge and completely unrestrained. Now obsolete documents, “The Constitution” and “The Bill of Rights”might as well be filed away with your 8 track tapes.

They are not relevant to the New World Order!

Just today, thanks to the last remains of a free press, we’ve come to find out that our, “DOD/NSA/NWCA triumvirate . . . has tapped into the private phone calls of some 35 world leaders. While regular Americans have mostly given our freedoms away by rolling over for the, miss-named “Patriot Act” . . . the rest of the world probably didn’t suspect their privacy had no place in our “you’re either for us or you’re against us” mindset of global domination.

We know the disdain with which America is held by our direct enemies; those that are on the wrong side of drone warfare. But, can you imagine what our “friends” are currently feeling about their relationship with Uncle Sam? Two of the nicer thoughts that come to mind are “mistrust”and “out-of-control.”

We all understand it’s a dangerous world, and we need protection from those that would do us harm. Spy networks are nothing new. Their importance in U.S. history prior to 9/11 includes the Cold War period, World War I & II, the Civil War and even our Revolution for freedom. In fact, espionage itself goes all the way back to the Roman’s, Sumerians and the beginning of time. What are new are the technologies and the “hacker”mentality that knows no limits or control. The world is indeed “FLAT” . . . and, technical boundaries like “borders” have gone the way of the “Constitution” and “8 tracks.”

So, is nothing off limits? Is anything private? Everything can be hacked?

Our government is unrestrained by its people or its politicians. We are what we eat . . . if we can’t control what we eat . . . then we will end up obese and unhealthy. Perhaps, suffer a premature death? The only way to return to health is by regaining some say in what goes into our bodies. “Uncle Sam” must find his constitutional fortitude, and begin a healthy diet.

A binging, out-of-control, ravenous old man is no way to run a country!



“The military doesn’t start wars. Politicians do.”

Gen. William C. Westmoreland

By, Jay H. Berman – Guest Columnist

Creator & Publisher of is Ron Tenin, on twitter @rpt62960


The war in Afghanistan, launched October 7, 2001 as “Operation Enduring Freedom” is now entering its thirteenth year, (marking for us the longest period of sustained warfare in history), even longer than the cumulative time the United States was involved in World War I, World War II and the Korean War.


A majority of Americans agree that a military strike against Afghanistan was correct. This was where the Taliban provided aid & comfort to Al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden andhis Jihadists were behind the attacks of 9/11. That is what our government told us.


Today, there are voices which doubt the official version of what happened on 9/11. Time and energy has indeed been spent by this observer digging into the truth of that terrible day. But without corroborated solid evidence that indicates a different conclusion, from that which our government reports, a complete response to questions is impossible.


So, why is it necessary to revisit the rationale regarding the war in Afghanistan? It is because many people, myself included, think continued [U.S.] military presence in that sovereign state is not in the best interests of all concerned. NATO troop withdrawals may be the most definite demonstration of opposition to continued military engagement. On these pages space limits citing abundant declarations against the war. But, here are three powerful statements . . .


It is sometimes frightening to compare NATO military missions with Soviet ones of the 1980s

– Carnegie Endowment for International Peace policy brief, January 2009(1)


In December 2010, the U.S. war in Afghanistan, which officially began October 7, 2001, exceeded the length of the entire Soviet campaign in Afghanistan.

The mounting costs of the war in Afghanistan, now totaling over $100 billion a year, have constrained efforts to invest in job creation and in strengthening our country and our economy.


– Democratic National Committee resolution, February 2011(2)

At least two-thirds of seven predominantly Muslim countries surveyed say U.S. and NATO troops should withdraw from Afghanistan as soon as possible.

– Pew Research Poll, May 2011(3)


Bin Laden is dead. We are negotiating with the Taliban. However, American troops are still being killed. Speaking for myself & no one else, I know of nothing worse in this world than war. For the United States, the cost is far too great!


Mankind must find an end to war, or war will be the end of mankind.

– Robert F. Kennedy


Jay is on twitter @BermanJ1


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Why are we willing to give up our rights? Do you really feel safer?


           The Obama administration promised us a more open government, we’ve gotten the opposite. The current adminstration routinely adminsters lie detector tests, scruting of all email and telephone calls of anyone and everyone working for the federal government. Secret subpeonas are issued commonly to news reporters…little  wonder the mainstream press acts like a docile, castrated puppy. We’ve allowed the misnomer  “Patriot act”  to become the law of the land…with barely a wimper.

      On the other end, we have a super secretive …supreme court sactioned  fascist cabal trying to wrestle control of the government by any means possible, including shutting down the government and threatning world stability.While not ready to jump on the “end of the world” revelations bandwagon, events do give pause as to where thing are headed in the upcoming years. The struggle of the mighty titans leaves average Americans where exactly?

    A brand new Wall Street Journal/NBC survey reports that 60% of the American people would FIRE every member of congress and start over again. Household incomes continue to fall…the prospects of an adjusted minumum wage seem the last thing on the agenda. Is it even possible for the middle class  to retake control of a country originally founded on constitutional freedoms? While perposterous at  first blush, secessionsts like author Pat Buchanan have given up on federal government..and wish to decentralize …one can understand the frustration and disappointment many Americans are feeling.

    An average  American is photographed 180 times everyday. The governments facial recognition software can sift through billions of images and find you and me anytime they see fit. Intimidation is at the root of control …talk about  things they government doesn’t like, they can make life very difficult for anyone… anytime…with apparently no repercusions. George Orwell’s “1984” has proven to be a tepid forbearer of the truth .

   Increasingly, the facts of life point to the role of the American president a more ceremonial post than ever. The government with-in-the government is firmly in control. The “need to know” basis rules our Democracy, and what politcal party holds the Whitehouse seems more trite than ever.

    While the answere’s to regaining control of our Democracy are not clear…it’s important to ask the questions . Can they 60% who would fire our current politcal hacks come together with a plan? The soon retiring mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg seems to have something of a plan in the works. Can this billonaire launch a sneak  attack from the middle…mitigating the extreme’s  ( Koch & Soros)  putting in place a co-alition hybird government that balances everybodys interests?  Our only true security  is in the power of the middle class…let’s hope there is more going on now then the meets the eye…surprises may be closer than you think.

How to defeat the Fascist Koch Cabal?…No negotation with Terrorists!


               The 1% is willing to do just about anything to preserve their economic power. This government shutdown has been planned for years. The New York times recent expose made it clearer than ever the Koch boys are the leaders of this movement. They think by shutting down the purse string of government…that they are stronger than the government…and intimidation will prevail. This  game of brinkmanship is in full swing…it’s time to prove the power of the people is more powerful then the fascist 1%.

       The people of this country need to unflinchinlgy support our president..only wide spread public support can break the back of the Nazi-John Birch society-tea party fascist cabal… that’s trying to make an end run around Democracy. These extreme elements must feel the pain..unfortunately, the rest of the country must be willing to also experience some serious discomfort as well

   Let’s support president Obama and not negotiate at all….it’s our opportunity to break the back of dangerous  elements that are poised to own our country lock, stock and barrell. To all that support Democratic principals…prepare to hunker down and fight fire with fire.

   If the majority of people stay firm and unwavering, the worst elements of our country will collapse under their own weight. Let’s allow the government shutdown to continue until the pain is so great that the fascist elements Scream Uncle Sam.

   Take as much cash as reasonably possible from Chase/Bank of America/ Citigroup/ Wells fargo and stuff it in your to speak. Cash in a chunk of your stocks and mutual funds. Have a  401k…take a loan for 50% …stay in cash ….and make the banks sweat and secure the coming months for your family 

  Stock up on the basics for your family…and hunker down for a few months. Stop shopping at Wal-mart and stop eating at Mcdonalds. Car pool…stay home…take your vacation time at work…spend time with your family and friends. Celebrate the holidays modestly. If your social security checks and disability checks don’t come next month..skip your rent payment for a month…cut your food intake modestly…drive your car only when necessary….and spend time with your family. Read, listen to music, make love..and most of all pray and practice unconditional love for your fellow citizens. Houses of worship must muster all  resources…good will always defeat evil.  

  The debt ceiling fight is around the corner…and it’s time to play hardball. If the Koch cabal really wants America  to default..let’s default and let China call in their markers. The stock market will tumble ….and the 1% will see their wealth disappear in a blink of the eye.

   A non-violent coordinated effort to inflict serious pain on those that would subvert our Democracy is needed at this critical juncture. In just a few weeks the stock market breaks…and the power of the people manaifest themselves…we will see the Fascist would be leaders fold their hand as their politcal power will disintegrate… more moderate elements will exert control. Rational elements will throw these anarchists under the bus. We defeated the Nazi’s …we can do it again…time for the 99% to flex their muscle. Support Democracy…support the president…no negotation with terrorists…power to the people!!

Government …UFO’S… A common sense viewpoint- Prepare Yourself…

That UFOs exist is now beyond doubt. The weight of evidence is overwhelming.
What, who or what they are is a far more difficult issue to deal with.

There are any number of theories on this subject. Some are clearly more crackpot
than others but there are those that may have some element of truth based on

For example how does a saucer shaped craft fly at all, particularly in Earth’s
atmospheric conditions? There have been several experiments demonstrating the
principles of how this might be achieved. Our best guess is that these craft use
the electro-magnetic fields of the planet to create a state of zero gravity.

How do these craft suddenly appear and disappear? One theory is that this has
something to do with an ability to raise and lower the frequencies of  energy in
these craft. At certain frequencies we are able to see them but at higher levels
they become invsible to us but may in fact still be there.

Other theories maintain that these craft are interdimensional rather than
extra-terrestrial. This may mean that there are other realities that exist
possibly in the same space or a different space that we are not attuned to.

Then there are the worm holes, vortexes etc., that allow these craft to travel
huge distances in the blink of an eye. The truth is thatt whilst this all sounds
feasible, we cannot sustantiate any of it becase it is outside the laws of
physics as we understand them.

Howevever, I digress. The question I want to address is the intent of these
beings. So far as we are able to judge they have shown no intent as yet to
conquer the planet. There is credible evidence that they have been visiting for
thousands of years and yet we are still here. If they want the Earth what is
stopping them. Their technology is so advanced compared to ours we would be
powerless to stop them. This is a strong indicator that their intent is not
antagonistic. They may have particular empathy either. We may just be a living
laboratory which they  observe with scientific detachment.

The point is that until they prove otherwise we cannot assume they are either
antagonistic or philanthropic. We just dont know yet.

Lastly, may I suggest that unless we as a species become more enlightened, less
hostile to each other and so on, we will never survive long enough to attain
their advanced technological state. This suggests that the perception
of the survival of the fittest does not depend on who is the strongest but who
is the smartest. War is stupid. Domination is a the path of self destruction
because it creates conflict and in conflict one cannot guarantee survival.
Survival depends on co- operation, understanding, tolerance, compassion and yes

I believe that tells us something about the who. The most advanced life forms
will be those that are connected and work together, not those who are
disconnected and destroy each other. Any destruction unbalances the whole.

Dysfunctional two party system begs for reform…Middlecrat’s Unite!


          The damage the government shutdown is about to inflict on the country is a sure signal that change is needed more than ever. The same disturbing mentality that floods the country with guns…is the same right-wing mentality that threaten’s to bring America to it’s knee’s. A very dangerous game of chicken has started…and the Democrats will just sit tight and watch the Republican’s crash and burn.

Obamacare is the law of the land..these Republican’s set a bad precedent for law abiding citizens. The message is, if you don’t like a law…then just take your bat and ball and go home.

I spoke with an insider today at the Department of Justice. He must go to work, but he will not be paid. I was told that the way the funding is set, that October 15th is the day of maximum danger. If a deal is not reached by the 15th, complete chaos will grip this country… the economic damage will be swift, painful…and forshadow’s a world-wide breakdown.

      While the Democrat’s currently have an advantage in public will not last long .They share much responsibility for what’s happening. Obamacare was strong-armed through via the ONE party system..with little effort to garner bi-partisian support. This was a major mistake..the lack of statesmanship and ability to work successfully together helped create this breakdown.

    One can only hope this travesty of government will wake up the citizens that our two party system is broken. Money, corporate interests and petty politics has frozen America’s abilty to lead. Never before has it been so clear that our government needs a major kick in the ass.

   This  country needs a functional system, we need a thrid choice to put the fear of God into the reigning powers. The middle class could embrace the MIDDLECRATS…and start running sensible, independent candidates to grab the middle ground and forge compromise.

   Independents, moderates, and the unaffilated are the largest voting block in this country. We need candidates that embraces hybridism….a centrist party that can hammer out reasonable solutions to situations that are dominated by the extreme elements of both the left and the right.Dysfuntionalism…could give way to a more even handed approach that would benefit this country.

    Should this shutdown go past October 15th…our economy will spin out-of-control. It’s time for sanity and compromise to take center stage. As the Republican’a slow-motion suicide continues…the door is kicked open wide for a real change in American politic’s. The opportunity is NOW to create a new alliance and take the leadership from a two party system that’s has lost the respect of it’s citizens!