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Can a government shutdown open the door?

The 2014 mid-term elections are just around the bend and Washington D.C is up for grabs. I’m not sure which politcal party is worse…the Democrats are full of themselves, and the Republican’s are completley unglued. Can the disarray inside the beltway be an opportunity for a sea change in Washington D.C.?

While the implementation of the Affordable Care Act is a fact of life…there is something not right about what’s taken place. Good people everywhere can debate the merits…the fact that this was a one party jam it down your throat initiative continues to leave thoughtful Americans in a karmatic quagmire.
The largest portion of the voting public continues to be NOT Democratic or Republican. Moderates, Independents and the unaffilaited and disillusioned make up over 40% of the electorate. Can the continued breakdown in D.C open the door from the middle…can the Middlecrat’s seize the opportunity and throw both parties on their politcal ass?
Can billionaire Michael Bloomberg be the point man to rally the troops and deal both the Koch brothers and Georg Soros out of the hand? It may sound unlikely at the moment…but when wall street and main street both begin to crack…change may be the only option.
Some might remember the past two nobile but failed attempts to rally the middle. The No Labels campaign went seemingly nowhere…but did begin to pave the way towards a new centrist movement. American Elect 2012 was it’s most immediate next life…and this “internet movement ” mostly floundered but again moved the proverbial ball forward…the radical middle began to intensify.
While these two movements have seemed to disappear…me thinks to the contrary. Bloomberg is one smart cookie…and the infrastructure that has been building may gain some more traction…fast! While Obama’s approval rating hovers in the low 40’s and descending …the Congress is dropping to lower low’s…with public Dis-approval at 85%…and rising.
This may be the perfect storm a brewing…with the American people ready to poke both politcal parties in the eye. This may be a pipe dream…but consider if BOTH a conservative like Rand Paul and a liberal like Al Franken forged some sort of Bloomberg lead co-alition goverment.
Study both men…compare and contrast…their politcal positions actually be more similar than different. They both have maverick appeal and a anti-establishment-anti big money tilt. What if their respective entourages came together and forge some kind of Independent- hybrid politcal party?Rand Paul will unlikely be the Repuplican standard bearer in 2016…but can seize the day in a 2014 with a sneak attack. Franken while seemingly a loyal D…could be a catalyst for the disaffected and disillusioned….a big part of the voting public.
Will the upcoming Washington car crash set the stage for a middle class repavement? Can the dwindling “Middlecrats”rise up in contempt for business as usual? Put old-time politics to the side…and create their own New World order? Why not?..politics makes strange bed-fellows…turn the lights off…it’s darkest before dawn.