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Florida should not be a scapegoat…Every American shares responsibility!


            When complacent America sits by and allows…extremisms  to dominate the political and cultural landscape…  on both sides of the politcal spectrum….negative results are no surprise.  By allowing  corporate powerhouses to push through legislation that abdicates reasonablenesss…. Citizens United and other “social welfare PACS” will continue to call the shots . Giving unseemly power to  American billionaires….greenlighting a  disproportional sense of both power and entitlement. Our complacency encourages  elements in the NRA to bottle up progressive legislation that could better protect all American citizens. We do nothing to reign in  out-of-control gerrymandering that has left the House of Representatives unresponsive and disengaged to their primary purpose of   protecting and strengthening our nation. The lack of competition is a sickness, which only permeates more of the same bad governement…and bad laws that exist in Florida and some 25 other states.

     At the same time leadership on the left seems hell bent on furthering  the negative discourse ….with an attitude that doesn’t empathize with much of middle America. Entertainers and other phony  leaders suggest we can solve our problems by calling Florida an Aparthied state. This is not the type of discourse thats going to solve any problems. Florida is a lynchpin of America, a cosmopolitan state, vibrant and diverse… that clearly supported our sitting president in the last election….in many ways Florida is the best example of what’s right with America.

   The verdict in the Trayvon Martin trail appears to be the correct decision based under the current laws in the state of Florida. The 2nd degree murder charge seemed to be a  stretch. Politcal pressure and polling dictated the charge, not the facts of the case. We can quibble about the nuances, but most informed people Ive heard speak on the matter, believe there was reasonable doubt, so let’s not blame the big bad wolf…the six member jury …who did their best to reach a fair decision. If you would like to access blame, there’s plenty of culprits in today’s America.

  Unfortunately, poisionous “rallies” and rantings from the left, including our president,  only fortify feelings of bad faith and racial anomosity. There are few amoung us, including  people of color, that don’t walk a little faster or lock their car doors quickly when the see a black male somewhere they might not expect…so let’s all  get off our collective high horses and stop pointing fingers or painting with a very broad brush.

  Until we regain control of our AWOL politcal system, we are powerless to change laws that our written by the minority…giving legal status to vigilanty justice. Let’s not use Florida as a “scapegoat”…better to look at our electoral process and questionable embrace of cultural degeneracies that further our divide. The lack of a strong middle America..the lack of politcal power….the inabilty for moderates to “stand our ground” fuel the fires of discontent and feeds the deep seated unease amoung a diverse population. Better to rally against the ” powers to be “…and make real changes..that will promote a more responsive Democracy. Laws that protect reasonableness and common sense…this would be the best memorial to remember the sadness we all feel in such an untimely death of a young , unarmed American youth.

The Right is Wrong…U.S. Women Kick Ass – Jay H Berman

“The Right is 100% Wrong . . . U.S. Women Kick Ass!”

By, Jay H. Berman – Feature Guest Columnist for

Creator & Publisher: Ron Tenin, on twitter @rpt62960

“We are not now, have not been, & shall never be a Theocracy.”


As I began to formulate the ideas circulating in my mind regarding abortion, the voice of moderation reminded me how sensitive an issue this is. I truly do wish the national conversation was less divisive. But no, it is not – not this time,& not this war. Yes, make no mistake, this is a war.

It is indeed war, but, what of tolerance?

That is a position for those afraid to fight. Hiding behind a facade of tolerance has no place in this battle. One cannot express the truth unless they take a stand. There can be no tolerance for hate & evil. Never!


The women of this nation, of this world, give us life. They do not extinguish it.

Abortion is not murder. It is a civil liberty, the right of an individual to decide their own fate. It is the freedom to create their destiny, not yours & not mine. We must not deny them their rights. To do so strips every woman of equality. Thereby that action, which is the Right-wing Christian Conservative war on women, spells doom for freedom & justice for every individual.

The lord& savior of the Right implored people to love one another – Not Hate! You cannot claim religious fervor invoking a moral imperative to protect the life of that which is not life. What you call life is a zygote, & in no way qualifies for what we call life. All science & medicine confirms this.

Our Constitution created a republic based upon democratic ideals, not religious zealotry. Conservatives angrily declare their opposition to government infringement upon private lives. Yet, insist upon using this same government to impose their will, & infringe upon the individual liberty of women.

Yours is the height of hypocrisy – for what value for human life do you claim when bombing clinics? You applaud the execution of black men in prisons built to dehumanize a man or woman. You stand & cheer the Texas Governor whose record of executions is without parallel or remorse, & who then self-righteously condemns taking life.

What is this “life” you hold so precious & pure? It is a biological reminder of rape or incest. Oh, but care not thee one iota for the life of the woman so abused. Of women who are victimized by unimaginable cruelty you care nothing. You would have women return to using coat hangers in back alleys. Where is your commitment – your compassion for the care, support & nurturing of her life? You have none!

Sadly, there is no surprise regarding this current renewed assault on the U.S. Constitution. The phony hypocrites who call themselves patriots are fascists draped in our flag, to cowardly hide their true intentions. They defile its majesty with their hatred for all who dare disagree with them.

The Left is ready for a 50 state battle, we are ready to fight evil & we stand united. We are the good proud people of America who fight for freedom, justice, equality & the rule of law. The Righty Whitey’s think they have a monopoly on patriotism & a monopoly on love for America. No, they do not – they monopolize only lies & hatred. You would shackle your wives & daughters in chains & chastity belts. You shall not enslave ours!

An American patriot protects all of the people. An American patriot does not pick & choose or discriminate. A coward does that. Come with your guns & your filthy hate. I fear you not. I wield the mighty sword of truth.

In this war there is only one truth. It most assuredly cannot be promoting death for the women of our nation.

– Jay is on twitter @BermanJ1