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2014 Mid-terms Watershed moment in History?

mThe mid-term elections are only 18 months away, and the potential exists for a Democratic blowout. Similar to 1964, gun violence may be the catalyst that helps bring forth a Democratic majority in the House of Represenatives .  Despite 90% of the public supporting background checks …the NRA and the right wing won’t even relent on the simplest of reforms. Why would a politcal party stake their claim with 10% of the public supporting their side? Sounds like a politcal party in slow motion suicide.

There’s not much left to say about the Republicans, and the destruction the tea party has created. Karl Rove’s disgust with the far right is clear cut. His big money backers have insured a GOP civil war and the potential for a real breakdown. t’s also clear that gun violence removes any semblance of safety, and woefully inadequate laws demand reform from American society. To reverse the pattern of violence, the Wild West mentality must be finally and completely shelved. We must not allow the NRA , and states as Texas,Florida and Arizona to represent the will if the majority of America. There is no cure all or magic pill. However, re-enacting the assault weapons ban, along with ammunition restrictions for automatic weapons are more representative of nationwide sentiment . Mandatory gun registration , while not a panacea , is a major step forward.

Let’s also properly increase funds for mental health care services, extending access to and intervention from public school psychologists. While it may not be realistic to legislate, public and private encouragement of restraint from Hollywood’s glorification of violence is most welcome . The responsible cooperation of parents taking a more active role in supervising what their children are exposed to must be part of the national discussion.

Older generations never faced the phenomenon of Internet and video game explosions of violence and decadence. Today it’s at the fingertips of our youth 24/7. Those that worry about their 2nd amendment rights will be lost or even infringed are mistaken . Many millions of Democrats and other gun-control advocates covet their right to bear arms. But rules made some 250 years ago are inapplicable for our modern world.

So as the Republican civil war goes into it’s inevitable battle , whoever emerges as the GOP candidates will be bruised and battered. The American people will look to those that will work for legislation of gun sanity and economic fairness. We can end a 100% interest deduction on jumbo home mortgages for the wealthy . The .1 of 1% that receives 50% of all capital gains can certainly afford to pay more . Isn’t it beyond our ability to fathom that 8 Walton family members ( WAL-MART) control nearly 20% of the country’s wealth ? We’ve lost our way to a large degree.yet, the future looks much more promising. A renewed mindset is determined to insist upon fairness and reason.

No amount of billionaire bullion can change THE ENERGY that’s been set in motion . It has taken decades to reverse unhealthy patterns . Now we shall witness the precipice of a watershed moment in American history. The Republican civil war will give way to a Democratic majority…and perhaps signal the end of an era for the Grand Really Old Party.




Millions of Americans stand tall & steadfastly support returning combat vets from the ravages of war. But the plain truth is that the government who sent them off to distant lands has failed them. The U.S. war machine that torments its adversaries with ferocity heretofore unknown to mankind – does not ably supply its wounded warriors with a successful transition back to civilian life. This amounts to a morally contemptible & spiritually bankrupt military that is unable or unwilling to take proper care of its own!

Statements as harsh as these must be supported by proper verification lest they be relegated to the ranting of a madman. The following documentation shall provide more than ample supply of credible evidence in support of these outrageous accusations. I have extracted in large part materials taken directly from the archives of U.S. government agencies & organizations.


Among others, a giant multifaceted grass-roots non-profit nationwide program has both corporate & individual support. This is known as Operation Home-Front & Wounded Warrior Project. Large U.S. corporate sponsors provide necessary supports for volunteers in all fifty states who do the work that our government fails to. They provide counseling, housing, peer support, financial resources, reintegration programs, educational opportunities, business assistance, & family supports. Why do organizations such as these exist in the first place, & why must they operate on such a huge scale? It is exactly because the government’s military structure is not getting the job done.


The work of this non-profit & many more like them are only urgently needed as a result of abject failure on the part of the U.S. Dept. of Defense & the Veterans Administration. Failure to properly & effectively take care of its own can be witnessed through a variety of lenses. The aforementioned organization has been hailed by these very agencies as, “doing great work.” Is this not in & of itself an admission of guilt without intending such? For, why else are the people of this nation forced to supply that which its government promises & then reneges on that promise?


Some point out that the military is doing all it can. They place blame instead on lack of adequate funding via the Congress of the U.S. While this must be taken into consideration, for its truth clearly has merit, funding alone does begin to tell the whole story. It is true that both the D.O.D. & the V.A. have expanded & improved certain aspects of vital services. However, the military was woefully unprepared for the unusually high percentages of returning combat vets requiring extensive services. Just as we were unprepared to wage war – we were even less prepared for its aftermath.


The quagmires abroad are duplicated in design by a causal relationship. So that here in America a quagmire likewise exists that is the direct result of returning troops & facilities woefully inadequate & unprepared to meet their needs. Today, we witness homeless vets in numbers never before seen,& 40% or more are suffering from a mental illness. Suicides, addiction, domestic violence, unemployment, financial hardship, harmful sexual indiscretion, abusive relationships, & other forms of dysfunction permeate the community of returning combat vets & their families.


As drone attacks cause civilian casualties abroad, our government’s policies likewise inflict irreparable harm on afflicted civilians here at home! Paralysis, amputation, loss of vision &/or hearing, PTSD, major depressive episodes, severe anxiety disorders, insomnia, violence & inability to function & resume normal civilian activities are now all documented as the domestic result of our military interventions in Iraq & Afghanistan.


When we speak of the cost of war – usually raw data provides numbers of casualties& financial resources spent. These wars have a further long term consequence for the American people. The sights & sounds of lingering horrors brought back home within the minds & bodies of those who sacrificed all. For references to provide support for this summation & all of its particulars go to:

– D.O.D. / Dept. of Defense website

– V.A. / Veterans Administration website

– Veterans Health Administration website

– Stars& Stripes online editions, (Newspaper of the U.S. Military).

– Operation Home-Front

– W.W.P. / Wounded Warriors Project

– P.V.A. / Paralyzed Veterans of America

– The N.Y. Times archives

– Forbes Magazine archives

Want to save taxpayer dollars? Empower people…not political hackery…


Most agree governments are overspending. Generally, comparing the public arena to the private world is like comparing apples to oranges. However, whether you work in private or public sectors we are all consumers.

 “I don’t know anybody that couldn’t use both more money and pay less money in taxes.”

 We need political will. Apply public pressure and elect leaders interested in the public good, not accumulating personal riches. I have many friends in the public sector, but not the rich and famous; people working regular jobs employed by various municipalities and governments. Their stories are extremely unsettling. Operations in the public sector are cause for great concern…

 …This is the, “protect my budget at all costs American political system.”

 A don’t use it or you will lose it -mentality infects all governmental budgets. If efficient cost conscious governmental leaders spend less – then next year’s budget will be reduced. This is anathema to officials. Instead, we’re penalizing competent cost effective leadership that might exist if not for this culture of continual spending!

 Let’s make a comparison to a private organization. Publix grocery stores set a good example in Florida. Each associate has an economic incentive to provide great service and save company dollars. When each store and the company overall performs well employees benefit from profit-sharing. Each person is thereby empowered to do great work. The ongoing strategy of an earned bonus motivates employees to overachieve. Government workers have no such incentives. Crazy as it sounds, saving your township, city or state money causes angst among leaders who proceed to intimidate workers. Why?

The answer is found by examining governmental budget leaders who lament in such situations, “If we come in under budget we will lose funding next year, and people will lose jobs!” Supplier’s given sweetheart no bid contracts dish out lesser funds to their favorite politicians. A culture of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours is a disease that robs taxpayers. It acts as a back door tax to prop up “contributing” businesses.

 Here is an example. A city needed governmental forms for administrative tasks, and placed an order for 4000 forms. A worker discovered the stockroom had 2000 of the same form, (a sufficient supply for the rest of the year). Is a pat on the back given to the worker for saving money and make do with what already exists? No! In fact, this employee is chastised by the boss.

 The employee was informed that if this department didn’t exhaust all its funds, they would have less money next year. Plus, it could possibly cost jobs – “a thinly veiled threat to all employees in that department.” Such conduct takes place every day in governments all over the country.

 Incentives incorporated in the private sector can and must be enacted in the public one. It’s a win-win situation when taxpayers save, workers are rewarded, and greedy vendors don’t get more. It makes sense to empower the people and save. Stop irresponsible government and political hacks.

 “There is no reason this type of better government can’t be supported by all taxpayers.”



Cardinal O’Malley- How do we repair a broken world?- An honest airing of the facts might be a good start.


Boston Cardinal O’Malley gave a riveting sermon this morning in Boston. He spoke of  both hope and despair. How there is both darkness and light in the world. He spoke about the importance of love….living up to God’s eternal wishes. We heard from a distinguished well as a leader from the Muslim community. Cardinal O’Malley asked the key question…How do we repair a broken world?

One  good way would be a balanced airing of the news from the American media. Currently, American’s media is simply an arm of our corporate plutocracy. What is disseminated as news to the public is of course what corporate American want us to hear. One of the most disturbing aspect is not just  the dishonesty of  reporting of the news as “corporate titans” see it… it’s also  lack of major media asking questions that might actually make American’s think about why this country is disliked by much of the world.

How long can our government stonewall the world’s concern for America’s penchant for disregarding international law? Why  are we surprised when the world  objects to our tossing of  deadly robotic missile anywhere we feel it’s necessary for the “war on terror”. While some drones makes a lot of sense for surveillance…the offensive use of these killing machines should  be re-examined. Weve launched drones all over the world..killing “bad guys”…apparently …we believe America’s Democracy is so superior that we can do as we please. China is producing the same drones..and will be selling them to countries all over the world in short order. How can we blame them…what country doesn’t want to protect it’s borders and safety of it’s citizens.

We have two political parties in this country that are unable  to conduct the countries business. We have 90% of the American public in favor of background checks…but we can’t seem to make our elected officials  represent our citizens desire. How do you think the rest of the world views a country that’s unable to pass legislation that’s  sensible and supported by nearly the whole country?  What message are we sending our youth that background checks can’t  be adopted?. crisis after crisis traumatize both the  youth and adults in this country.

We cannot begin to repair our broken world until were able to access all the facts about the issues of the day. Then we could have a full   discussion of why America’s respect is diminishing…as the dangerous of a continued war on terror continue to be exasperated by our actions.  We need our mainstream media to report ,analyze and question…and not be simply a  tool used and abused by the powers that be. How do we repair a broken world…? A full reporting of all the issues would be a productive way to make some  progress. It’s like an alcoholic in denial…recovery can only begin  when we  fully understand our  actions are counterproductive to the world  we desire.

Is drone warfare inciting those that threaten America? .

Two bombs exploded in the streets close to the finish line during the running of the Boston Marathon on Monday. Killing at-least three people..and injuring more than 140.Boston police said they have no suspects in “custody”. Officials in Washington said there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Our hearts and prayers and deepest sympathys go out to all affected by this tragedy.We all greive at the senseless inhumanity and carnage brought to bear yesterday at the Boston marathon. Today we investigate and wonder why any person or persons would bring such terror to such a happy event as Patriot’s day in Boston.

Credible report’s out of Pakistan report that 100’s of American drone strikes took place from 2006 to 2009. Started by George W. Bush…and rapidly expanded under President Obama. During these 3 year, America successfully took out 14 high ranking Al-queda operatives…which is important work in the war on “terror”. The downside is 687 civilians that were killed, many were women and children. It’s all a numbers game…and Dick Cheney controlled the Bush White-house his way ……with little regard was towards “collateral” damage…and the Obama policy seems to be acting in a similair manner .
While America has the lead in drone technology..we all know that it wont not last much longer. Machines are machines..many know how to make them and sell them too.Were two model years ahead..and until the world catches up….Should we continue to mow down bad guys driving their cars …or through his sliding glass window.Does it matter to Americans, to the courts, if he’s taking his son to soccer practice or his daughter to dance class?
I know if my son or daughter was killed by some arrogant superpower I might have some hurt. The slaughter of innocence is equally horrific …were all human beings. If American can come to grips with it drone warfare …they may come to understand why some of the Anti-Americanism that’s been fermenting against us…possibly fueling the fire of those disposed to terrorism.
When we send a drone that kills women and children, it sets back and possibility of peace. Angry orphans grow up and become terrorists gangster.We should conduct ourselves better…we could stop the Boston Boomerang.

GOP sequestration wins compromise in 2013..However, America doesn’t take kindly to blackmail…2014 mid-terms loom


In our representative form of government [no matter how strong or correct a president may be] minus the support of both houses of Congress, important legislation changes can’t get done. For better or worse the House of Representatives is the key to furthering legislation that could finally move this country in the right direction. Their filibuster proof numbers now hold America’s economy in a headlock. This country currently sits at the precipice of disaster.


It’s not a responsible thing for the president to use political intransigence as a weapon of choice against his own country. Agreeing to some changes in the entitlement programs is the only way Obama can break free from a sequester that, as time drags on, will become Obama’s and the Democrats to own.


Don’t expect the GOP to put the country ahead of its political pursuits, for this a political party in meltdown. They are just two years away from its possible death. It’s tough to fight a party that has nothing to lose – as the GOP is barely hanging onto its national political stature. Sequester will be the responsibility of the president, and all the ramifications from it [if not resolved soon] will surely reflect poorly on him.


At the end of the day, if we begin to have air crashes due to the fact we don’t have the money to protect the American public, whoever is in charge owns the responsibility. When the travel season heats up this summer, and vacationers are stuck in huge lines at the airports, the president will be blamed. If tainted food slips through our understaffed inspection system, it will be the government owning that too. When unemployment continues its inevitable march higher via sequestration the Democrats will be blamed.


The POTUS knows this. The country and the Democrats are on the firing line. Thus, the GOP has been given a wet dream of a budget proposal. Everybody knows that the president wouldn’t be messing with senior citizens pocketbooks. But at this point it is clearly the lesser of two evils.


So, whether you believe entitlements are out of hand and need some revision, or you don’t want to see Mitch McConnell Senate majority leader, we should support the president’s budget. We can’t get our economic house in order until we end sequestration. We can’t end sequestration until the Republicans put the good of the country ahead of their political survival, and we know that’s not happening. Sometimes you have to lose a battle to eventually win the war.


Sequestration and a continued stalemate is the only thing that can pump fresh blood into the GOP. We have little choice but to compromise under duress in 2012. The stage is set for mid-term elections when the GOP blackmail will be exposed for what it is. Democrat’s should get out of the way. They should let the weight of reality crush what’s left of an opposing political party that appears it may be crumbling. The GOP puts their narrow self-interest ahead of the country they were elected to lead. Stop sequestration and the revival of the Republicans. Support your president and teach the GOP that Americans don’t take kindly to blackmail!


U.S & Iran Can Find a Peaceful Solution- (Jay H Berman)


U.S. & Iran Can Find a Peaceful Solution

                                                                       By, Jay H. Berman

Iran declared last week that Western opposition would not slow its nuclear program. Talks between Tehran and world powers failed to reach an accord.

Production at two uranium mines and a yellow-cake plant ensued, marking Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day, according to its state news agency. The U.S. & allies are concerned that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons capability. Talks between Iran and world powers held in Kazakhstan unfortunately last week failed to reach a breakthrough. But, this does not mean a viable solution acceptable to all is not within reach.

Cautious optimism seemed apparent in Kazakhstan on Friday when Western and Iranian negotiators began a round of nuclear talks. Russia, China, France, Britain, Germany and the U.S. met Iranian officials with another attempt to resolve a decade-long conflict over Tehran’s nuclear program. Iran resists pressures and economic sanctions, arguing its uranium enrichment program is for peaceful purposes only. In February, world powers lessened their demands & sanctions that have been strangling Iran’s economy.

Western officials hoped discussion of specific points, (such as closing a nuclear facility and sending enriched uranium stockpiles abroad), might be exchanged in return for easing some sanctions. However, international nuclear inspectors reported Iran’s upgrade in its ability to enrich uranium. Both sides realistically must be serious about wanting a deal.

Military action against Iran is generally unpopular in the United States. Iran is also in a tight spot. Israel consistently declares its impatience with diplomacy. Tehran, under pressure from sanctions, worries economic distress may lead to civilian protests. They clearly don’t want such a scenario in the wake of upcoming June elections.

Vice-President Joe Biden made an offer of direct talks with Iran. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader on Thursday rejected the offer. Many people involved think a deal that settles the nuclear issue is possible with direct U.S.-Iranian negotiations, despite such actions by Iran’s top leader.

For the U.S., where do we go from here? Sanctions and multilateral talks have not worked. Kerry & the State Dept. are working hard on a tough problem. Everyone involved favors a diplomatic solution. I include Iran – because for all their opposition to requests from the west – I cannot imagine they really want anything other than a peaceful culmination that they can live with.

GOP media arm-Fox news-Moving to the middle? Tea party abandoned?

Going forward, the Tea Party is closely aligned with their “Tea Man.” The same high-profile Republican now abandoned by party regulars. He is gaining traction, even among some Independents and a few Democrats. Establishment Republicans cannot allow Sen. Rand Paul to emerge as the leader of the party. Note to Rand, “Don’t expect unbiased coverage from Fox,” as they are out to make sure you won’t emerge as the Republican standard-bearer. Under no circumstances will they ever support Paul. Fox-Koch believes Rand Paul would be a suicidal choice for the GOP; virtually giving the Democrats and Hillary an easy ride back to D.C.


Sen. Rand Paul is “The Tea Party Man” going forward. But it also seems the Fox-Koch news network has learned some lessons from the Romney/Ryan regurgitation last fall. The mainstream Republicans have word out that the Koch Brothers are looking to buy the LA Times. Thereby they are trying to increase the GOP reach, and probably a good business move. The Fox-Koch strategy seems to be taking place as a reaction from the 2012 election meltdown. The civil war has shaped up quite clearly here. The Rand Paul machine is lined up vs. the Fox-Koch-Rove mainstream big money power force. Rand’s populism, & I suggest, “Don’t underestimate him” – could gain some real traction. He could be the man leading a mass movement, perhaps, facing down the mainstream corporate elite; as we watch the possible unraveling a major political party!


Fox news has a smart plan. They fully realize what the GOP needs to do. Broaden their base by creating a much bigger tent. The coming immigration bill, said to have bipartisan support is another way the Republican’s appear to have woken up. They realize they should be courting the Hispanic vote. Romney talk about “self-deportation” is a symbol of the old Republican Party. Fox certainly knows that 40% of voters describe themselves as either moderates or Independents. These are the people that need to be turned.


Obama has some brewing backlash with these folks. So, be forewarned, Fox news is on a mission to get their folks elected, and it won’t be the Tea Party. They plan to seal the marvelous middle, & make the Republican’s a more suitable brand for a more diverse and dynamic changing American public. 80% of kids 30 or younger approve of gay marriage, in both political parties. Times are going forward, as the Tea Party remains aligned with Rand Paul.


Yes, the times are changing and you must have political change with the times. Has Fox news learned a lesson? Have the Republicans woken up? Can Sen. Rand Paul emerge victorious? We shall see!

CONGRESS is ridiculous – can we really run a country this way? Stop wasting our time and money! Jay H Berman


By, Jay H. Berman

 I too believe that both major parties must share the burdens of stewardship. First, Social Security is fully funded through 2040 something at present. Its solvency has been significantly diluted by continued borrowing from it to fund other government spending in recent past decades. If this practice was immediately made unlawful, much good must come of it, [i.e.] purely mathematical logic dictates this. The baby boomers, smaller workforce argument going forward -is likewise solved simply and mathematically. Just raise the retirement age to 67 and the fund is solvent into the next millennium. We are living longer and will continue to. Therefore, this makes perfect sense and is fair to all. Those requiring early retirement due to medical reasons are provided for under the current system.

Second, it is blatantly incorrect to incorporate fairness or equality into an equation that provides for a system of wealth subsidizing poverty. Often, these are the same voices that rightfully condemn corporate welfare. You can’t have it both ways and claim integrity; as all consistency is totally lacking under these schemes. This scenario, arguably stable on moral grounds, fails by proper economic and linguistic definition. If we wish to ensure a decent quality of life for low to medium wage earners, why are we not instead working our tails off to create a new economic paradigm? Assuming we wish to retain a Capitalist economy. Be most careful to understand and accept that Capitalism cannot ever be a system of complete equality and fairness – for these are antithetical.

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Winston Churchill sought to teach us, he who looks furthest back, will see farthest forward. When will America learn from history instead of repeating the same mistakes? Let’s make new mistakes for a change; because it means we must have done something different! Putting the brakes on the top down model is a good place to start. I absolutely love the “race to the top” philosophy. Why not apply this system of public education to an economic one? When I look back I see the Keynesian model, FDR’s “New Deal,” and “The War on Poverty” led by Dr. King, LBJ, academics and labor unions of the 1960′s.

Thanks to the Ayn Rand’s and Milton Freidman’s of the world, I and me and mine, has replaced we, us and together. This mentality has been allowed to dominate nearly every phase of American life and our top down systemic culture(s). “To the victor go the spoils” is fair in principal. The problem is unequal opportunity to play the game in the same arena. Let there be winners and losers. But let us use the same ball, start from the same starting line and be assisted equally by the same enhancements.

Former N.B.A. super-star Magic Johnson has been waging his own war on poverty in inner city America for the last two decades. He and his investors create new economic vitality where it is most needed. At the bottom, and make a tidy profit in the process. This is but one example. On a giant scale, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund aid to fight poverty world-wide. The best way to accomplish this is never hand-outs, rather, instead, a hand up! Isn’t that the direction we all desire? This requires major surgery and shall not be easily accomplished. Generational systemic poverty and its root causes have infected larger than ever percentages of our population and cross demographic and geographic boundaries. However, existential evidence of solutions abound if we are truly willing to look. I have mentioned only two, as previously cited.

The solution to Medicare is simple. It’s too small, not too big. Let everyone in on the single most cost effective health care available in the U.S. Any argument denying this fact is an outright lie, and I hereby challenge anyone to prove it untrue. Medicare works better than anything else in the marketplace, period, end of conversation. Want to contain costs and provide good quality care? Ask grandma, she knows the answer. Perfect, certainly not, but better than all but the most prohibitively expensive private plans.

Jay H. Berman, (D)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Author, Consumer Advocate & Political Activist

Marriage Madness- No Regulations? Douglas Winslow , ph.D. @ Ronrambles



Douglas Winslow Cooper, Ph.D.


Why should government have any laws restricting marriage? The current uproar and Supreme Court hearings on “gay marriage” have brought this question to the fore.

 Marriage is an enforceable contract, much like articles of incorporation, where the parties take on certain responsibilities in return for certain prerogatives. Government gets involved when enforcement becomes called for, often where issues arise concerning children, property, separation, divorce, serious illness or death.Valid contracts require “informed consent” of the parties. Government requires that both parties are old enough to give such informed consent, with various age limits applied in various states. Informed consent requires that both parties are capable of reasoning, thus the mental status of participants may be part of marriage criteria…those in mental institutions or otherwise judged to be non compos mentis cannot make binding contracts.


“Consent” must be voluntary. Contracts that seem to have been obtained through coercion are invalid, despite the tradition of “shotgun weddings.” Where undue influence may prevail, such as father-daughter or mother-son pairings, the state assumes the consent is not wholly voluntary.Government also precludes marriages that are likely to produce offspring that are genetically impaired, one of the justifications for ruling out parent-offspring and brother-sister marriages.The marriage contract is intended to bind both parties to advancing their mutual welfare and providing for the care of children, should they be products of the marriage. Government gains from this mutual-protection aspect of marriage and in return grants certain tax and other financial and legal advantages to those who are married. Government may even wish to subsidize marriage to increase the population growth, for various reasons.


Homosexual couples can obtain most of the legal benefits of marriage through civil union contracts in many states and through marriage in nine states currently. The Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] allows states and the federal government to determine the extent to which the non-granting entities will recognize and enforce these contracts as being full-fledged “marriages.”Given the increasing rates of divorce over the past few decades, why would some gay advocates be so eager to promote “gay marriage”? In some cases, they seek to get the legal benefits, and in others, they want the legitimacy that marriage grants their pairings.


Those who oppose “gay marriage” do so, at least in part, because they do not want to encourage such pairings with the benefits that the “marriage” status supplies and because they do not want to grant legitimacy to a practice they find abhorrent. Some fear that redefining marriage this way opens the door to polygamy, polyandry, “polyamory,” incest, and other situations they deem undesirable. They also would prefer that children have two parents still together,  one parent of each gender, although that is becoming increasingly less common. Even though single parents and gay parents often raise children successfully, such situations are thought less beneficial for children, in general.


We have known for millennia what “marriage” is. We redefine it at our risk. Words have legal meanings: taxation is not exactly theft, and theft is not merely indefinitely prolonged borrowing. Marriage is a legal contract between a man and a woman who are eligible to form such a contract and have it enforced.




Dr. Cooper is a retired environmental scientist, now a free-lance writer, author, and writing coach [].