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Mental Health Care &Good Physical Health are inseparable

By, Jay H. Berman


Fifty years ago, Pres. John F. Kennedy addressed Congress on the state of mental health care.   This year, Pres. Obama initiated his Sandy Hook Response plan.  Along with the energies of Health and Human Services, (H.H.S.), Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the 2013 national dialogue on mental health is an initiative to help remove the stigma and provide education to bring about better understanding.  This year long program is the result of Pres. Obama’s Response Plan.


Students and young adults receiving early preventive care and having their specific needs met is the primary focus toward enhancing improvements and access to quality mental health care.   In addition, Secretary Sebelius and H.H.S. now provide two new programs that further advance these goals.  First, one plan is to increase by 5, 000 the number of providers who specifically focus on youth.   Teachers and other personnel interacting with youth require specialized training in order to recognize and effectively refer children to mental health care providers as needs arise.  To accomplish this Project Aware is created through the offices of H.H.S. Secretary Sebelius that intends to reach out to 750, 000 children.  Project Aware is officially known as Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education.

Recent research showed that by the age of 14, children who develop lifetime mental illness exhibit symptoms.  But even prior to the onset of symptoms, new scientific evidence shows bodily changes leading to mental illness.  Different mental illnesses appear later in life, however, studying the development of children’s brains – researchers have learned more about early stages, by understanding how fast and when brains develop during childhood.   By applying these advancements mental health care providers can effectively treat a great many disorders.

But we cannot yet cure, and unfortunately many children do not receive proper treatment.  When illnesses develop minus recognition and medical care, irregular behavior(s) become ingrained.  This results in greater challenges to address symptoms with positive results.  Conversely, lessoning the increase of future illness can be made possible through early detection and pro-active parental management to help their child.

All of this progress leaves us nonetheless with questions and concerns.  Once the willingness to bring this discussion out into the light of day is significantly increased, we accomplish greater reduction of and eventual elimination of the awful stigma attached by our society.  This stigmatization is caused through fear and embellished by ignorance.  Professional mental health care providers cannot overcome this obstacle alone.  Parents, caregivers and others who take active roles in a child’s upbringing are in a position to lend much needed assistance.  The household that embraces education and takes on these challenges provide children in their care with the best potential for success when signs and symptoms appear.  Parallel with physical illness, early recognition followed by preventive treatment is the best medical approach to mental health care.

A wide range of varieties of potential disorders that can affect a child include the following:  ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Depression, Anxiety Disorders, (of which there are multiple forms), Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Spectrum Disorders, and Autism.  The duplicity of co-occurring overlapping symptoms is not uncommon.  This makes proper diagnosis more difficult.  Therefore, it makes earliest steps for care essential.

It is not the intention of this author or these pages to cause alarm.  The variety and sometimes mere mention of these certainties can appear daunting.  We are not licensed or professionally trained and certified mental heal care providers.  This information is intended for educational purposes only.  It does not in any many whatsoever represent a replacement for, or provider of proper medical care, as is advisable.  Rather, as the previous column addressing the current nation-wide discussion of the relationship between gun related violence and mental illness – the contributors and creator producer of these pages seeks only to improve upon the conditions of life in this great nation.  Together, with honesty and courage, America can and we pray shall be better for each successive generation.  This is our purpose, our goal, and the challenges we face have always been, and hopefully shall continue to be overcome.

I thank you on behalf of Ron and thank its creator for allowing this generous opportunity to speak with his audience today.  Speaking only for me, I would be very pleased to continue this most important conversation going forward.

For more professional medical information and education we humbly and respectfully suggest visiting the website of The National Institute of Mental Health, N.I.M.H. by going to, /


Americans can work harder for peace…for Israel & Palestine….


“I remember when I was just seven years old, coming home from  Sunday school …collecting loose change to help Israel in the war.  We tried coming up with anything that sent help to Israel.” American Jews did their share to help tiny Israel in The Yom Kippur War of 1967. People bought war bonds and we were excited. Close to 46 years later, multiple wars wrought death & destruction.Threatening a military solution rather than peace, Israeli leadership has been consistently hostile. The process of a two state solution is the only reasonable alternative. Palestinians deserve a legal recognized state of their own. While Israel relinquished Gaza, Hamas & its antagonist play Russian roulette. Each blames the other, & the violence continues.There is no good reason for American Jewry to fail to put strong pressure upon the Right Wings hold on Israel. Obama’s speech in front of Israeli young people was very well received. Now we must speak in a louder and clear tone here in America.”Jews should support a homeland for the Palestinians …period!” It’s too long overdue in getting it done.  When is enough collateral damage inflicted by both sides going to bring willing partners for peace to come forth toward fair negotiated peaceful coexistence?


The best and only safe way of ending potential Iranian nuclear proliferation would be the creation of a new independent Palestine state. Iran and Israel’s other enemies insist that the Palestinians plight is at the root of the hostilities. Iran, Syria, and all states who have avowed a commitment to Israel’s total destruction have likewise gone on record with this caveat. Albeit, the proof is in the pudding as they say, statements declaring Israel’s right to exist by these antagonists is dependent upon the creation of a free sovereign Palestinian state. Not merely Israel leaving Gaza, but removing the block-aide that cripples the lives of the innocents living within. Additionally, the days of creating settlement after settlement under the guise of improving its bargaining position must end.

 What should happen in the Middle East are the world’s major powers supporting a two state solution….the fact that adding to official governmental involvement is the best case scenario. Such additions must include American Jews concerned for Israel, the Palestinians, and all neighboring states. Only with determined commitment to apply pressure while adding assistance can peace become reality.Often left unsaid are the benefits that would be enjoyed by all. The Israelis have thriving businesses, and the help of Palestinian integration will grow these business operations exponentially. It’s mutually combined efforts will support all members of the community. An amazing paradox exists between political tensions and medical science. Once again irony rears its head dress of macabre coloration. Why?”Because it’s been determined the chromosomes in Palestinians and Jews are so similar – that they are pretty much  sister and brothers. “They’re also culturally far more similar than dissimilar. Both love their families, foods and traditions, wherein Palestinians and Jews are tantamount to cousins, therefore even more connected than neighbors. But even if just neighbors, they must start acting like it, not the few but the many.

It is high time that true friendship reigned instead of militancy.Over 10% of the Israeli population is Christian. They sport a good life and make decent wages. A two state solution will make the land safe and commerce can grow. When an Arab and a Jew do business together they both expand their markets. New consumers become available when livable conditions allow the people to prosper and obtain purchasing power. The right thing, and smart thing, is to give your brother a hand up. It will create the type of good feelings that will lay the groundwork for a different Israel moving forward. The current coalition government of Israel cannot last. It shall be gone sooner or  later. It is the people who are screaming their hearts out for peace! It is time for American Jews to step up, apply pressure and support peace…. now…for Israel and Palestine.


How Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths Saved America and Why We Can Do No Less!

by R.P. McCabe

Tulagi – Guadalcanal – November 1942 – PFC Willie (Bill) McCabe: I don’t know every detail; too painful. Uncle Bill spoke of his ordeal in halting bits and pieces…eyes filled with tears. I’d pour him a little more Wild Turkey, Kentucky straight bourbon whisky, 101 proof. We’d sip quietly a while.

Buna Beach – New Guinea – February 1943 – PFC Willie (Bill) McCabe: On occasion he’d break out a box of tattered and bent black and white Kodak photographs of the pigmy people of New Guinea, women bare to the waist, the aboriginal men in loin clothes, oblivious to the concept of war except to the extent they got mowed down when the Japanese and Americans started shooting. A couple of GIs, kids actually, big toothy grins, steel helmets pushed back on their heads, cigarettes dangling out of their lips, arms across each others shoulders. Uncle Bill’s eyes would tear up once more. “They never made it out of that Godforsaken hellhole,” he’d say and take another long pull of Wild Turkey.

Bataan – Philippine Islands – January 1944 – Corporal Willie (Bill) McCabe: The campaign to recapture Bataan went well into the winter and spring of 1945. Uncle Bill would hang his head, elbows on his knees. “What do you say we have another taste o’ Turkey?” I’d pour. My Aunt Ruth, sitting quietly, listening from her favorite easy chair, would look over the tops of her glasses at the two of us. “Bill,” she’d say sing-song, her voice rising in pitch as she went from the ‘B’ to the ‘l’ in his name. And Uncle Bill would tell me again in herky-jerky installments, the horrors he witnessed at the liberation of the POWs on Bataan.

And yet my Uncle Bill never turned into a xenophobe. Never expressed hatred toward the Japanese people or the colored boys, as he referred to them, who fought on those islands with him. Uncle Bill was a good Baptist, which is to say, took his spirituality to be a personal matter between him and God as he saw him, but thought most churchgoers were a little too caught up in the fantasy of the good book.

My Uncle Bill died February 2009. He was 84 years old. 1924 – 2009; end of a generation. Fell off the top rung of his stepladder taking down the Christmas lights. Landed on his head and broke his damn neck! I was able to fly out to Albuquerque to see him before he checked out. Never made it out of the hospital. His wife, Aunt Ruth died the year before. Went down the hall to use the phone. When she seemed gone overlong, Uncle Bill went to have a look. There she sat…according to Uncle Bill…just slid right down beside the wall when her ticker gave up on her. Poured himself a glass of Wild Turkey, went and sat with her a spell before he had to let ’em come for her.

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth weren’t much for complaining about what lay before them or the cards they were dealt. There were hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths born during the 1920s; educated, well-balanced people who figured their rights ended where yours begin; never understood the concept of the HOA, knew it to be a damn Republican plot to destroy the peace of enjoying your own property. They accepted the challenges in front of them to give us the America we had before George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, their neocon cronies and the elitist billionaires of Wall Street decided to take America back to a time before World War II. That really did piss Uncle Bill off. All his and Ruth’s hard work and sacrifice mostly down the drain; not to mention those boys back on New Guinea. I’ll bet you have an Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth, too. I think you know what I mean.

Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths brought America through the Great Depression after the barons of Wall Street destroyed the financial fabric of the nation. Sound familiar? Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths rebuilt a nation, industrialized America, educated its children, gave us social security and Medicare because they respected and cared about the dignity of their parents and grandparents, knew the abuses of their Wall Street overlords and the vagaries of poverty and the struggles of hard-working Americans, saved millions of human lives through advances in science and medicine, Built highways and bridges that were safe to drive on and connected a nation, innovated art and music and movies, advanced women’s rights, ended segregation and gave us civil rights and human rights, gave us fair labor practices and wages and nurtured the transition into the technical age. Hell they put men on the moon! Their list of accomplishments is so long I would not be able to list the entirety of them in five single spaced pages. Essentially, they gave us all the things the Tea Party assholes refuse to support or even take care of…worse yet, want to take away from us, calling them entitlements.

Our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths were faced with the same kinds of despicable criminal, xenophobic, homophobic, blacklisting extremist assholes that we are faced with in our government today. Their Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Broun was a two bit cheese-ball criminal by the name of Joe McCarthy and his extremist criminal cronies.By the way, (R) Senator Wisconsin…any similarity there? Their Rush Douchebag was Walter Winchell.

Like the cast of sleaze-bags we are currently fighting against in our government, McCarthy and his cronies were out to turn America into their own definition of extremist Puritan religious theocracy. Anybody who wouldn’t accept their dogma was a commie, socialist, fascist, queer…branded, called before their pogrom committees, lives destroyed, ability to work taken from them. Sound like anything you’ve seen lately?

McCarthyites called themselves Patriots, the same as this current bunch of religious, gun-toting, racist extremists and their supporters. But they didn’t fool Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth. In February 1950 America got rid of Joseph McCarthy and his gang of political cronies when he was Censured and removed from the Senate of the United States. Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth stayed the course…did what they had to do to preserve the America they fought for and rebuilt; the America of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the phony bastardized version of McCarthy and his gang just like this current dipshit Michele Bachmann and her cronies. (Breaking News: Rumored, at CPAC, Bachmann and Palin do lesbian sex and Limbaugh and Beck are doing pony rides with each other in the rectory–come on–I didn’t say rectum! Not like I’m reporting this without checking my facts. I called Fox News and Hannity gave a full confirmation on all of it. Journalistic standards of Fox News have been applied. So I know this story is truth! Good to go!)

We have a bunch of lowlifes in our government again these days. They call themselves Patriots, but they aren’t. (Louie Gohmert…Patriot…are you shitting me?) They’re criminals, the same as their predecessors were. It is our responsibility now to stand our watch, take down these pretenders to freedom and equality and take our government back. Our fight won’t be easy but neither was the fight our Uncle Bills & Aunt Ruths fought. They didn’t quit until they’d chased the criminals from the halls of their government and neither should we rest until the dirtbags of the Tea Party are brought to a state of ridicule so harsh they’ll want to self-deport themselves.

Where would they go? Why, that paradise in the desert Howdy Doody & Shotgun Cheney invaded; spent two trillion American dollars and the lives of more than 4000 young Americans to secure. The land of “Mission Accomplished”, where they can have all the assault rifles and grenade launchers they want; a place where they will be greeted as liberators and gasoline will be $.25 per gallon. The place they used to destroy the American economy and take away our personal freedoms with fear mongering and lies. A place where Paul Wolfowitz and Wayne LaPierre can stand guard at the gates of the schools their kids attend keeping those classrooms safe with their shoulder fired missile launchers.

Now…`Ole Howdy and Shotgun may have a little trouble traveling over in that part of the world. You see, Interpol has multiple arrest warrants against Dick Cheney as a war criminal. Switzerland has issued a war crimes warrant against ‘Ole Howdy himself. Their cronies in our government don’t want you to see them the way Uncle Bill & Aunt Ruth saw the evil of WWII tried and punished. The dirtbags of the Tea Party would have you hail these criminals and their current supporters in Congress as Patriots…as heroes, because…the guy in the White House is black…Muslim…not one of us…or at best…impure, as it were.

Look, my Uncle Bill would say, “We gotta liberate this island! Only way we can do that…eliminate the enemy. Let’s get to it!” And friends, they are the enemy. These are not representatives of a constituency interested in democracy. These are extremists bent on forcing their brand of America down your throat. They figure their rights continue right on into your homes, your kid’s education, your workplace, your marriage, your daughter’s and wives’ vaginas.

The way we beat these vermin…the way we rid ourselves of them is to put faces with names. Call them what they are; ignorant and stupid. Refuse to afford them the dignity of calling them Patriots instead of the criminals they are, and that includes their supporters in the streets. Identify them. Call them out. Refuse on every level to allow them to pretend that they are good Americans interested in the common good. We must confront them and work tirelessly to keep the light shining on what it is they are really up to.

We beat the billionaires in 2012. We can beat gerrymandering in 2014 if we dig in.

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Tweet this – Jack Dorsey revolution revolution to go…

Twitter revolution is among the most amazing new mediato explode in the 21st. Century. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Midwestern born and bred Jack Dorsey. His twitter creation has helped even the playing field for citizen journalists. Whereas Thomas Paine & Ben Franklin harnessed the power of the printing press, today a guy with a cell phone may spar off against the old media elite. This of course does not a revolutionary or intellectual make, but don’t get caught sleeping at the wheel anymore either.


Dorsey meanwhile, signaled his intentions to become Mayor of New York. The current Mayor Bloomberg’s term expires in 2014, opening the way for a new type of political candidate. While Bloomberg owns a leading media company, (Bloomberg News), and is the 10th richest person in the world, Dorsey ranks at 392. His new company, Square, is and will continue to revolutionize how we function. They make spending your money easy and secure with a click of your cell phone. Forget about cash or even credit cards, “…that’s sooo last century!”


Can Jack Dorsey be a political pioneer as he was the brains behind the twitter revolution? The answer is clearly yes, for those who understand that true political power is in the hands of the people. Perhaps Dorsey will be the first politician to take the MIDDLECRAT, [i.e.] truly Independent banner to a Mayoral victory. The vision is to rally around sensible moderation and cohesion that the two major parties have proven to be incapable of.


We have little public information about Jack Dorsey and his political leanings. But his chances of dominating the middle of the political spectrum are certainly more than merely plausible. After the launch of his new startup, Square, early indications are it will be a monstrous success. Thereby fueling billionaire bullion to a man that knows how to make it work. His technological acumen will enhance a new political party in the making. I’m predicting that Dorsey will not run as a Democrat or Republican!


He will carve out a new space as the tech-savvy pragmatist. So much more can be accomplished through the twitter platform. POTUS tweets, The Pope tweets, the rich and powerful, you and I, and users world-wide do likewise. With societal and political landscapes changing with greater rapidity, will polling companies be rendered obsolete? Possibly they may, or look for new ways of conducting research. For when anything important is happening, all eyes look to twitter with ever greater frequency. Early indications of results pertaining to every event imaginable, (and always including cutting edge), are forwarded by educated opinions of empowered twitter users, all across the globe. Today, we have seen but the beginning of communication formerly unavailable.


Will Dorsey be the political pioneer that grabs the middle? Someone shall surely try to take control of the old GOP that has been sunk by its own internal discontent. Bring along Independents and Democrats tired of waiting for bipartisanship to return. Dorsey, aided by his twitter family, could do much to change the political landscape in the next few years, and can begin in New York. But, while Dorsey may say New York, he can be the new Founding Father, whose genius historians decades from now may crown as such.


These shall be the guiding principles of a new kind of political movement. The authors of the U.S. Constitution created what is known as, the great experiment. Perhaps a new political centrist, tech leader Jack Dorsey can bring the guy with a cheap cell phone along, realizing what the Founders envisioned. Empowered to bring his twitter revolution to, we the people, and rid our landscapes of inefficiencies. The backward thinking world is stagnant and just doesn’t get it!


Tweet this: Watch out for Jack Dorsey…he has changed the world…what’s in store next? Share this article for the 99%.


…47% Chance Scott Prouty can become the next governor of Florida?



Living near Boca Raton, Florida, I often wondered who anonymously filmed and released Mitt Romney’s 47% comments. Was this a pre-meditated set-up by a dirty tricks squadled by Obama zealots? This week, a 38 year old registered Independent stepped forward to claim responsibility. He may have changed the course of history. Scott Prouty, a handsome well-spoken man appeared on national T.V. to explain his motivations in both releasing the tape and coming forward publicly. Little did I know that Mr. Prouty was my neighbor?


We live within a few miles of each other. Even more personal for me, he spoke eloquently about the factory in Freeport, Illinois that was shut down by Romney’s Bain Capital. My former business was located within miles of that factory, and was shut down after 40 years due to weakened economic conditions. This was mostly due to the out-sourcing of jobs to China.


While the 47% comments by Romney was the headline, Prouty was mostly outraged by Romney’s flippant comments about the squalor some 20,000 Chinese workers face trying to make a living. Romney explained how women ages 18 to 23, are relegated to 12 women sharing one bedroom. Any wagers if many are 16 or even younger? Some suffer 50 workers sharing one bathroom. Romney described how the factory was protected by barbed wire and guard towers! This existed to keep out other Chinese workers. Apparently, employment in this factory oasis was so desired, they were protecting it from intruders.


These people, [i.e.: intruders] were trying to sneak in to get a job and receive compensation. We know this was, and is, a bald face lie. Barbed wire and guards exist to keep the employees in line. These workers are little more than indentured servants enslaved by the Chinese. They make small appliances that continue to enrich the Wal-Marts of the world. But a courageous American hero named Scott Prouty, now has a huge opportunity in front of him. His standing up for regular folks and display of leadership may place him among the hottest of all rising political stars.


Watching this man’s demeanor, this is clearly the type of leader America’s middle class seeks. College educated, thoughtful and well-spoken, all Americans will soon know Scott Prouty. As (R) Governor Rick Scott continues his unabashed dismantling of the middle class, Democrats and Independents have a man that can change the course of history in Florida. The minimum wage of $7.65 an hour may soon be a distant memory.


Sometimes, the most unlikely events catapult an individual, and previously unrecognized change occurs in front of our eyes. We owe a big thanks to Scott Prouty for what he did. Move over Governor Christy; watch out for the hottest gubernatorial political commodity to come along in years. Not only can Prouty unseat the incumbent governor, (at only age 38), a very long future awaits him. My instincts are already screaming for a potential move from the sunshine state to D.C. There is more than a 47%chance that Scott Prouty will be a household name. No amount of barbed wire can keep this man from accomplishing more than anyone could ever have imagined!


Jumbo Soda pop and the Marlboro man . How much can we afford?

Do you remember when the Marlboro man used to hawk those cool cigarettes on television to great effect?  Persons older than 50, may have a clear memory of how business used to be conducted.  Its intention was sex appeal, and hipness that it brought to the youth of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Then we began making advancements in medical research.  Medical science conclusively determined that nicotine and other toxins were deadly substances.  We began to make changes for the benefit of society.


These pro-active benefits are seen by some to over burden our medical system.   But how does a just society rationalize the worst effects to those families that have anguished over early death of loved ones?  Understanding we have limited resources we must prioritize our needs and goals.  What justice is served by financial manipulation?  The answer to this rhetorical question is obvious.  The consolidation of accumulated wealth by executives, board members and profiteers is unjust to the rest of society at large!


Cigarettes are no longer advertised on T.V., radio, or by print media.  There are harsh clear health warnings on every package.  We’ve imposed higher taxes on cigarettes, making them less affordable for smokers, and hopefully adding an incentive to quit.  But in essence, it acts as an added upfront heath care deductible.  Continued tobacco consumption therefore, presents future health problems which nonetheless remain every taxpayer’s burden under this system.  Placement of entire costs singularly upon smokers may be more just.


N.Y.C. Mayor Bloomberg works to act akin to a futurist and he’s well ahead of the curve.  The attempted ban on Jumbo sodas is an obvious marker in the sand.  How society must improve medically and financially involves additional changes to both medical information and the excesses of the capitalist system.  Instead of unsuccessfully trying to ban 32oz + sodas, [i.e.: in the real world improbable] I propose a different approach.   Levy a sizable tax on all containers that allow unhealthy excessive amounts of poisoning foods and beverages.   Disproportionate consumption of products that promote poor health, unduly burden an out-of-control medical system.  We must not allow some citizens to burden health services at the cost of those who practice healthier lifestyles.


Not only unfair to individual taxpayers, it’s not good for business interests.  Any loss of otherwise available disposable income is undesirable.   Exponential taxpayer subsidy of unnecessary medical costs, created by overindulgence means business suffers in the process.  It’s not now and can never be in the best interest of American families as a whole.   Whereas preventive medicine – it’s exact opposite, benefits individuals and financial interests at large.  An added bonus is a healthier domestic workforce, using fewer sick days, less extended care and providing even greater potential productivity.  Just as we know exercise and a balanced diet promotes better medical health, it likewise benefits financial health in the manner described.


Try to buy life insurance and notice the sizable extra premium smokers and individuals living with morbid obesity pay.  Risk and cost is inexorably tied.  Conversely, private insurance providers offer employers lower premiums based on companies whose culture promotes improved health.  Companies that sponsor weight loss contests, provide work-out facilities, host and/or sponsor marathons, and serve healthy nutrients in their cafeterias save significant costs.


Despite the insistence of too many, this is not a Liberal or Conservative issue.   It’s correct to state that Conservatives insist on individual responsibility, and that Liberals like to project an image of progressive actions forwarding healthier lifestyles.  Both sides advocate elimination of wasteful spending.   The problem, well known, is how to get to where most seem to want to be.  Liberals promote medical advancements by supporting higher taxes that fund research, and costs of higher education.  This while clearly beneficial poses political hurdles in accomplishing common ground.  But overcoming these challenges is imperative if we are to produce waves of bright futures.

The type of thinking whose motive is common ground, tackles these and other challenges.   Acceptance of the need for justifiable increased taxes should go hand in hand with reasonable reductions in entitlements.  The sequester issue may be solved with this type of action.  Americans are anxious for both major parties to compromise on which taxes to increase, and what spending may be decreased.  To reduce costs, Liberals and Conservatives must act with the wisdom of restricting and taxing individual unhealthy lifestyles.   They contribute to the downfall and ill physical and economic health of our country.  Additionally, they dampen the future success of our children.


Sorry – Super-Bowl fans, ads sponsoring sexy Pepsi-Cola need to go!  This is the time for us to make major changes.  Just like what happened to the Marlboro man.  The oft used phrase is apropos; we’re all in this together.

Why both Republicans and Democrats should support “means testing”…


                       Republican’s want smaller government and lower taxes….Democrats want economic fairness and more effective  government. Both sides of the aisle should support  changes to social security and medicare. A “GRAND” bargain can be  struck here. The “sequester” is a (self-inflicted)…”moment of truth” for both political parties. Will “they” prove to be incapable of good government…or will common sense and practicality make an appearance? Will leadership step forward and do what must be done…or do we allow old-thinking to continue? The economic stalemate and looming disaster can be averted…in fact we should be on a much  sounder financial course.

                      When social security and medicare were legislated, it was written into the law that …over time….things can change…and government “reserves” to make modifications to both plans. For America to get their financial house in order …we need  to make changes. What do we want  social security to be…simply a pension plan, or is it more like a big group insurance plan providing security and a safety net for all members of the group? If your 66 and die,  you contribute all your life but receive very few benefits. If you live to 96…you receive a disproportional benefit…but that’s how insurance works. It’s not always fair…but the early death enables us  to cover the man that lives past 100.,..which is the correct and humane thing to do.

                    How long can we pay-out millionaires and billionaires full social security benefits they do not require? … when we have a unsustainable entitlement system that’s grinding our economy down? We need financial soundness and an efficient governemnt will enable future job growth and more economic fairness. Why would we charge the same medicare deductibles to millionaire  Americans when we don’t have enough money  to take care of   the poor, sick and  most vulnerable among us? For the Republican’s we would not have to raise any taxes…simply pay out less to the rich and fortunate. For the Democrats…it will provide the money for those in need…without raising taxes on the middle class Medicare and social security are over 50% of our entire budget. We don’t have to cut teachers and air traffic controllers…or cut back defense spending because were financially mismanaged. It’s time for a grown-up discussion on how we distribute “the peoples”  resources. This is an opportunity for the Democrats and Republicans to remind us why a two party political system is government by compromise and balance. How much economic pain must we absorb, before we change the way we do business? …or change ‘THOSE” that we allow to conduct the peoples business.