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Radical middle begins to roar! McWallica finally takes a punch!


                         As the radical middle becomes a more  cohesive political force… for the McDonalds/Walmart/Bank of Am ( Mc-Wall-ica) to become more “center” friendly!  As time marches on, we will look to the John Birch founding offspring…The “Koch’s et all “ as the impetus for sanity in America…and the reason the old Republican party will cease to be a national force. The extremist elements will force the more sensible middle of the road  to the forefront way or the other. ( Middlecrat’s stay tuned)

                President Obama has finally played the minimum wage card..patiently waiting for the best opportunity to make it happen. The split of the GOP will be hastened by the political ramifications of denying hard working Americans a well deserved adjustment in minimum pay. You will see the right-wing tea gaggers in full panic at the thought of more economic fairness  in America. You will see the hard left bitch and moan at the paltry size of the increase…and then you will find America’s center, engaged and empathetic for a more balanced society….willing to fully accept a $ 9.00 an hour minimum wage as fair.

             Knowledgeable moderates fully realize that without a solid center….the likelyhood of Democratic control of the Whitehouse through 2024 is quite high. America is poised to anoint Hillary Clinton as the first women president..and many will be proud to be part of that history. Smart money knows the tea party is yesterday news…and those who would like to compete for the Whitehouse better find a new way to mount a charge. Twelve more years of tax and spend beyond our means doesn’t sit well with Republicans..and plenty of independents and even Democrats know about fiscal responsibility..and the dangers that lurk .

        Watch for a new developments “Mc-Wall-ica” gives into reality and at the end of the day … will embrace a new minimum wage…although indexing is the big prize…not likely to happen in the spirit of “getting it done” . Big business wants big profit, but they also realize they can’t starve out the customers that pay for their country club privileges. Moderation will  replace tea as their beverage of choice. Corporations may be people the supreme court says, but McWallica knows the people indeed have the real power…move over “Kochies”

The president’s ready to fight for a $9.00 minimum wage. Let’s get behind this critical isssue….

                    The president had a very good night at the State of the Union. He was at his best, and outlined his vision for America’s success in the future. Obama was clear about his minimum wage intentions, and the importance in giving a working family a chance to raise a family and remaining above the poverty level. Two adults working a 40 hours week and earning $15,000 each, with two kids, still qualify food stamps. Let the large corporations enter the modern world and pay wages that support American families, and let’s stop Americans from needing food stamp assistance.

                    Our largest corporations pay low wages, have lots of part-time non-benefit qualifying employees. The Wal-mart-ization of America has gone too far.  Americans must step up and protect their brothers and sisters. An adult $9.00 an hour national minimum wage is overdue, necessary and just. With Walmart’s 16 billion dollar profit last year… blind man knows the workers should earn enough money to buy products from the corporation they work for. If corporations continue to burn out their potential customers… what’s the point of a capitalism system anyhow? The disparate American media machine, big networks, blogger… across the Internet, should seize on Obama’s goal of a $9.00 an hour adult minimum wage. This will help raise wages for the rest of us, who are also mostly frozen in a tight compensation range… many American workers deserve better wages. We all have a stake in making sure those that work 40 hours a week can have enough  resources to raise a family just like wealthier Americans…we are all God’s children.

                    Let’s make our feelings loud and clear. Yes to a federal minimum wage of $9.00 an hour. Now, without delay! This issue has gone unattended for year. We need to make sure there is a resilient American middle class. We’re all in this together. Feeling we can get a bi-partisian agreement on a $9.00 minimum wage this year. Let’s make sure we get the job done on this key issue facing America.

The real state of the union? – Raise the minimum wage and stop corporate welfare…


                      We’re about to hear the 5th state of the union from President Obama. We’re going to hear lots of ideas for job creation. We’re going to hear about the president saving “Detroit”. Green energy, infrastructure improvement, education and increased opportunity, but will we even hear the word “minimum wage” mentioned?  Is the Democratic party so beholden to their plethora of corporate sponsors that Obama is not about to push the most important issue facing the American workforce. Does Obama take leadership and use his  bully pulpit and truly stand up and fight for America’s working class, both blue and white collar workers?

                      Artificially low pay holds down wages for low wage workers and  middle managers… the entirety of America’s work force. Walmart sports a  profit of 16 billion dollars, and the Walton family is obscenely wealth, while  their million or so workforce has taken advantage of. It’s a human tragedy. The excesses of capitalism need to be reeled in by a more foreword looking economic policy. 70% of America’s economy is consumer driven, a team of wild horses couldn’t hold back America’s underpaid class…give them more disposable dollars, and that money will be recirculated bolstering America’s economic strength.

                      Canada now has an average minimum wage of $15.00 dollars an hour. Australia is $16.00 dollars and hour. Most of England averages $14.00 an hour. America’s prevailing national minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Progressive Florida has a minimum wage of $7.65 an hour. Is it any wonder that 50 million people are forced into accepting “food stamps”? Walmart and their greedy peers employee the majority of their folks part-time, getting them off the hook for responsibility of offering health care. This leaves the burden to the government, as corporate America shirks their responsibility of offering humane treatment to the people that make them billions of dollars every year.

                       Dont wait for the Republicans to raise the minimum wage or talk about the right to work laws. If the Democrats fail to fight for the American worker, maybe it’s time for that 3rd political party to represent the interest of the millions of folks that work hard for wages that provide less than a livable wage. One out of every 4 kids in America live in poverty… those in their gated communities must come to terms with the disparity of incomes… it’s simply unsustainable in a fair and just America.  The middle class can take control, Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the unregistered can rally together to bring a more just wage system in place… keeping  America the great country it’s always been. Can the Middlecratic party bring it’s middlecratic values… and put American back on course to being the envy of the world? So what’s the real state of the union? Stop starving out the American worker… stop allowing corporate welfare to artificially hold down wages… stand up  for us now Mr. President!

Republican civil war in full swing…as the Democrats drone on!


                 As America recovers from Super bowl Sunday, one can’t help to wonder if the power  outage at America’s biggest showcase doesn’t foreshadow future power faliures . Republican political operative Karl Rove, leading pass collector of corporate funds, has declared civil war on his own peeps. Clever Karl knows full well that the tea sippers currently control the GOP…if left unimpeded, would forever relegate the Republican party to a national blackout on election day. Rove and his corporate knockers understand that they must defeat their  internal enemy…before they can put up a fight against the more liberal party. The big money guys are tired of losing, and they know the tea party’s reluctance to formulate any true immigration reform is the death-knell of the Republican party. With 70% of the Hispanic vote going against the GOP..and 90% + of the black vote…the GOP is on death watch.

        With the presidents approval numbers solid, and Hillary Clinton poised  to keep  the White house blue through 2020…the grandmasters of the grand old party know it’s now or never for the continuation of a competitive Republican party.  While moderates and Independents observe the goings on…many centrist have grave misgivings about the future direction of BOTH political dinosaurs. Democrats knows the GOP is weak, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Democrats are strong. They can’t get the votes for meaningful gun reform, as the assault weapons part of the legislation is already dead on arrival. Obama’s brandishing a weapon and tweeting out the picture to the world shows his willingness to appease the opposition.

     Troubling issues abound by the secretive Obama administration. Since 9/11..government had a  free hand to do what they feel the need to do to protect this country. But it’s a one way discussion, nobody is asking the American people.  Our American- made drones are flying a slippery slope..if the 2nd amendment people are worried, other beleivers  of the constitution should  be concerned. We’ve killed 4700 human beings via our secretive drone program..with no checks and balances. Surprisingly, many of those that have been “taken out” are American citizens. The technology is here…the goverment  can fly a bomb through “the target’s ”  patio door and wipe out an entire family. No arrests, no courts, no lawyers trying to figure things out…could this be  the future of law enforcement in America?

       America watches as the Republican launch a full scale civil insurrection against its own. The Democrats can’t find their budget, it’s late again. Were spending ourselves into an their a political party that could bridge the gaps…and offer America a political party that truly has middle class values? Disenchanted Republicans, Democrats,independents, the unaffiliated… and the inspired can certainly challenge these two troubled political parties. The radical middle needs to be represented..40% of the electorate is independent or center……..time to make ourselves heard. Middlecratic values, common sense and no corporate control is a dimension we are currently missing. Time for the radical middle to roar!