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Gun laws to change…will we be safer?


                    Today’s  hearing on gun control provided more evidence of the need for some additional common sense gun laws. Currently, some 40% of all gun sales are conducted with no background check. In this digital age, a proper gun check takes less than 5 minutes. You can debate how many rounds of ammunition are enough for legitimate protection..6 shots or maybe 10…but 15 or 30 rounds at a time is excessive and imprudent. These two debate points will lead to some wiser gun policies…but will it be enough to make a real difference in today’s world?

     Based on current trends , and despite a  well-meaning bi-partisian efforts upcoming, civility is overwhelmed by violence. Just today with the gun hearings on going, another shooting in Arizona, and a 15 year old that participated just day’s  earlier in the president’s inauguration, killed in Chicago….by a bullet. Chicago has no gun stores in its large city, but has the most deadly gun deaths in the country. Change in our nations wild-west mentality gun owner’s are king is overdue. Also way overdue, is a comprehensive approach to our nation’s out-of-control violence epidemic.

    The Internet is a phenomenon that continues to alter the course of history. Every 13 year old kid with a smart phone knows how to google this, Wikipedia that…and with minutes has access to information and photographs that a older generation never was exposed to. This country is woefully unaware of the dangers we allow our impressionable  youth to access. For decades we’ve protected our youth with R  and X rated movie restrictions, but the cyber-world renders these attempts at protecting impressionable youth’s as obsolete.

    All smart phones being used by adults less than 17, should include net nanny restrictions that leave access to pornography and debauchery impossible .While new more modern gun laws are necessary, so is a stepped-up protection of our youth in the non- brick and mortars “streets”. Only a multi-faceted approach to hardware and software reform will make a difference. Just like we need to temper some “2nd amendment rights” for the greater good…so must some “1st amendment rights” be adjusted for the greater good of the country..and slow down this country’s consumption of mind and soul altering information.  As Gabby Gifford said today, it’s time for some bold our political leaders and mom’s and dad’s alike. The gun law’s will change, but will America?

The Middlecratic approach to gun control…Extremists need not apply…


                           The United states has undergone some dramatic changes in the last 250 years. The 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms, is a cherished and necessary protection entrusted to honorable Americans. A reasoned and thoughtful approach to laws and policies that balance individual rights against the best interests of society must be adopted to be germane to the current world we now  live in. Recently, a well known and occasionally well-regarded  right wing publication ran headlines portraying President Obama as a Nazi in his zeal to deny the gun enthusiasts their unfettered right to bear arms and armies. This type of cheap, tawdry rhetoric is the last thing this country needs at this point in our evolution.

              We are all aware of the horrendous gun violence that has befallen schools and cities all  across America over the last days, months and  years. It’s quite unlikely 250 years ago the framers of the constitution had any inkling how the world has changed. Impressionable youth and adults are now bombarded with a steady stream of gun violence via movies, the Internet and playgrounds and even around the dinner table. This is an issue that’s front and center to the dysfunctionality  that has become the American political system. Big corporations teamed up with extremists viewpoints have stymied any real attempt to adopt sane new gun protections for Americans.

     Sensible gun laws have been unable to become the law of the land. We have an explosion of concealed carry laws, unrestricted guns sales with no or limited background checks. We have legal weapons that can fire 10 and 20 bullets before even the most adept defensive methods could possibly be deployed. We have pharmaceutical companies loading up Americans with poisons pills, paxil  and Prozac…anti-psychotics…all to turn a bigger and better profits for the drug pushing whores  like Merck and friends . American needs a middle-of the-road common sense political party to make sure sensible policies are in places… not policies endorsed by gun companies, lobbyists ,secessionists and those with extreme views. All law abiding , adult Americans should have the right to bear arms for personal protection or legitimate hunting. It doesn’t take an assault weapon to put down Bambi…and we don’t need to continue to allow mentally ill people to access firearms through unregulated “gun shows” The extreme right screams about state rights, but when forward thinking, densely populated states like New York and Illinois went more restrictive gun laws the extremists cry foul.

    The rise of the tea party will soon give way to the demise of the Republican party as we know it. The Grover Norquist’s of the world have seen their best days wane. What will take it’s place is critical to the future  sanity in America. All thoughtful Americans, moderately right of center, centrist, Independent and those reasonably left of center need to get together and regain control of our wobbly political process. The radical middle is beginning to roar..and neither Republicans or Democrats are willing or able to lead us out  of this quagmire. A new political force, dominated by common sense and modern thinking, must replace extremism and big business as the leaders of our society. This all can be done..more easily than one might imagine. The power lies right here, in the Internet ..the framers of the constitution could not have imagined …how both the right to bear arms…and American right to seize control of the political process , would manifest itself via the twitter-book  revolution!


Republican- Democrats have lost their way- Middlecrats ready to strike!


                    Karl Rove and his band of thieves provided the American public with a very important lesson this fall. Rove’s massive fund-rasining effort from his “Crossroads America” PAC raised 100’s of millions of dollars. 99% of that money went on to fund  LOSERS! Despite the Citizen United ruling, despite a bevy of fanatical billionaires from both ends of the political spectrum…the American people can’t be bought by cash.The American people are more interested in ideas and innovation – barrels of cash and crusty old white men are not what lights the fire of today’s American mainstream.

          America is faced with a dysfunctional leadership situation..a political vacuum that is begging for an adult solution The majority party in the United States is not Republican or Democrat…The real political powerhouse in this country is the moderate/independent voter…which  is currently unrepresented. The Republican party has been fading into obscurity as a party that represents only southern states and southern thinking. Mainstream Americans reviles in a party that’s strength is promoting guns, racial inequality, and who rolls out the red carpet to corporate interests that receives corporate welfare via of a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. This “family values” party apparently believes only in “families” that live behind gated fences…people that live in apartments or make less than 100k don’t qualify in today’s GOP.

      As a former Democrat , it hurts me to fairly assess today’s Democratic party. While Obama was the only choice this fall, he simply represented the lesser of two evils. Corporate interest has an even bigger stranglehold over the Democrats. When is the last time any Democrat took a stand and challenged big business over the embarrassing low minimum wage? Canada has a minimum wage of (approx) 14.00 an hour , Australia has a minimum wage of $16.00 and England has a wage of $15.00. Here in America, 50 million Americans are forced to accept food tamps because at $7.25 an can anyone feed a family and provide a roof over their head and clothes, medical care,etc.

    In the coming days and weeks, we will explore what needs to happen in America, and how to make it happen. Neither political party can defeat the interest of a united and motivated mainstream…empowered by the Internet. All the billionaire bullion in the world can’t overpower the strength  of political action and coordination powered by the web. Political power is our for the taking, with many of the “dated” voting rules can be used to the advantage of a new political powerhouse. The Middlecratic movement is about to be launched…not so much a “political party” ..more a political movement to empower the mainstream..and steer policy decisions in the best interest of the average American..not billionaires and corporate thieves. Join the Middlecratic movement and be the change that changes the world!