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Obama earned the win- Romney earned the loss…..


                      President Obama won the presidency in 2008. He came in just after the BUSHIES blew up our economy. He was left with many difficult tasks here and abroad. From a security standpoint , POTUS has been impressive. We cleaned  up many of the worlds baddest terror specialists, ended a war, maybe two…and haven’t created any new wars of late.

                    He attacked Americans shame issue , trying to fix a health care system that is inefficient and overwhelmed. The Affordable Care Act will in time become to be seen as the key issue that staved off further decline in the American middle class. His leadership on women right’s issue and immigration has moved the president into a special place. His second term, if successful, will set the tone for the rest of the century . Things that happened under the Obama days will have lasting influence.

        Romney was a flawed candidate from the beginning. The Republicans launched a weak group,and Mitt managed to squeak in against these  lesser competitors$. He made so many mistakes, dog handling, 10,00o bets in-front of our kids, scamming his tax responsibilities offshore.His tax indiscretions cost the Republicans any real shot this year. The money men of the GOP took control, and Romney may have been running for president, but he was working hard for the real GOP leaders, Grover Norquist,Karl Rove, and the Koch brothers.

The last month saw the wheels come off the Romney machine, ad after ad was knocked down as bald face lies. In Ohio, Romney’s auto ads got a direct rebuke from both  Chrysler and GM. Romney accused the president of allowing  jeep to move new cars to China. The truth is just the opposite…jeep plans on more American jobs and no employees to China.

     However we got to the final results…. it certainly wasn’t pretty…American politics never is. It’s looking more and more likely that President Obama’s good works during the first term will pay off in a 2nd term. He did a lot of things right. Romney made too many mistakes and it cost him. At the end of the day, seems the American voter is the real winner…seems they did the right thing.


Romney implodes in Ohio….TeaRepublicans in death spin…


                        As the Romney campaign winds down to the  final weekend, anybody with two eyes can read Mittens body language…. the air has come  out of the Romney  ballon. The last minute dash to Pennsylvania was proof positive…Ohioans  has slammed the door on Mitt  “Let Detroit go bankrupt” Romney. Mitt’s now legendary column in the New York Times “advising”America  to let the auto industry go bankrupt.President  Obama had other ideas … moved in and saved the auto industry. …when no “private” bankers wanted to touch the auto bailout deal.This  job saver president will be thanked mighty at the polls in Ohio,Michigan and Wisconsin. Romney decided to triple down in Ohio by “frightening ” voters that Obama was marching more auto jobs  to China. His ad’s were  jarringly inaccurate, and even the major automobile companies made very public statements “correcting” Romney’s intentionally lying ad. Voter’s have been insulted by the Romney tactics..expect Ohio to go big for Obama 7 or 8 point win.

                  Best guess,  Obama wins every swing state, including Virginia and Florida..and captures 332 electoral votes. Look for solid win for the Democrats, holding the senate and picking up some surprise house seats. Several notable TeaRepublicans are going down ..Romney  /Ryan , Akins, Murdock, Brown …and say goodbye to Michelle Bachmann. The most extreme elements of the Republican party have controlled this 2012 effort. Democrats will be forever grateful for the marginalization and political polarization that became the GOP. When an entire political party pledges allegiance to a guy named Grover and gives control of the party to the  son’s of the founding father  of the John Birch Society…things  may have gotten out-of-hand….the GOP is paying a big price.

                 Ohioans…and the automobile industry leads the way to a total rejection of the Mitt Romney and the Tea Republicans. Despite scurrilous tactics and all the money in the world…the right-wing can’t defeat the wisdom of the American voter. Extreme elements of the Republican party have been defeated, let’s hope a different Republican party emerges in the future. On to Obama’s second term…

Unlikely trio boost Obama- Climate change derails Romney.


                The winds of ” climate change” may be a surprising beneficial result of Hurricane Sandra. Just when things seemed to be tipping towards Romney and the Republicans, “mother” nature interceded…(leave it to the gals)  The issue of Climate change and it’s seriousness is something that’s been somewhat intangible and unproven  to many Americans.  We’ve heard about scientific evidence warning of the dangers of climate change…but like Missouri…we want to be “shown” the truth.   

            Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the Independent mayor of New York City, ..made an unexpected, 11th hour endorsement of President Obama. The former Republican (and Dem) …issued a very strong statement of support. Citing a number of issues, Bloomberg stressed the importance of recognizing climate change and reacting to proven scientific evidence. As the Eastern seaboard lay in disarray..with millions still out of power …it was an important moment for the future well-being of America. The mayor pointed out how dangerous the Republican position of “don’t ask” -it ain’t happening” ..climate control policy would be.

      No one could have imagined that after the debates ended…with Romney closing the gap, that an “unforeseen?” event would determine the outcome of an election. Who could have thought New Jersey GOP  Governor Chris Christie’s would be the Democrat’s best friend? That  the two most esteemed, non-bought out  American leaders  Colin Powell and Michael Bloomberg would  both offer powerful endorsements of the president.?  This unlikely trio along with mother nature and ‘father sky” …have pulled the American people though a tough spot. A Romney presidency would have relegated “climate change” to the back burner…the coming re-election of president Obama will place climate change front and center. Seeing is believing, it’s time for a reality check.

FEMA – Planned parenthood & Big bird all staying – Romney leaving!


              As America begins to recover from a historic storm, one has to wonder if a “higher power” hadn’t interjected “herself” into the future of American politics. Romney and the Republicans had been making steady progress post-Denver… and it looked like the GOP had a real  chance to upend Obama and the Democrats. That’s until Sandra came calling on New Jersey….putting Chris Christie, a former Romney stalwart..into the spotlight with president Obama. The Obama/Christie shotgun marriage is likely to propel these two men to the top spot in their respective parties  come November 7th.

       Romney  said earlier this year that he would end The Federal Emergency Management Agency-FEMA as we know it. More states rights and privatization…less investment in the federal government…. But when government is needed in a big way…like during hurricane Sandra and it’s aftermath. … were all rather relieved we have a  strong government to count on. If Romney had his way the devastation would have been worse…and climate change is NOT going away.

        Romney also plans to defund Planned parenthood….using the same stale thinking that less government is just better, never mind the ramifications on real people. Romney would also pull the plug on medicare, sending our seniors on some wild “vouchurized” goose chase. Now we have Romney doubling down on his automobile comments and misleading ads. Whatever slim chance Romney had of pulling out Ohio is gone…the state is moving further away from Romney. He has managed to upset the auto worker, the waitress mom, seniors, minorities and the the poor.

            However “Sandra”  made it’s way into our 2012 election…her impact definitely packed some punch.  Romney shouldn’t have mistreated the gals…seems  Sandra and her  friends will have the final say. Sometimes things happen for a reason…maybe we have friends in some elevated places?