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GOP – Family’s making less than 100k are ” America’s underclass”- Who Knew?


                             When Mitt Romney talked about the “47%” we all got an unusual window into the mind and soul  of America’s  Grand Old Party. The privileged set was gathered in Boca Raton, Florida  ..listening breathlessly to Romney muse about that underbelly of America. Romney opined about  those “takers” that suck the life out of all the “candlestick makers”. The negative reaction of the general public to Romney’s comment’s was the nail in the coffin to his beleaguered campaign. The Republicans never recovered from Mitt’s slight of the “other America”.

         Just this evening, Former Virginia congressman Tom Davis embarrassed himself on national T.V….with his shocking comment’s about President Obama’s re-election. Davis lamented that the “underclass minorities are starting to vote”as the root cause of the Republcian lose in November. This Republican stalwart believes individual people making less than $ 50,000 a year are “that other America”. So, all those school teachers and salespeople, hospital workers and bank tellers…middle managers and retail employee’s …are now considered less than “full class” Americans.The  only leadership showing up these days   for the Republicans are old, white and ill-suited to lead the demographically diverse, not so white America. Davis was very concerned about  “darker people” actually getting out of their chairs and voting. 

          Is it  just a matter of time that the “Davis’s” of  white America shrivel up and go away ?  Will the conservatives  change or will these white dudes be replaced by their younger brothers? How can the GOP continue to be a national party when they are uncompetitive in national elections. Florida and Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina , Colorado are  all changing rapidly.  I’m old enough to remember New Mexico and Nevada were solid Republican…only to move to solid blue these days…with all trend pointing away form the GOP. . With he lack of checks and balances looming, one has to wonder whats the game plan. The Republicans have a short time to put a new face on the Republican party. Looking at the trends and the will to survive..look for two names to be front and center for the GOP..and it’s not Bush or McCainney .Marco Rubio of Florida and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana will be the new faces moving forward. Let’s hope in their America … it won’t be the “Underclass”Against the “over-classed…and we won’t be seeing Tom Davis on national television anymore!

Has anyone seen Mitt Romney and the Grover Express.?


               The old adage”  it’s darkest before the dawn” seems to be an accurate characterization of the  pre-fiscal cliff rhetoric in Washington.  The Democrats..and the American people… are sitting on a straight flush..and are about to cash their chips. The Republicans have no choice  but to come to an agreement…look for President Obama to throw them a face-saving Christmas eve bone…the Bush era tax cuts will be phased out over time. The Republicans will claim ‘winner ..winner..chicken dinner.”..but POTUS is just playing the game. The Republican’s  can read the tea leaf’s …they are lining up to ditch the Grover Norquist/Mitt Romney train wreck.

                 The 2014 elections are less than two years away…and the GOP know’s  it can’t let the House slip from its hands….if it does the “party” is literally over for the GOP. The striking fact of the 2012 presidential elections is that a clear majority of voters actually WANT a tax hike. The Bush “dynasty of disaster” will finally come to a screeching halt on Christmas eve. …a miracle of sorts. Fiscal responsibility and economic fairness will be re-born.

      If I were a betting man…one might look to a powerful end-of year stock market rally. All the signals say go! This last four day weekend saw “booming retail sales”. My “retail” sources are deep, wide and varied…and they are all saying the same thing. More early proof is real estate prices and sales in South Florida. Money is coming in from overseas at an unusual clip. A well-connected realtor made more money in the  last 30 days then in an entire 2011…same story for several of his/her peers.

    While it’s not all wine and roses…look for 2013 to bring in greater-than-expected GDP growth and lower unemployment. Consumer confidence has been boosted..and the trends are unstoppable. Readers of this blog often get a look into the future…it’s time for an upswing. We couldn’t owe a bigger debt of gratitude to Grover and Mutt…we couldn’t t have done it without you. God bless America and the wisdom of the American voter!

Gall-Mart can try to stop the union- BUT…They can’t stop the American people….


                     Enough is enough.! Wal-mart posted a profit of 16 BILLION dollars last year. 50 million Americans live below the poverty level, with another 50 million Americans barely maintaining….living  just slightly  above the poverty level. With the job market so weak…1.4 million people alone are employed by Gall-mart ..they have  taken full advantage of the situation … consistently short-changing   the American worker …paying wages befitting a 3rd world country. The minimum wage in Canada is $11.00 an hour..Australia $16.00…England in $15.00…in the “greatest ? ” country in the world we have a national minimum wage of $7.25.! Let’s put an end to backdoor corporate welfare.America is  no longer the beacon of the world…we have become a nation of  predatory corporate dominance and individual despair. The majority of Americans  can’t afford to raise a family…and were prohibited to improve our situation by union busting courts and politicians. If things continue to spiral out of control..all the gated communities in the world  won’t have enough bricks  to protect those that take advantage of their fellow Americans.

                The rich and privileged  can lament about the 47 million people that need food stamps to feed their family. If the United States had a livable minimum wage ..tens of millions of working Americans wouldn’t need food stamps to keep their children feed. Can you imagine making $8.00 an hour your first year at Wal-mart. Do everything well…get a perfect review from your supervisor…and got a whole .40 cent  raise a year. Spend 5 years with Wal-mart …be a loyal, quality employee…and the will give you $10.00 an hour! By the way…the average wage for a general manager at Wal-mart?….$130,000 to 160.000 a year. They receive additional compensation when they bring their store payrolls in under  budget…they are rewarded for NOT giving employees pay raises. Wal-mart is not alone…This blogger has been a GM for a billion dollar company…my yearly bonus was in part based on how much I could underpay my employees.

       Wal-mart is now opening on Thanksgiving..screw the workers and their families…because they can . When black Friday rolls around later this  week….Please pass up the “bargain” brought to you by  Wal-mart in conjunction with their slave labor partners in China and elsewhere. Let all fair-minded Americans take control of the situation…the unions are powerless..and right to work states are powerful. …but you know what?…..NOTHING is  more powerful than the American people…let’s tell Gall-mart we’ve had enough. If their sales start to slip….how long do you think it will be before “they review” their compensation plan? NOT LONG AT ALL..MONEY TALKS…THAT’S THE ONLY LANGUAGE THE CORPORATE WHOREMONGERS UNDERSTAND….LET’S  SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR!!

Walmart is the poster boy for what ails our country…one easy fix…Don’t shop the goons!


                        Finally, after decades of low wages and poor working conditions ,Walmart  employees are  starting to fight back.  Gaining strength  in numbers ,workers are anticipating to disrupt America’s black Friday’s retail sales at least hundreds, if not thousands of their stores. Wal-mart is America’s largest private retailer , with some 1.4 million employees. Over the last two decades we’ve allowed this big box merchant to change the landscape in America. We’ve allowed cheap  Chinese goods to dominate the selection at Wal-mart…goods  made by workers making $1.50 an hour, the use of  child labor  and substandard working conditions. Wal-mart hails from this country,and they have a special responsibility to the red,white and blue…or do they?  are they  shirking their moral responsibility? Their wall-street board of directors sure haven’t felt much pain in this economy, they are filled with cash and cars..hiding out in their gated communities …. at the expense of the real people who do the work.

               Walmart pays substandard wages, and keeps most workers on part-time..,in order to avoid paying for basic health care. We Americans vote with the ballot boxes, but there’s lots of alternative ways progressive Americans can live their life  to insure our children financial future. We are allowing Wal-mart to pay our children wages that will never pull them out of poverty We have 50 million people on food stamps..this is the ultimate in Corporate welfare..if  Walmart paid a livable wage…we could remove millions from food stamps.

            There was a gal featured who has worked for Walmart part time position, this corporate sharks offer health insurance only to those that they have to ..if your not an executive or manager….your health really doesn’t matter to them. Here’s a shocker ! I’m in retail myself and recently had a client make a purchase from my business. A  white, blue collar looking guy …he said he was a manger for Wal-mart. He filled out a credit statement which should his yearly earnings at $160,000 a year. WOW. It pays to be white in America. 16 other human beings work at near slave labor in his store so he is able to pull down an obscene amount .

      It’s time to make a statement…let’s back up all these workers that intend to strike this coming Friday…”Black Friday” I implore all that read these words, do not shop at Walmart…until Walmart  realize  their employees deserves a livable wage. A wage that might even allow a Walmart worker to buy something from the store they work at. The lack of a livable minimum wage is a scathing indictment of our countries priorities. It’s not just Walmart..but they are the poster boys for abuse and selfishness . When Walmart unionize and raise their rates, the others will follow. You know what happens then?…Millions of Americans will have additional dollars to spend …70% of our entire economy is consumer driven. Stop  starving out the low and minimum wage worker, a team of wild horses will not stop those folks from reinvesting in America. These dollars are not on a slow boat to China or the Cayman Islands. They stay here in America..creating positive GNP . Support your walmart strikers,be a Wal-mart stricker yourself. … support the American worker, DO NOT CONTINUE to support China…make Wal-mart take ownership in the future of this country..if they want to continue their greed….let’s show them that Americans don’t like when other Americans take advantage of their own people. No More!!

Gridlock for two more years…then Democrat’s/middle-class- CRUSH THE HOUSE?


                    The Republicans risk all or nothing if they decide to block needed legislation in the House of Representatives. Democrats should bargain in good faith and be prepared to make practical modifications and reasonable compromise. Unfortunatley , early indications are dis-heartening on the Republican side. Besides Louisiana Governor Bobby other Republicans seems to “get it”. Doesn’t  seem like anyone on the right seriously envisons a bi-partisian solution to America’s problems.

                 A political party that’s alienated 56 % of women, 71% of Hispanics and 95% of African-Americans …is on “death-watch.”The billionaire buffoons that called the shots in 2012 are already putting up more billions for 2014. Maybe this is the best thing that can happen? Now that the progressive movement has sliced an arm off the right-wing bigot brigade, perhaps 2014 will be the final death blow.. take out extremism with one more powerful electoral pummeling.  If the American people sense the GOP is digging in and creating petty gridlock at the expense of the middle class…woe-be to those that run for re-election two years from now.

     As Demographics continue to shift to the Democrats advantage…perhaps it may be good strategy to tread water for two more years…and then POW…wipe out the Republcian party with a razor sharp blow. If the GOP doesn’t feel it’s in their best interest to compromise now, raise taxes on the wealthy, craft comprehensive immigration reform..and embrace equal pay for women…maybe the final battle in the 150 year old civil war can take place in 2014. For better or worse, a Democratic controlled White-house,senate and house…will certainly get tons of progressive legislation through. So, smart Republicans..take note…reasonable compromise in 2012..or risk complete decimation to the Republicans…America will be effectively ruled by a one party system…..a half-a -loaf in 2012 may be a very good deal for the GOP…and the American people ….Something tells me …”those right wing billionaires” don’t like to lose…and they may need one more walloping to end division and move the country in one clear direction.

Social security solutions well in hand…lawmakers wake-up!


                                    One of the looming economic quagmires ahead is how to modernize social security to keep it solvent for our current and future seniors. There are a host of changes that can be implemented. There is a way we can fortify social security though tax fairness and common sense. All current and future promised payoffs will be unaffected.

                    First off, and many are not aware, that there is an artificially low tax cap on wages that social security is paid on. Currently, any taxpayers earnings in excess of $107,000 a year is  done paying social security tax for any given year. Billionaires are only contributing social security tax on 107,000 of their income. Social security isn’t a pension plan, it’s a government safety net for millions. We never guaranteed anyone a dollar for dollar return. How many people contribute all their life, only to die before retirement age..with a paltry settlement paid to a spouse or family? The social security cap should be raised to $250,000 per year…with an “ss excise tax” added to millionaires to further fortify the social security fund. While the tax rate of 7.65 on social security has remained frozen for decades, a small adjustment is not unwarranted. Raise it by .35% to 8%..with the employer matching the same. A minor bump up for all tax payers …everybody must be part of the solution.

             We can also implement a means testing program for wealthy seniors. If you reach retirement age…and you have personal assetts  of two million dollars or more…your social security payment will be reduced by 10%. For those with personal assets of over 5 million dollars, the social security payout is reduced by 25%. Both  groups could be offered an early buyout actuarial  payoff where those rich seniors can accept an early payoff which would get them off the social security roles  and save additional money.

      Some age adjustments have long been part of insuring the solvency of social security. As we know, people are living longer and longer, and we must make some realistic adjustments here as well. Those citizens under 30 should have their full retirement age set back to 70..with an early retirement option at 65. Another needed adjustment would be to raise the current early adjustment payouts. Millions have been forced out of the work force, with many unable to find jobs…. depending on that early retirement income. This amount needs to be adjusted to help the millions caught in our economic malaise. Another positive change, would be to increase the amount seniors can earn without losing money back to social security. Currently , a senior can earn 14,000 from a job…then they must pay back 50% over that amount back to the government as social security reimbursement. Senior cap on this reimbursement needs to be raised to a more modern amount , perhaps $25,000.

        A  myriad of option are open to our lawmakers. Smart folks on either side of the aisle can take the lead and start solving problems. We can solve issues,  political parties need to put the best interests of the country front and center. Partisan squabbling is not the message sent in 2012. Let’s seize the moment and get the job done.

Compromise is not a dirty word – “Econominc Calamity ” is much worse…


                       While  the Democrats and POTUS have the upper hand, they hardly have a mandate. While it was a big electoral college win, Americans split’s their vote  60 million for Obama, 57 million for Romney..50% tp 48%..pretty close. If the Democrats want an overall reform package…the Republicans are in a position to do good to help their “stock” is at a new alltime low.   We must keep in mind the House of Reps needs leadership,and we will see if  its there.  We Will see some fresh faces step up from the new ranks ..perhaps some fresh ideas can come together and help craft legislation in Washington….. to lay out the kind of legislation that’s going to get American’s working again…and regain confidence of the financial world.Happy Democrats have been gloating, let’s hope their getting it out of their system and the are ready to go down to work. To get a comprehensive plan passed, its going to need bi-partisian support of both house  of congress.

      My Democratic friends has lots  of suggestions after I expressed my desire to potentially compromise on some important issues.Some got feisty,even vulgar, I thought for a minutes I was getting heckled from my tea party readers! Right now this country needs a comprehensive bi-partisian bill that will both cut  govemental spending and  raise revenues. Let’s forget politics..this is economics. This must be done. We just need  figure out a way so it’s fair and acceptable to the American people.

      Taxes need to be raised for all those that took advantage of the Bush tax cuts. But instead of being punitive, we can legislate a more gradual increase…a compromise of sorts. Something like this may ignite agreement of a more broad based range. An agreement works when there is something in it for both sides. We need this agreement so the world markets maintain their confidence in us. This opportunity is crucial,the timing good for getting it done. Too many of  on the Democratic aide are screaming for “vengeance” s . That quality we don’ need, let’s leave the vengeance and bad feeling to the fading tea party. Progressive should let the president do his jobs, and if a few sacred vows like SS and Med need some adjustment…lets just do what we need to do. Everybody is willing to take sacrifices, as long as everybody’s part of the solution. Compromise and bipartisanship sound a lot better than a  “economic calamity’



Time for Democratic humility and compromise…. fiscal cliff looms.


                       While the Democrats celebrate their ‘big” victory…it didn’t take long for the “big hangover” to arrive. The American stock market suffered their sharpest retreat of the year. Smart money has been  loading up on the “short” side ..all indications are the stock market is in for a very rough ride. Corporate profits are not keeping up with the wild valuations. Cheap money has forced money managers into the stock market …making 1% on bonds doesn’t pay the bills. Financial markets are looking ahead and trouble looms. The markets are very concerned that gridlock will return to Washington next year ..with this country not able to form a comprehensive and cohesive economic reform legislation. In order to forge an economic reform that will instill confidence from the “markets” …Democrats and Republicans need to get together..for real.

        Tonight’s gloating by Rachel Maddow and other liberals is not where the Democrats should be going. In order to minimize  bad feelings and further gridlock’s time for sensitivity training. This country cannot get the needed legislation through with only one political party..  That means some real bargaining needs to take place. Democrat’s loathe to extend any Bush tax cuts..but reality may dictate a more amiable position from president Obama. The magic about being a second term president-Obama is free to “disappoint” liberals …no more elections in sight. Look for president Obama to half-extend the Bush tax cuts in order to forge a more favorable over-all economic plan. Democrats also need to get real about making some necessary changes in Medicare and Social security. Obama now has the politcal cushion to take an unpopular position and talk turkey with the Republicans. Cost need to be contained, there are many ways to make adjustments. Look for ‘means testing” to return to the national jargon. This sensible idea could tier deductibles and co-pays to be decidedly higher for high net worth individuals….saving the system additional money. Americans are living longer and longer…adjusting the social security retirement age is something that simply must happen…people under 30 may see their retirement age go to 70.

          It’s time for the wine and cheese crowd to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with their more conservative neighbors. No one political  party has an exclusive on the truth . The economic insanity must end…we must both cut governmental spending and raise revenues in order to sustain an economic recovery. Both political parties are under pressure to perform…Republicans are on death watch…and it may be an embolden President Obama that breathes life back to the Republicans…politics indeed makes strange bedfellows.

Tea party blows-up -Republicans facing extinction- time to sink or swim.


                                       A strong message was delivered tonight by the American people. Any national political party that doesn’t embrace muti-culturatism in today’s America might as well call it quits. The Republican party has been marginalized by the tea- party…and the billionaire buffoonery that bankrolls it. When a political party can only capture 5% of the black vote…and 30% of the Hispanic vote…you no longer represent a nation. The Republican face the prospects of being a regional party…never to seriously challenge for the White House again. Demographics will continue to shift against the old, white guy party. Karl Rove needs to be relieved of his duties…Norquist and the brothers need to find a new hobby…all the money in the world can’t buy off the American voter. These voter suppression wise guys never imagined the backlash they would create with their sabotage….kooks and propagandists shouldn’t be allowed to  control an entire political party.

                          When Romney’s spoke smack against 47% of America, his low opinion of his fellow Americans were heard loud and clear. You can be quite sure these feeling reflect the thought’s of the dark money interests that infected the Romney campaign. The future of the Republican party is surely at stake. Their policies must moderate, and they must begin to represent centrist American thought. How long can a political party represent just white people? How long can a political party disregard it’s women…and not promote equal pay and equal rights? When and until the Republicans begin to represent a wider cross-section of America …they will a party of secondary importance.

                Obama’s second term will look to bring important changes to this country. A comprehensive immigration reform bill is up for discussion. and self-deportation is not the winning position for the GOP.  “Obama-care” is here to stay…so let’s make it even better, time to stop criticizing and start legislating positive changes. The 50 billion dollar a year ‘war on drugs” needs modification…you can either be part of the problem, or part of the solution. Will Republican leadership step up and lead…Is their a Lindsey Graham, Haley Barbour,Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg type leadership..or will the tea party keep control…and force the GOP to become the party of the last century? A family always does better with two functional parents…are their any adults in the room?

Racial divide widens – Is the Civil war ever going to end?


                  The mainstream media is not going to stop the right-wing billionaires…(former and current slave owners) from their continued attempt to divide and conquer.  The amount of money flowing into media coffers  is unprecedented. Not much mention about Citizens United and the other “Super-Pacs” from the mainstream press…this “easy”money is a media moguls wet dream. So don’t expect true criticism of a Romney campaign …it’s just not smart business. Koch and Co…will be back in 2014 and 2016…and their greenbacks are expected and desired.

             These corporate titans  are still fighting the Civil war..almost 150 years later. Watch Tuesday night as the states go red and blue….and note that big swath of red called “the South” The early-voting catastrophe in Florida is a perfect example of what’s wrong. The Governor of one of the largest states is intentionally and willfully conspiring to suppress the vote. One early voting site in Dade in Broward county? Sunday hours 2 days before the election….early voting was open from 1.00 pm to 400pm. What the hell?  Lines were wrapped around the block…on this most convenient day for voters before the election. Governor Scott and his corporate cronies are doing everything they can to dis-enfrancise the minority vote. With Hispanics voting for Obama almost 70% and the black vote 95%…every early voter they can deny is essentially a vote for Romney on election day.

       Will the America media accept their responsibility to inform the American voter of all the manipulation and evil deeds? Why haven’t we held Mitt Romney responsible for the racism that he has allowed and apparently embraced. Is the smell of money more powerful then the stench of racism?  Is it time to examine the relationship of the corporate titans with those that give us the “news”. The real story of the 2012 election is just too disturbing…….will we ever put the civil war behind us?