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Romney disrespects America’s middle class- and grows stronger?


                    There’s an old adage in football…your never as bad on your worst day …and your never as good as you’re  best day. Even  champion teams occasionally get blown out by lesser competition. Inexplicably, an inferior team will look so good on any given day  that it defies  explanation. Whatever the real reasons are behind the presidents breakdown in Denver, one has to think that the next debate will bounce the presidents way….life has a way of balancing out.

                The interesting thing about writing over the last year…you get a real feel for what is really important to the American people.  It’s like having your own polling team. What issues get the most attention..the biggest reaction..the most re-tweets and comments? Readers may be surprised to learn what is not as important to the American people. While it’s upsetting that Romney avoided his taxes, this type of activity is not unexpected from the rich and privileged. Abortion…bible thumping…may excite the tea-publicans..planned parenthood and gay rights may be important to liberals…but these are not issues that “matter  ” to the 40% of Americans that fall  in mushy middle. Many voters, who are neither far left or far right, can’t understand or justify the disparity between the have’s and the have-nots. We have a national minimum wage of 7.25 an hour.Just north of the border in Canada..the minimum is $11.00…and wal-mart still makes billion of dollars in profits.  Just about everybody nowadays understand how difficult it is to put gas in the car, buy school supplies..and be able to afford a doctor when it’s needed.

   Romney and friends take pride in blasting ” Obama-care” and this may be the biggest single reason that will boost Obama to a 2nd term. Everyone is concerned about caring for their families..and the inability  to do just that weighs heavily on the voter. When Romney lied that his “health plan covers pre-existing conditions” and it just doesn’t..this will not be lost on the American voter.  Romney’s intransigents of embracing equal pay for women…and a livable wage for the workers.. stings of sexism, arrogance and subtle racism. Cutting through the clutter…when the votes are’s simply about the ability to earn a livable wage and being able to take care of your family’s health. When you insult Obama-care..and you insult the lower wage earners..this resonates with the American voter. Life has a way of balancing out…and Romney’s first half resurgence..will give way to the stronger message..and by the end of the game…the best team will win.

Does the reason for Obama’s Denver debate disaster begin in Libya?


               After spending the last days trying to decipher “why” president Obama “screwed the pooch” in Denver… a clearer picture may be  unfolding. Here’s what we do know for sure. The president was  extremely tired and unprepared. This is a fact everyone,regardless of political persuasion..can agree on.Was  Mitt Romney’s national campaign chairman, John Sununu’s remarks calling Obama “lazy and unprepared” part of a well orchestrated plan of attack? Would the  Republicantea party and it’s bevy of billionaires and neo-cons  do anything to win? …more than most would  imagine.? The orgins of Obama’s tiredness and unprepardness likely begins in Libya.

             The Libyan attack on the American embassy on September 11th…was a “at first blush” a  devasting blow to President Obama’s foreign policy credentials. Initially, the administration was selling this attack which took the life of our ambassador in Libya, Christopher Stevens and others.. as an anti-Muslim reaction to a anti-Muslim film. Did the neo-con’s   telegraph their intent through  conservative columnists Jennifer Rubin’s tellingopinion” piece in the Washington  Post…published on the same date as the debate,October 5th,2012 ?  She states in summary, ” Obama’s clumsy attempt to hide intelligence failure sweep it under the rug….prior to this year’s presidential election ..exposes the president’s on national security and foreign policy.  This attack comes conveniently just ahead of debate #2…”foreign policy” Is it possible that American are engaged in “civil war” with other Americans?   The administration now states..’It was a deliberate and organized terrorist attack carried out by “extremists.” Are these extremists that Obama is now pointing to really “Al Queda” or could this be America’s right wing neo-cons involving themselves in this clandestine effort to make our president look weak and amateurish? Is it possible that this effort was funded,supported..that logisitcal help was given and the pre-meditated violence was authorized by forces much closer to Denver than Libya?  Was this a planned  attack on the president’s foreign policy prowess.. orchestrated on September 11th…a pre-meditated calculation by the industrial military  complex to get their  “biggest bang for the buck“…  Using a  date sure to get the attention of the American voter?  It is not unthinkable, or even unlikely..that extreme elements in our own country played a key role in the attack in Libya.  

  It’s a historical fact that the Koch brother’s ..have Nazi origins. Are they  doing their best to carry out their mission….the destruction of liberals and multiculturalism that’s  threatening their whiteness and stranglehold over the modern world?  All the money in the world can’t makes these people as smart as the think they are..and can’t make Romney the president of the United States. They have already “turned out” Romney..holding his tax debacle as “blackmail”..with Romney doing everything he needs to do to please those  that infect our country. Does anyone doubt that these people,who relish voter suppression, who relish a minimum wage of $7.65 cents.. would go to any lengths to keep their stranglehold on the world? They starve the middle class..forcing tens of millions of people to foreclosure,and food stamp lines…while hiding behind their gated homes…and lilly white  corporations.

    God is watching all of us…and he can’t be very happy about what’s going on in this renegade planet called Earth. The battle between good and evil continues .. if we don’t get it together …the almighty might give us what very well might have coming. Maybe the Mayan’s had it right….and the end of our world is close at hand. Have fellow Americans waged warfare against other Americans …for there own domestic political purposes? Was Obama’s dismal performance the result of his angst ..knowing that hand to hand combat has begun to see who controls the White-house on November 7th?

Romney on his knees to the Koch Brothers.


                  When John Sununu,Romney’s national chairman,called our president lazy and stupid…the nuclear bomb of American politics was unleashed. The Republicans know that 99% of the black vote is lost. They have lost 70% of the Hispanic vote. It’s too late for them to make any dent in those numbers. What’s left?

The only way for Romney to win is to scare the white vote into voting for him. They have dug up the Willie Horton race card…with the stamp of approval from the man that would be the next president of the United States. Romney has not fired Sununu,despite his claim that he loves to fire people.The right-wing billionaires have taken over the Romney campaign. Mitt’s tax burden has put him in a weak position. They allowed him to be nominated,and now Romney has to suck Koch cock..and like it…take it read deep Mitt. 

   Sorry to be so graphic…but it’s the absolute truth. Romney has handed over his campaign to the worst elements that exist in America.The Koch brothers father is the founder of the John Birch society. The Koch family has a long history of Nazi activities…there family was past and parcel of the third Reich. These Nazi infiltrators have taken over Mitt’s campaign..they allowed the nomination to go thru..they could have easily stopped it…but they have Romney by the balls and they are squeezing . This is the real truth of the 2012 Republican party. The truth needs to be exposed. We gave Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers the keys to the car..and they are doing whatever they want. We must hold them accountable..OR WE ALL FAIL. This outlandish behavior should cost the Republicans not only the White-House, but the Senate and the House..and the balance of power on the supreme court. We must get major media to ask the questions and expose the real truth. We must demand it…these media companies are just as intimidated by Koch s Romney. The New York Times must stand up and be heard on this issue..they are the only media that might have the courage to tell the repugnant truth. Feeling Sundays New York Times..will be explosive. America must come together and defeat the Nazi’s one more time. Romney is just as racist, just as culpable as Sununu. Time to demand accountability.

Unemployment rate 7.8% – Tea party paranoia -claims Chicago “fixed” the number…


                  The all important unemployment number came out this morning..and it’s great news for president Obama and the Democrats. The unemployment rate is LESS than it was when Obama took office four years ago.   It didn’t take more than 5 minutes before Jack Welch,former chairman of GE…turned to “twitter” .to declare the number “fixed” by that “shady” gang in Chicago. Once again, we have the right-wing shooting off their mouth with bullshit. They are horrified the news is good for the American people. Voters  are growing tired of the tea-party’s continual spin against anything good happening for the economy ..and these are the folks the self-label themselves as “patriots” !

        This news of a pick-up in the American economy is bad news for Mitt Romney and his billionaire friends. In the last 24 hours, the tea party has shown there true colors. Romney’s co-chairman John Sununu went to national TV to assert Barack Obama is stupid and lazy. Then Sununu friend..Jack Welch…besmirches the integrity of our government by declaring the numbers were “cooked”. The only thing that’s “cooked” around  here is  the future of these less than patriotic extremist views of tea party members. The backlash in this country against those that throw hand grenades against our country’s progress is palatable. If we accept the governments numbers were now labeled liberal and  “stupid” by the tea-sipping  propagandists. Watch all day today on twitter..the extremists will be out in full glory quoting jumping Jack  and his fading legacy.

    The bottom-line? This news has insured the re-election of president Obama. Ohio is not going to Romney’s team…it’s just not happening. In fact, this bullish news for the American people will fortify the Democrats balance of power. Look for the senate to be majority Democratic..and the surprise waiting for the right-wing..the House. will be more Democratic … with a possibility of actually being a Democratic majority. The “trend is your friend” as they like to say on wall-street. Despite the presidents poor performance in this weeks debate, polling will move again when this unemployment number is digested by the American people. Good is good..despite the right-wings attempt to “color” anything good coming out of the Obama administration. The tea party’s decimation of the Republican party as we know it continues. Let them blast away all they want at” Chicago” and the integrity of the American people. We will all receive the “report card” on November 6th…will we see more claims of number fixing and stupidity from Jack and John..let’s hope so!

Romney approved and sanctioned.. National tea-chairman calls Obama lazy& stupid-


                   It took less than 24 hours for Romney to give back anything he might have gained in his debate win in Denver. John Sununu,Romney’s national chairman, disgraced himself and his fellow tea sippers with his racially charged, offensive remarks on national T.V…while  being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell. Yes, Obama had a bad night..and no one really knows why…but most of Americans..even many  Republicans…know  this Harvard educated, serious  man is neither lazy or stupid. What type of manager is Romney really, if he let’s this “man”  talk about our sitting president this way? Maybe this is acceptable talk in Bain’s boardroom…but it doesn’t belong in any of our country’s “family” rooms.

       Disagreements on principle and substance are well and good…but the tea-party is huge on name calling and race baiting. They are the kings and queens of voter suppression and intolerance. Ive received lots of feedback from previous columns from  the tea party.  So far, this blogger been called a shithead, communist 3x ,socialist 4x, crazy, stupid..and Ive received two real threats. What is up with these people that have no respect for anyone who doesn’t look and sound like them? This cancer that has infected the Republican party…is both a gift that keeps on giving to the Democrats….and a national disgrace. 

     Romney is losing this race primarily  because middle class American women are offended by the right-wing treatment of women. The so-called “waitress mom’s” want solutions to their problems…not name calling and crudeness. While Romney worked hard during his debate to entice women to come back just took a few seconds of tea madness to offend women….and men…just about any normal person takes offense at these type of nasty, unnecessary remarks by a Romney leader.

       Mitt  Romney may have bullied his way though the last debate…but I’m thinking the American people won’t be bullied come November 7th. It will be quite clear the who is really “stupid”. All the billionaire bullion in the world can’t make Romney smart. You judge a person by the company he keeps…the verdict is in on Romney. He will be a footnote in history..and this will be the last hurrah for John Sununu..time to put him in his”rightful” place…never again to besmirch our president..or  the American people.


Something’s rotten in Denmark..I mean Denver…..Why did Obama not put up a fight? (Benghazi)


                 Last night’s  debate in Denver could very well be the turning point in this years presidential election…that’s not a stretch…the presidents performance was that bad. The New York Times columnist Charles Blow suggested that “President Xanax ” was AWOL. I have to admit I thought the exact same thing…he appeared to be subdued and somewhat tranquilized. My gut is screaming that there’s more to president Obama’s dismal performance than the wonders of modern medicine.

          There are so many questions left unanswered today..and doubting the mainstream media will ask the questions that need to be asked. Were already seeing the ‘talking heads” strategies that the president was trying to look”presidential” and above the fray. From the moment the debate began, it was obvious the president was nervous. The moderator was also not “on his game”..not even close. Why did these 2 very experienced men let Romney dominate the show and score a big win? Does Mitt Romney and the GOP hold some unknown “cards” that they promised not to play for the presidents agreement not to mention about the “47%”..not to mention about Romney’s tax problems?  How could Obama allow Romney to scold the president about his “moral” rehensibility about the deficit, when Romney’s moral compass points his allegiance towards the Cayman Islands? How could Romney get away with blasting the moderator and PBS..literally threatening to take his livelihood front of 60 million viewers…without a whimper from either man?

     We can only conjecture about what may have been the reasons Obama held his powder. In front of 60 million viewers, was Obama intimidated by Romney and his gaggle of right-wing billionaires? There is a reason why Obama didn’t fight …my futuristic sense is telling me that Romney holds some damning piece of tape ..or information…or evidence…from the past…. that he used to keep the president seemingly “xanaxed” . How upset do you the the GOP is that the tape of Romney dressing down the “47%’..has come to light? Really, really,pissed. Private moments at private receptions aren’t usually fair game.

    The mainstream press needs to dig down deeper and find out why the president longed to be at anniversary dinner…instead of showing up to the debate. Romney was way too confident..and the president was way to nervous. If Romney and the boys had an “October” surprise…they sure pulled it out at the right time …they totally dismantled team Obama. If this theory of intimidation is correct…and we all know this is the tea-party/billionaire favorite tactic…debate #2 will tell the story. If Obama doesn’t come out swinging..doesn’t talk 47% and taxes…than we know our president has allowed himself to be “compromised”.. Romney is holding something “really hot” over the presidents head. Something smells in Denmark..oh..I mean Denver…why did our president roll-over for Romney and his gang…there’s surely a reason..let’s find out.

Romney scores a win…big bird…big government… losers!


                            If you love big bird …this was a very disturbing debate…. “the friends of Big Bird” might start looking for a new station very soon . Presdent Obama looked nervous  , tired and unprepared….Romney looked vibrant and well- rested…he  scored a solid win tonight. This horse race just got seriously closer. There is no way the Democrats can spin this debate as nothing more than a disaster. Obama looked like he much rather be at anniversary dinner….the American people are left hungry.

    Obama-care..Obama-care..Obama-care…I’m feeling sick…is this a pre-existing condition? Feel like scrambled eggs with this health-care debate/debacle. The president looked defensive,stuttered and stammered his way thru this mess. He indeed pushed thru the “Affordable Care Act ” without ONE vote from any Republican….did the Democrats push through a well-intentioned but flawed bill? Sure seems like a salient question now. Nothing but rehearsed lines and double talk about the economy from both sides. Neither candidate instilled any confidence that America’s economic problems will be solved anytime soon.Romney’s assertion of  “trickle-down government” was a well-placed zinger that took Obama further off his game…thinking Romney scored a big win here.

  The ” green ” attack also drew some more blood from the POTUS. Romney’s claim of a 90 billion dollar disaster that ‘took money” that could have been used by teachers went unchallenged….you almost felt like Obama agreed with Romney on this. Perhaps the president felt all he had to be tonight was ‘presidential” ..but he was  mistaken.  No word about Romney’s personal tax challenges….and of course not a word was mentioned about the minimum wage..this crucial issue is about as popular as cutting medicare.This first of three debates was a clear win for Romney and the GOP.  Tonight the president made Romney look like a serious presidential contender. …it was a disappointing night for  Democrats,big bird and big government….all three of which  may become  endangered spiecies.

12 steps for America’s recovery…


               When terrorists burst America’s  bubble of infallibility more than a decade ago…the American people rallied together nicely against a common enemy. Their wasn’t much political division…and for a short while we indeed felt like the UNITED states of America. Do we again have to fall into the depths of despair to rally our country? Can we put the best interest of the American people front and center? No matter who wins this presidential election, this country will face the most serious and confounding myriad of issues ever to challenge  this nation. What’s our plan?

        Accept our wide variety of opinions, peoples and beliefs without demeaning our fellow Americans .Can we  stop beating each other up over our differences? The more conservative among us must accept and embrace  equal pay for women…and equal rights for loving couples. The more liberal among us must honor fellow  Americans  heartfelt belief’s  to protect the rights of the unborn…and unyielding faith in God.

    Stop using health care as a political football….every living soul in our great company deserves adequate and humane access to health care. Let’s not threaten and scare our senior citizens…and let’s not crash social security and medicare for our younger people.

  Let’s stop pretending that half of America doesn’t contribute to our economic growth…and that the other half of America doesn’t contribute much to our success and economic power.

Can we accept and embrace America’s founding and unique belief that everybody has the right to vote…we should make voting easier and not more difficult. At the same time acknowledge that both political parties deserve a voting system that is fair ,equitable and not tilted for one side or the other.

Are we ready to accept America’s melting pot of equal opportunity..while at the same time protecting our borders and homes from those that willfully break the law and compromise our safety?

Can we demand that America’s media concentrate on real issues…and not pound each other in the ground over the occasional stupid remarks and human-missteps? Can liberal networks treat conservatives more respectfully ,and the same for Fox news and right-wing radio shows.?Is it ratings at all cost…no matter the damage it contributes?

While the American people are very used to a “two” party political system..can we open our minds to a more open and accepting  dialogue. Libertarians Independents ,’socialists’ and ‘fundamentalists’ deserve to be engaged and respected.No one group owns a monopoly on truth and wisdom…no one is right all the time.

   Is it time to end our 50 billion dollar a year war on drugs?…and stop making our jails a profit center that creates the highest incarceration rates in the entire world? Can we reign in states rights..and not allow minorities to face the death penalty at a 10-1 ratio over their white counterparts? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

Can we demand accountability from our food sources…accept the findings  of medical specialists that tell us what we eat can kill us and create better preventitive health care?  Can we  control capitalism…without a check and balance..we are creating a dangerous brew of corporations running wild over its customers.

  Can we create a tax fairness system that doesn’t allow the more wealthy among us to take advantage of their  “positions”..while also not allowing those in need to exploit the hard work and success of other Americans.?

Is it time to stop pitting the rich vs the poor..the black vs. the white…and come together with compromise and ingenuity…the qualities that have created a greater America. Division will not move our country forward…it threatens our very existence.

Can we accept our differences….and embrace a middle ground so this country can solve  problems? No matter who resides in the White House after November..a daunting tasks confronts the winners..and the losers. Is it time to accept our shortcoming s…acknowledge differences..and craft policies that bring us together. We must overcome the “forces” that create disharmony and instability…let’s accept our human frailties ..and join together to create a better America.

Does anyone want to talk about the minimum wage?


                 Wondering if during Wednesday nights presidential  debate we will even hear a peep from either candidate about the minimum wage? Most of us are concerned about the millions and millions of people that are now on food stamps. If we had a federally mandated minimum wage …maybe so many Americans wouldn’t have the need to get governmental assistance to feed their families. 70% of the American economy is driven by consumer spending. A team of wild horses couldn’t stop these Americans from spending their money…thus fueling economic growth. Their  needs are great, putting money in peoples hands will provide a spark of life to the economy. Unfortunately ,what we have seen is the big money ,corporate class  sidelining any effort to bring the American workforce fair and just wages.With jobs in short supply, politicians have not pushed the issue of protecting workers with a livable minimum pay. We have union busting..we still have many right to work states with little worker protection…and expensive states like Florida offering a paltry minimum wage of $7.65..and that includes a recent pay raise! Due to corporate power and control of both political parties, no one is protecting these workers. Everybody’s wages are held down by allowing companies like McDonald’s and Walmart to call the tune in this country.

   McDonald’s and many other fast food companies are very profitable . If we paid these workers a realistic wage to support you really think these corporations would go out of business.?  Do you think they would stop making healthy profits? Instead of a $1.00 dollar menu…we could make it $1.49 menu…and use these 49cents to pay fair wages. I’m a businessman and I’m not suggesting a dramatic or unrealistic minimum wage. We can have a federal worker protection wage of $10.00  an hour. We can keep a teen wage for workers 14 to 17 in the 7.00 to 8.00 an hour range. Someone has to stand up for the American workforce and demand realistic compensation. On top of these low wages, many of these companies offer meager health benefits, or some times none at all. A new wrinkling in many industries is to only hire part-time help…allowing employers to stiff out on providing health insurance and eliminate any chance at overtime.

    The democrats are most at fault because they have not been strong enough and they are not standing up for the very people that elect them to office. We all should be up in arms about the exploitation of the lower and middle classes in this country. Let’s see if this issues are  even addressed during the upcoming debate. My money says…  is it will go by the wayside once again, nobody seems to have  the courage to push for fairness for the American worker. Please ask our two presidential candidates where they stand about these  issues. Does anyone want to talk about helping the working poor and middle Americans?