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Gov. Christie embraces Obama. Eyes 2016 GOP nomination…

                 The historical storm that has rocked the East coast no doubt will have an effect on this years presidential election. Obama has cancelled election events, and is in Washington D.C quarterbacking government response. Gov. Chrisite and President Obama have teamed up well together in an effort to get New Jersey back on it’s feet… with Christie singing the presidents praise. …while Romney is in Ohio giving away canned goods .. caught in a tough situation …needing to electioneer … but pretty much sidelined in deference to the crisis on hand.

                   Not very long ago Gov Chris Christie was the headline speaker preceding Gov. Romney at the GOP national convention. Christie self-absorbed speech  took most of the time promoting himself, and rarely muttered the Romney name. In his speech aftermath, the Romney people were very critical of Christie’s address. ..and Christie wasn’t too pleased with the Romney “machine”  If Romney turns up a winner  in 2012, Christie is sidelined to at-least 2020. On the other hand, If Obama wins…Romney’s career is done, and Christie stands tall as a statesman and leading Republican candidate and alternative to the damaged Paul Ryan  in 2016.

        While Christie and Obama mutual admiration society is in full bloom, Romney is pretty much set back to secondary status. With POTUS looking hands on and well in charge of the FEMA effort, Romney’s words during the Republican nominating process of “getting rid of  FEMA “and “privatizing” . ring hollow and plain short-sighted in the wake of this natural disaster.

     With pollsters put out of business with 7 million people out of power ..and the ensuing chaos…don’t look for any  more meaningful polling. The election stands in the balance..seems an unlikely chance for Gov. Christie to even the score against Romney and his Romney critics, will serve the cause of helping seal the deal on the re-election of President Obama.


Republicans face extinction? Is there a new politcal voice looming?


                  While the polls continue to show a tight presidential race…the raw truth is the Democrats are prohibitive favorites to score a victory November 6th. The senate will become more Democratic…as will the House of Representaives. Despite Citizen’s United and unfettered anonomous spending …middle class common sense will  prevail. The bungling ,billionaires tried to buy the election…but the American people weren’t in much a buying mood.

             Most Americans thought the civil war had ended sometime back around 1865. However a disturbing chunck of Americana still covets the confederate flag and ..probably succession too. The story of this election is how a major American presidential nominee can ignore racism under his noise..and not get called on the carpet for it. His tin ear and silence might as well being a ringing endorsement of this racist underbelly of American society . The few truly undecided voters left in this country are mostly  white folk…and the last ditch attempt to bring them over to the GOP is a wild frenzy, with no boundaries or rules. 

        When this years brand of TeaRepublcians loses badly in November,  Republicans and Independents,Libertarians and some Democrats… will  come to terms with the marginalization  of the Republican party. The TEAGOP has left much of this country isolated…not on board with the extreme right or the wild-eyed left.  The American middle has been left by both political parties…and 2012 will be the year that propels the RADICAL MIDDLE into a politically centrist party that can rule this country without gridlock or corporate domination.  Middlecrats may very well replace the Republicans…and the Democrats better watch out…a second term liberal overreach will fuel the radical center. Can America  really put the civil war behind us once and for all….and a sensible America front and center?

More racism from John Sununu? Romney going to say anything?

                  It’s time Mitt Romney takes control of his campaign and dismiss John Sununu from his position as one of the top leader in his campaign. It will never happen though. Sununu is literally the racist mouthpiece of those billionaires that control the new old Tea Republican and Mitt Romney. Just today on national TV, Sununu dismissed General Powell’s endorsement of Obama by explaining” Did you see what Powell looks like?” Blacks support blacks, the are rightfully proud. Such a low, scum of the earth remark …preceded by last weeks remarks characterizing Obama as “stupid and lazy”. Wow, our politics really suck…this is really happening in 2012?

           When Romney marginalized the Republican party prospects in 2012 though his tax dodging-Cayman Island DEBACLE… he owed a deep debt of gratitude to the far right-wing for sticking with him. Weeks before the Republican convention, there was plenty of rumbling about dumping Mitt. Instead the tea party, Norquist and the brother’s  just decided to co-opt him. He’s been turned out ..the nomination of Paul Ryan as the most obvious gift to the extreme elements. 

         Did you know “Romney” is going to repeal Obama-care on his first day in office…just as he was ordered to say by his handlers. Never mind it’s a health plan that Romney originally created…with much success in Massachusetts. The billionaires say no to Obama-care, so that’s the end of the discussion. Same on the abortion issue. The tea party is the Republican party, and Romney has no choice but to stand by the side of these scary extremists.

   At the end of the day, progressives and independents should consider themselves blessed by tea and Citizens United. With an American economy this weak, President Obama  was vulnerable. So, Romney’s turn over to the disturbing ,worst  elements of the Republican party …has propelled president Obama to a likely second term on Nov 6th,2012  


Will the election be delayed? Presidential elections & a 100 year storm?

                   Update – Oct 31st 2012…Serious doubts are surfacing for the ability for the general election to proceed next Tuesday. Transportation, election difficulties …lack of proper voting machines and locations… . Election may be delayed one week or extended deadlines in effected states. Unprecedented.Constitutional crisis may be looming  

                  Original -Oct 26th,2012 Oct Eastern part of the United States is just days a way from a potential weather calamity. Forecasters are shaking their heads in agreement that this storm is uniquely dangerous…and has the capacity to have a detrimental..and possibly drastic… effect on this years presidential election.

             The storm is already predicted to cost over one billion, and that estimate could turn out to be low. The power outage expected this week could be in the millions and days without power are unknown. The most populated areas  of the United States sit and wait for the approaching storm.

     Can the United States election  be delayed by a weather event? I have no idea what the answer is…but what if millions are without power and unable to cast a vote..what then?  Could we move back the election one week to November 13th. We may want to ask some questions, this would be voter suppression on steriods…by a higher authority? Im asking the readership, should the election  delayed by one week if the United states is rocked by this potential unprecedented storm..leaving millions unable to vote?

Gen. Powell endorses Obama…Romney endorses what his owners allow…


                   What a contrast. President Obama receives a very powerful endorsement from Gen. Colin Powell . Powell highlighted Obama’s solid record protecting America from terrorism , his ending two wars while not getting us involved in any new wars….and steadying an economy that he inherited  in 2008 that was at a disastrous stage.

            What’s going on in the Romney campaign? They’ve sent Paul Ryan to Siberia ( Arkansas and Alabama) ….protecting the right-wing billionaires investment for 2016. Romney’s legacy choice is toxic about now, he won’t be speaking to any waitress mom’s in Ohio anytime soon. Romney continues to support extremists on abortion..he has no choice because he is not his own man.His true position is at odds with the position he is forced to take. This alone disqualifies Romney from the qualities needed from a president. … never mind his refusal to castigated John Sununu’s racist remarks about our president..he couldn’t… those remarks reflect the ownership of 2012 GOP.

   The Republicans fevered attempt to deny voting rights to as many as possible..a favored position of Romney’s proving to be futile effort…,in fact… it’s   backfiring on these evil-doers. Early voting turnout in many states is at a record pace…benefiting democracy and president Obama. Most key states have set aside previous laws tightening voter regulations. Moderate American’s think voting should be easy..and tilting the system against the elderly and poor…  does not sit well with the regular voters. Interesting to note the Republican corpocracy freely encourages owners of large companies to strongly suggest voting Replicanican to their employees  .if you like your job and benefits …they’re so subtle. 

     Romney sold out to the right-wing punishment… for Romney undercutting the Republican chances in 2012 due to his tax irregularities. His flip-flopping policies are proof positive that Romney is not in charge of his own candidacy. Strategies…,like not discussing details of his 5 trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy Americans..,is because  Romney has no say…he’s just going with the flow. He owes the Koch’s …. they could have stopped Romney’s nomination cold over the tax issue..they used it as leverage to get what they wanted.

    When all is said and done, one thing will be clear when Obama wins re-election. Right-wing buffoonery was the best thing that could have happened to boost Obama to a second term. When Gen Obama took to CBS today with an impassioned endorsement …he strongly questioned Romney’s flip-flopping positions that defy logic…he seemed to endorse the notion  that the real  Mitt Romney was not allowed to present himself to the electorate in 2012.

Detroit sinks Romney in foreign policy debate….


                      Monday night’s presidential debate was tailored made for the president. He was aggressive, he had command of the facts. He knew this issues with detail and confidence. Romney seemed less assured…and played it safe. The real news in this debate seemed when the discussion turned to the issue of Detroit… debating Romney’s previous view that GM should have been allowed to go down in bankruptcy. The facts of the matter is when GM needed private funding ,it was not their,Romney friends had their hands in their pockets. It’s  Obama and his gutsy move to provide the cash ….banking on Detroit when our  banks failed to buck up.

   When all is said and done…states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and most importantly Ohio will  go Democratic, pundits will look back at he jobs Obama saved in these heartland states in regard to the auto bailout. Instead of the USA chocking on Chinese imports, the USA car companies have put the  pedal to the meddle. When all is said and done, it’s the waitress moms in Ohio that want equal pay for equal work,planned parenthood and reproductive rights…and Ohio dad’s that have a lower unemployment rate then the nation..keeping us at the cutting edge of job creation throughout the vast auto industry.

                         Romney must regret writing that op-ed piece for the New York Times. “Let Detroit go bankrupt” .When these words were muttered, Im sure Romney  had no idea this might be the difference in him winning the Whitehouse. If Wisconson,Michigan,Pennsyvlvannia and Ohio hold for Obama….Democrats owe Detriot …and Romney the columnist…for handing Obama his second term.

Obama wins debate, but media bias is disturbing…The people can decide on their own!!


                       As one sided Romney’s debate win was in Denver…Obama more than evened the score  with a pure pounding of Mr. Romney. Outclassed, out gunned at every turn, we saw a more true view of who Mitt Romney really is. His demeanor was mostly bullying..and his expression towards the end of the debate couldn’t hide what we were all seeing. Dollars to donuts polling will reflect in the next day’s a complete bounce back for team Obama. Unfortunately the strong performance of the president is diminished as we see media bias steer an electorate to the candidate of their choice. Crowley favored Obama at every turn…and more importantly  hand selected the 10 questions that were asked during this debate.  Questionaire after questionaire didn’t seem so “undecided”…and blue collar Republicans  and their country club brethern   weren’t invited to this little clique.  

             From round one to round 10….Obama dominated this night. He would defend his position…and turn right back on Romney… boldly questioning Romney’s  positions with e authority of a president. Obama scored the biggest when immigration was discussed, reminding the audience of Romney’s “self-deportation” plan for American’s immigrants. Pay equity for women was discussed..and again Romney looked a  sexist,dated  Republican. His condescending tone was telling when he agreed “equal pay for women” was an important topic.  Romney looked bad on contraception and …his condemnation of China while investing personally in slave labor  was another telling moment for Romney.  The president was aggressive, freely reminding the audience about Romney’s 47% indiscretion. When Romney felt like he had Obama on the “Libyan tragedy” and lax security…Candy Crowley became fact-checker-in-chief in real time..and knocked down Romney’s claim of Obama’s denial of “terrorists” being involved in Libya. While she was factually  correct …her control of the debate,personal  bias…and stacked questions from the audience was the only dark cloud on this evenings debate. The George Bush questions..assault weapons…immigration….every question seemed tailored made for the president. Obama certainly won this nights on his merits, but the voter doesn’t need “moderators” and “media” companies picking the winners and the losers.

                 This night was all Obama and the Democrats….but perhaps in the third debate….we can have the moderator step back..and let’s these two adults slug it out for themselves. Don’t underestimate the American voter….we just want fairness..all around..we can decide for ourselves… We don’t need PBS, FOX ,CNN or anyone else playing us..we get it….the media needs to do their job…and the voters will do their’s!


Wal-mart-McDonalds-Bank of America control both political parties-Middle class powerless…?


                    It’s time we call it the way it is. Big business is in full control of our country, the working poor and middle class are pawns in the chess match of corporate greed and power. We all know the Republicans are the party of big business…but don’t be mislead..the Democrats also worship the Gods of re-election. The supreme court put their stamp of approval on Citizens United… and we the people have lost control of the political process. We’ve created the best government money can buy…corporations rule…the people drool.

         Our president and congress are part-time legislators, and full-time money whores. It’s all about survival of the fittest…and the priorities of the political class threaten our very existence. We’ve allowed corporate dominance, now we grimace at the results… high unemployment, broken health care and 50 million people forced into accepting food stamps. Neither political party has said a word about our American disgrace of a minimum wage that is not even close to a livable wage. Canada has an average minimum wage of $11.00, England $15.00, Australia $16.00 and the USA has a national minimum wage of $7.25..WTF!

    We love to tell the world America is the greatest country in the world, when the truth is we’ve fallen far behind much of the world. Many parts of our country have 3rd world type conditions…poor education, sub-standard housing  …but no shortage of lottery tickets, cigarettes, liquor, fast food that kills us…and pay-day profiteers that suck the life blood out of our working class. We allow the likes of Bank of America and Wells Fargo to finance and  hide behind these payday shops, charging interests rates that run 100 to 500%…not a misprint! Wal-mart pays $11.00 an hour to our neighbors up North in Canada. Profits from Canadian operations are strong…billions of dollars of profits stream to Wal-mart coffers from Canada. Just lately, Wal-mart USA has seen some backlash, there’s pockets of discontent from the workers..but as long as we turn our heads, buy the China made slave labor crap and keep the profits flowing…Wal-mart will continue business as usual.

   Nancy Pelosi recently stated that if Obama is re-elected…they will work to over-turn Citizens United. Sorry to break the news, but she’s not to be believed, it won’t happen…the only way change will happen is if Pelosi feels the heat from the “people”. The middle class has the power of numbers….a 3rd political party that does not accept corporate money is a necessity. Control 10 senate seats and the middle class can control all future legislation. The “Middlecrat” movement can happen…the middle class can out muscle the loan sharks and slave labor lovers. Do we let the corporate powers starve the working class before we take charge..or do we come together and out think and our hustle the burger beasts and money whores? There is a plan of action…donate $20.00 to a new polircal party…a world-wide effort…5 million people equals 100 million dollars…plenty of money to finance senate races in low-hanging small media market states. The world is flat…time for the people to start flattening the thugs that control us…the middle class can seize power!

No matter who wins- the middle class will lose.-Demand public financing of elections.


                 Until we decide to take Citizens United, George Soros and the Koch brother’s out of the “king maker role”  nothing much different will happen for the majority of American people. Wages in this country are stagnant, and it’s not only  because it’s a tough economy. Wages are stagnant because this is what’s beend decided  by federal law – a law that both the Republicans and Democrats support. These two parties only worship the “God of re-election” and the American people are the big losers. Neither party can take the risk of truly fighting the big corporations as they dole out the mother’s milk of election cash. A public election system can solve that problem..set aside a 12 weeks period..each candidate can have their time – equal amounts of money for all duly elected representatives.

                     Why do we in 2012 still support a  national minimum wage of $7.25 and hour. Florida is at $7.65….while our friends in Canada have a minimum wage of 11.00 an hour and is $15.00 in England and $16.00 in Australia. This is the ugliest type of corporate welfare or kickbacks that we allows  corporations to dictate pay rates to  working Americans.  Want to bring folks ahead, want to jump start the American economy? Just put some extra hard earned money into the consumers  hands. 70% of the economy is consumer  driven. Wal-mart pays 11.00 dollars an hour in Canada,and they have record profits every year!

           This is why Americans needs a third political party. The Middlecrats..that’s us… both Dem’s and Rep..can.bring in Independents, libertarians, Green party, no party….and selected the best and brightest to run for senate seats throughout America. Concentrate  on selected low hanging fruit states. Ths plan is something that can be implemented. without pressure from a middle-centrist party…American workers will never have a livable minimum wage. The two parties are owned and controlled by the people that would hold the American worker down long as they can get away from it. Demand fairness…demand change, otherwise no matter who wins the White-house, nothing will change…the American middle class will continue to shrink away.

Ryan short on specifics- Biden dominates this debate…..


                  Joe Biden and Paul Ryan tangled in a fast-moving ,interesting debate tonight in Kentucky. Several times Paul Ryan was pressed for specifics, but like Romney, he was either unable or unwilling to level with the American people. When pressed on foreign policy and specifics on drawing down our troops in the middle east, Ryan both agreed with the 2014 timeline of draw down..while saying setting a date specific was a mistake. Ryan denied sanctions in Iran are having a effect, seemingly to prefer the war option. One wonders if the Romney/Ryan even has a coherent strategy..seems it’s a work in progress.

       Domestically, Biden and the Democrats scored some major points in favor of the middle class. Pointing out if Ryan’s “privatization” of George Bush’s social security plan was adopted, American seniors would be in an even worse predicament then they already are. Younger people especially, instead of building up a real nest egg, would have seen their tax dollars lost to a Topsy/turvy stock market during the Bush administration. It’s hard to make the case for privatization of medicare, letting the private market provide “competition” via vouchers, instead of the current system of guaranteed benefits and security for both young and old.              

     Toward the end of the debate , a strong contrast was drawn again form these two catholic vice-presidential nominees. Ryan admitted that he is and will be unable to separate his personal beliefs from his public employment. He stood by his right-wing beliefs, insisting that life begns at conception, willing to deny abortion rights, even in the case of rape and incest. Conversely, Biden is able to seperate his religious beliefs from public policy … standing by a women’s right to make her own personal determination on her life. Any non-catholics…may feel a little queasy, knowing all Ryan’s public position will be hand in hand with his own personal religious dogmatism.   

    Score a solid win for Obama/Biden. Ryan didn’t help himself with the middle class ..especially women..who will determine this election. Polling is likely to modestly bounce back for the Democrats after the Obama debate disaster in Denver.  The polls in Ohio still favor the president by 4…and likely to firm up after this debate.With 26 days to go , Americans are looking for specifics..and Paul Ryan couldn’t deliver on this night in Kentucky.