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Romney doubles down on pathetic. Obama wins by default.


               How inept  can a major political party be…with the advantage of having all the money in the world.. running against an administration, truth be told..that’s is an economic disaster? Just toda ,Romney doubled down on pathetic, trying to make cheap politcal points off an American tragedy in Libya.   One must wonder how the Republican party will survive and be a major force going forward. They have so tainted they’re  brand that Republicans run the risk of becoming a footnote in history. The GOP is in major meltdown…led by a really questionable human being. Does they’re best chance victory lies in their ability to suppress the vote and disenfranchise million of Americans. Only Mitt Romney could catapult the POTUS to a 7 to  10 point lead and a prohibitive 78% favorite to win the presidency. In fact, if the trend continues..and it likely will …were about to see an electoral victory that can only be  characterized as a blowout.

      Unemployment figures are dismal, with the true unemployment rate is  atleast  12%. I have two brothers that have had long, successful work careers. They have both been unemployed for over a year..with little prospect of getting hired anytime soon. Gas prices are at record levels, the cost of food rising..the only thing that’s more empty than your grocery cart is your wallet. Americans are using more alcohol and anti-depressants than ever…it’s not just the poor that are trying to escape from the realities of our current economic situation.The biggest dopers  in American society are white and upper middle class. They only difference is they have access to doctors who hand  out the xanax like skittles…no need to break the law and end up in jail, that’s only for poor people.

    All Romney needed to do was follow the yellow(green?)  brick road to the White-house. He had every advantage in the books…but alas, all the money and advantages in the world can’t turn Romney into presidential timber. Obama is out to a lead that is becoming insurmountable..not because of his success…only because of Romney’s incompetence. As the electorate witnesses this battle of political buffoonery becomes more and more clear that the two party system is antiquated and no longer serves the needs of it’s people. Perhaps the only real positive coming out of this election…will be the American voters utter disdain for the current two party  fiasco. Can we learn a lesson moving forward ..and take control of our political we can make real, substantive progress down the road? How much pain must we suffer..before we unite as a nation and take ownership of our situation and manifest real change? Only time will tellthe two political parties surely won’t tell us! It’s not good business$$$.

Middle class movement-Wake-up call to Dem’s & Rep…


               Imagine how refreshing it would be if the middle class kicked both the Democrats and Republicans  in the ass? Tired of being ignored and getting the short end of the stick? Middle class momentum is palatable as discomfort with the status quo brews.  Money is the only thing that moves mountains around here, and seems that’s really not a very smart way to run a country. How much longer could we just settle for the the lesser of two evils?

    We don’t have to settle anymore. Nothing is more powerful than a united middle class. While we all may vary a little left or a little right, … members of the middle class have similar goals. When is the last time someone in the Federal government seem concerned the minimum wage in many states is less than 8.00 an hour? Not only can you not raise a family on that wage, but these low wages force you into accepting food stamps . Low wages and right-to -work states reduce wages for all in the American workforce..

    We don’t need threats about taking away medical care. We don’t have the where-with-all …health care is too is to precious. If the GOP really thinks it’s scoring points with threatening to repeal “Obama-care” ..why has Romney’s campaign not caught fire against an economically challenged Obama? The Democrat’s make it seem like if we just “tax the rich” and make them pay “their fair share” it would all be wine and roses. To the contrary, Democrats need  to face the music …medicare  and social security costs and promises are unsustainable.

   How does the middle class seize power and render the big money interests obsolete? Orgainze opposition in selected “low -hanging” fruit states. All the billionaires in the world can’t overpower a middle class made up of millions and millions of the underpaid and underrepresented. Stake a claim in Vermont, Montana..and other penetrable states. Make  this an international cause…the internet is a powerful weapon..we can engage small states with a global sized movement to unseat the status quo and prove all the money in the world can’t usurp a truly democratic movement. Organize and energize, pick charismatic leaders, and prove that American democracy is indeed still alive and well. The middle class doesn’t need a new political party, it need’s a political “movement”  to seize the balance of power and control future legislation. Be a Middlecrat and be the change that saves the world!

Corporatism hastening America’s downward spiral ….


              Now that each side has had their conventions, we are into the final stretch drive to the White House. We can argue who got the bigger bounce from the convention, presumably the Democrats who seem to benefit from having among their brethren many fine writers and show producers. Republicans are more stale and pale, thus their show was a bit more dull. Early polling suggest a modest bounce for Obama, which will flatten out after the jobs report. The election is close, but Obama has the edge electorally speaking.. with the Romney/Ryan ticket  positioned on the far right.

    The most interesting thing that happened in Tampa Bay for the Republicans wasn’t broadcast nationwide. Karl Rove’s  SuperPac- “American Crossroads”  met in Tampa Bay ..meeting with 70 or so of the nations must self-serving corporate whores. Rove’s  concentration is now on the senate, as he knows Romney is a 76% underdog in the in-trade betting ..he’s not likely to win the White House. The senate is the key governmental entity to get things done, the real power lies in these 100 senators. The GOP has some close races on its hand, if Obama begins to pull away….the senate may become more Democratic. The possibility of ever repealing “The Affordable Health Care Act” (let’s drop “Obamacare”) becomes less so…as this was Rove’s big pitch to get the fat-cats to pony up some more funny money….seed money to disembowel a health care act that million of Americans desperately need. 

   Karl’s group has a 300 million dollar budget, 200m for Romney ,70m for the senate and 30m for the house. Mind you this is just one SUPERPAC,  other groups have amassed their own gaudy budgets. The American people approved of this unlimited spending….so if we think it’s counterproductive to let the rich have free reigns, the middle class might want to get off their ass and say something about the Citizens United ruling.

  American apathy is unmatched. If we really cared , most Americans would be up in arms about the aggressive voter suppression tactics now being used in critical states of Ohio,Pennsylvania and Florida. We would object to the super rich having a super -duper say in how all our lives will be “managed” We’ve learned to suck it up and  live with unbridled “Corporatism”  …we are allowing the momentum of political discussion to be determined by the corporate elitists.

     Sometimes people have to hit the bottom before they react, like a drunk whose life is finally caught in the  headlights of destruction. With unemployment at dangerous levels, poverty and despair running amok, can significant change be around the corner? How bad does it have to get before the middle class will rise out of their drunken stupor and demand 12 steps for economic and social sanity?  Let’s stop corporate control of the political process, and control of the middle class…time for American’s to get engaged and enraged!

Bi-Partisianship?..TRY Tri-Partisianship…Moderates/Independents 40%..


                    How can it be that the biggest and most important voting block is left nearly powerless? The moderate American, be it a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian, or no label at all…is the odd voter  out in this election. Moderates, pragmatics don’t count in our system…the extremes of both parties and their bottomless brew of cash … have all the power. Intransigence and gridlock permeate all that happens in Washington D.C. The pharmaceutical companies have power…as does the teacher’s union. The big banks have their chunks of cash lined up on both sides of the belt way…the ultimate hedge…whoever wins is on speed dial. . Unfortunately as it is now, the rank and file American worker is not important ..the political parties can get plenty of cash without us…were just suppose to shut up and watch the show, and make the pick between the lesser of two evils.

      The Citizen United supreme court ruling has green-lighted America’s seal of approval  for politics by the rich and powerful….for the rich and powerful..and controlled by the 1% of Americans that control some 50% of our wealth. Does something seem wrong? If we all just sit back and accept what’s been dished out to us, then indeed we deserve the best government money can buy. On the other hand, if you think 40% of America deserves some real representation, consider a new political movement.

The Middlecrats are not so much a political party, as a political movement for everyone who feels powerless in this extreme dominated election  process. There is a barn door left open for moderate thinking, reform oriented people to have a much greater say so in the future of American political discourse and economic prowess. If Middlecrats could win just 10 or 15 senate seats…we would be the arbitrator for all future legislation. The house can’t do anything without the senate, thus the house is obsolete.

   This could be a world-wide effort to instill reform minded pragmatic policies that nullify the effect of the cash kings that currently control the process. Target 20 of the most fertile senate seats…small states with a cheap media markets..where retail politics is still alive and well. After town hall style debate, you tube presentations..we narrow down the field in each state.  A final Internet primary is conducted, where the top Middlecrat candidate in each state gets the Middlecrat/Independent nomination in that state. A 3 way senate battle looms, with middle America lined up against the billionaires and big corporations. It’s a global world, we can target for an example “Vermont” and it’s rich independent spirit…, and use all the influence world-wide. The internet has flattened out the world forever, let the people exert their power by numbers. There are not enough billionaires in the world to out spend 3 or 5 million concerned citizens world-wide. Everybody has a stake a In America, 20.00 bucks form 5 million is 100,000 million…more than enough for a 20 state election strategies …more than enough to send Citizen United looking for a better scheme. The 2 party system is obsolete, no longer can we leave the fox  in charge of the henhouse…time for some real checks and balances.


Clinton praises Moderates-makes bid to marginalize tea party.


                        After a weak  night for the Democrats, Bill Clinton once again rode in on his white horse and bailed them out. Clinton speech  took great pains to praise some of his Republican contemporaries.  Appearing very genuine, Clinton lavished praises on the Bushes, Ronald Reagan …and noted the contribution of bi-parianship to the success of creating positive legislation.

           Sensing the political polarization that has infected the nation, Clinton made the Democrats best bid for cooperation and statesmanship. This was music to the ears of the some 40 % of middle America that considers themselves Independent. Neither political party has spoken to the center, as Romney’s primary bid had him as “severely” conservative as he could pretend to be. Prior to Clinton, this night had been marked by it’s strident left wing tone.  Finally, someone addressed the middle of the political spectrum. Clinton warned against “doubling down on trickle down” the speechwriters phrase of the evening.  

          The voters  do not want to hear sparring on abortion or gay rights. Were interested in getting America back to work…and making sensible policies that don’t cater to extremism or stack’s of 1000 dollar bills. Clinton’s embrace of the American political center, was the best news this nation could have heard on this evening. 

    The more we can foster cooperation in the politcal discourse the better it will be for the American people. Continued political polarization will serve few people’s best interest. Many wonder if cooperation is something that really can happen under our current political set-up. Let’s be glad for a sensible Bill Clinton ..and his talk of cooperation, The tea chuggers loathe to hear about sensibility and moderation…if we can marginalize the extremists, better  policy decision my be close at hand.

The middle class …can throw Citizen United a curveball!…


               By a 5 to 4 supreme court decision, our country rubber-stamped overwhelming domination of the rich and powerful..allowing uncapped political contributions from people who don’t even have to reveal themselves. Outmatched by sly, secretive Billionaires and fortune 500 corporations…the best interest of the middle class is getting forsaken. The minimum wage in Florida is $7.65. Do you think the workers of American deserve a pay rate that might be a little more modern?  A wage where you wouldn’t be forced to accept food stamps?  This low wage also holds down the wages for everyone. If we had a working two party system, we might have a Federal minimum wage law that guarantee’s at-least 9.00 an hour( less for 14 to 17).  Two people working for 9.00 an hour can earn $35,000  a year and perhaps can feed and raise a family…. like the richer folk..of course with no insurance if not for the Affordable Health Act.  Unfortunately, right now in America..the working class is left powerless ,the influence of the Grover’s and George’s of this world is out of proportion….and dangerous to the health and  well-being of the majority of Americans. How can the middle class regain it’s footing…and repel the forces of greed and extremism?

  We need and can create a political entity that can be the gut-check against forces in lock step with government by cash donation. A watchful … powerful  eye on government spending….a true  steward of fiscal responsibility.  A political party that’s able to utilize the talents and great ideas of it’s people, taking the best and the brightest from wherever they hail.. A political movement   that is 100% self-supporting and does not accept and PAC donations…not even a free lunch. Leaders chosen via  town hall/you tube presentations…by all legal residents of voting age throughout a given state . An American-idol face-off between the up-and-comers from big city to small towns throughout America…whittled down over the course of several months. Strong, fresh faced candidates will emerge…people that can be embraced by all political viewpoints.

     Due to the fact that we still elect our political leaders based on some crazy formula…states like California, Texas, Florida New York ands Illinois…have equal power to it’s little sister states like Vermont, Rhode Island, Montana, Maine and Minnesota. The later named states all with independent roots, smaller populations and Ad markets that are  in reach of a strategy and centrist movement…a way to usurp the influence of the corrupting money that stalemates ..and limits America’s economic power.

          The Middlecrats only need to control 10 to 15 Senatorial seats to in-fact have the critical swing-vote and final say so in passing any legislation. The House of Representatives can’t pass any legislation without the Senate. Give control of America’s political power- via- control of the Senate.  Internet power, global reach .. combined with an antiquated system of selecting representatives,..leaves the door wide open for the American middle class…to throw a big CURVEBALL …to the people and corporations that currently take advantage of  middle America. More to come.

No bounce for Romney….Democrats take the upper hand….


                 Pundits debate whether Clint Eastwood’s escapades will help or hurt Romney moving forward. It’s might have been cute to some …but the general consensus is Eastwood antics stepped on both Marco Rubio’s speech and of course Romney’s big convention wind-up. It couldn’t have been good, Paul Ryan appeared noticeably distressed during Eastwood’show. Romney’s chance to shine was overshadowed by an 82 year old man’s side show.

        Polling coming out the convention shows anywhere between no bounce at all.. or at the most ..a point or two. The two parties are tied ..within the margin of error with “registered”  voters . Keep in mind that methodology has consistently under-counted those that are more likely to vote Democratically. So, realistically Obama is going into the Democratic convention with a small lead. After this Democratic convention, it’s highly probable that polling… one week after the Democrats wrap up… will show the president with a statistcally significant lead. In addition, the electoral college looks even stronger for the POTUS….with a 300+ electoral victory well in sight for the president.

    Well, thats great then… Obama wins and what happens after that? Do the next four years look like an era of cooperation between the two well-heeled politcal powerhouses? Will congress grab some red bull…get their game on, and pass some legislation to help the American people?   More likely, were looking at four more years of gridlock …leaving the American people in never -never land.Corporate interests on both sides of the aisle in control of Washington. Citizens United and all the other Political action groups (PACS) will have unlimited cash to make sure the kind of legislation middle class Americans need… doesn’t get past go. Continue the stalemate, continue to see congress popularity rating with the American people dive lower than ever.

    Why would anything really change…no matter who wins the presidency?  The process is broken in this country, and until Citizen United is stopped (and that may never happen)  the middle class doesn’t stand a chance. There is no one protecting us..both parties hands are tied because this is government by the rich…for the rich and paid for by the rich. The “cash” challenged middle class simply aren’t “players” in this game.

    The game can change!  A Middlecrat political party, …would  change the balance of power forever in Washington D.C. Just like the electoral college is antiquated, but still used…so is the system we use to elect our senators. Thinking people can see a plan of action available here….if a new political party controlled 10 or 15 senate seats…they would be the “swing ” vote when it comes to policy changes in the USA. We will continue to explore an exciting political possibility …a door left ajar by using our antiquated selection process….in the days ahead.


Make your Labor Day off- Pay-off..Flex middle class economic muscle…


                  Do you really think if we reduce taxes on the most wealthy Americans that the job market is going to rebound ? Do you think we  should help  make the fat-cats a little fatter … and hope they throw the “people” a few bones?   The filthy-rich will have more money than ever, and  continue to ply Citizen United   and every other PAC with their funny money. It’s likely a vote for Romney and “his”? Republicans  … is a vote that you like Citizen United and …you want to relinquish middle class political Klout.

                Rumored soon to dispense “stimulus ” from the Federal Reserve Board…is another in series of attempts to revive the once-boisterous American economy. Since 70% of the American economy is driven by “consumer spending”…maybe we should act in concert  with the Fed’s and direct some stimulus of our own .Time to  spend  good hard-earned greenbacks? Everyone knows about the lean times have hit this country ..and the years are beginning to take it’s toll. Could it be  time the middle class flex some muscle… and shop till we drop?  My clothes are old,  my car repair bills are out of control…do something for you and your family……buy a new Temperpedic and sleep better…get that new treadmill and feel better, or get that liposuction and feel better about yourself ! Buy something for an unemployed person, buy someone a new voter ID!

      The economy is the number one reason our current president might lose his job. Never mind the successes of catching lot’s of bad guys…ending wars or enhancing America’s reputation. A president is mostly judged about “it’s the economy,stupid”. The Democratic convention is upcoming, what better way to prepare than to get a new …better…bigger TV! Make your LABOR DAY OFF-PAY-OFF….BUY something! God Bless the American workforce!