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Voter’s angry about “suppression”-Republicans to pay big price.


               Night after night a consensus of respected polls is showing this election season swiftly moving away from Mitt Romney and the Republicans. The latest poll show POTUS  now with a 84% chance of winning the general election.Part of the reason for this overwhelming number is the Republican tactic of denying mostly Democrats their right to vote.There’s an angry backlash that has  developed. Even wall street’s Jim Cramer is ticked off when, like my mother, his mother is being denied her right to cast her vote. We can all differ about many issues..and we surely do. However, when you talk about denying folks their American right to vote..a pretty clear consensus develops .A vast majority of  American’s including Republicans, Independents,etc. covet that “inalienable right.” We all can  agree that reasonable measures need to be in place to disallow voter fraud. … the facts show,the amount of voter fraud is so insignificant that the rest of us  “get” whats really going on.   

        There’s 3 states in particular that  stand out in the voter suppression “war” “that’s intentionaly trying to manipulate the election by denying the poor and elderly their right to vote.  Those of us in other states hear about the issue some , but those in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania are at ground zero in this battle… it’s constantly part of the news.  Not surprisingly, these are the 3 key “swing states ” that the Republicans knew that had to win to capture the White-house. Nearly a million voters in each state are being asked some  jump thru hoops to cast their vote. Take time off work, pay for a bus ride miles obtain the required identification.

     It seems so interesting that these  supposedly swing states, have had such a remarkable move in the  polls. Pennsylvania was always tipping Obama …but now he leads by 12  points. Ohio was leaning Romney…and now Obama has  seized the lead by a commanding 9 points. In Florida, where it was considered dead even, Obama has pulled out to an unlikely 7  point edge. No doubt Romney’s incompetence has much to do with these numbers, but the voter suppression issue..has “supercharged ” the electorate in these states.

    So expect no “coattails” for the Republcians. Conservative turnout will be muted, and the Democratic  enthusiam is  strong. Voter supression may not have been the difference presdientially… considering  Romeny’s self-disqualification ( self-deportation ). The biggest surprises will be felt locally, delivering both houses of congress to the Democrats. You shouldnt mess with people’s right to vote…the wrath of the “people” is Democracy in action! God bless America.

Tea Jerkers decimating Republican Party….


                   Democracy in action is a beautiful thing. The RepublicanTea party is now fully  engaged in an  idealogical campaign to dismantle government.Armed with a questionable cast of characters…this political party’s wheels are about to come off. Billionaire extremists , a guy named Grover and a StuperPac of characters have gained control of the Grand Old Party. The price to be paid is way more than this  billionaire brigade of  tea ingesting buffon’s could have ever imagined.

         This Citizen United loving, voter suppression supporting, and medicare bursting…current owners of the Republican party… are  about to hand the Democrats the century’s biggest gift. The course of history is about to change.Who could have imagined the powerful  backlash that’s about to reap it’s sow on the Republicans? Polling trends are significant…and as it unwinds into this November’s election… the Democrat’s are poised to  control both houses of congress along with the White House.

       The American people are not about to broadly support a political party that has so painted themselves in a corner. The “powers to be” named their vice-president..handpicked by the hierarchy… without a doubt, the most extreme person ever to be on a major party presidential ticket. Most observers viewed Ryan as a legacy choice, Mitt handing the reigns over to Ryan for his 2016 campaign. A trade-off and apology by Mittens… for the many taxing problems he has  contaminated the Republican party with.

      This small group of kooks and propagandists (Fox News) can take responsibility for the current neo-con  beating of  the war drums in Iran. Apparently we don’t have enough problems at home, and Haliburton needs some fresh new government stimulus. The hopes and aspirations of this thin sliver of “Americana” does not match the needs and dreams of it’s citizenry.

    Extreme elements have created a storm of opposition about to come right their way. Nothing can change what is unfolding  now ….clear for all to see. Let’s hope for the best, and pray Obama and the Democrats..along with sensible Republicans, will do the right thing during this 2nd term. The opportunity is here  for  Americans to make a huge move forward. Nothing better than true Democracy in action making the right choices for our countries future…We will drink the tea no more.

Romney- We don’t let people die in their apartment “health care plan”.


                 With the Romney campaign feeling completed overwhelmed in these waning weeks of the fall presidential struggle….one wonders how Romney was anointed by the Republicans to be their standard-bearer anyhow. Many respected Republicans had called for Romney to release many more years of tax returns. Mitt knew well before his run for the roses, that he had a serious tax secret that he wouldn’t be able to share with the general public. Any respectful sort of guy might had thought…if you’re  prepared to run for president ,you should be prepared to do what was expected of all others that had  come before him…and release the tax returns.But he won’t ,he can’t…he took advantage of every good hearted Republican by basically deceiving them that  he was a deserving candidate …when he knew his tax secrets were disqualifying… and a death knell for all Republicans.

        So many gaffes ..truly a scorecard is needed at this point of Romney’s presidential run. This without hyperbole will be looked at in historical context as the year the Republican party came apart at the seams. Not prepared ,tax challenged .Mitt gave an interview to 60 minutes over this last weekend. When Romney was asked about health care..and the fact that 50 million Americans don’t have any insurance…what was Mitt’s plan for them? He said directly, “were not going let you die in your apartment will send an ambulance one is turned down in the Emergency room. (his empathy overflowing)

   Can   someone mention  to Mittens that emergency care is not a cost effective plan in comparison to real health care. One trip to the emergency room is often thousands, sometimes ten of thousands or even more. If there was real health care…….preventive care..the kind of care Romney and his family gets ( every specialist,every doctor ) … many people can avoid that bankrupting trip to the Emergency room . Romney’s an educated business man…he knows emergency rooms are a very expensive way to provide health services. Guess he really hasn’t given it much thought, not a problem he or his loved ones will ever have to face. Romney know’s he won’t be expiring sitting in his apartment waiting for an ambulance….he really doesn’t care about the rest of us.

Middlecrats replace Republicans? …America get’s a grip? …


                  It’s too late for buyer’s remorse…the Republicans got what they deserved. We are witnessing the end of the Republican party as we know it. The brand is forever tainted. Billionaires spending their bullion to bully the American voter is just not going to work. This political party managed to dis-enfranchise just about everyone. The black and brown vote in this country is overwhelmingly Democratic…people of color just don’t feel welcomed in the GOP. Women have been used and abused too long..this political party won’t even support equal pay or a women’s right to control her own destiny. The elderly were weary to begin with, and now that Romney’s disdain for those freeloading social security bandits is out…even conservative seniors are offended.

               It may seem in the short-term seem ” it’s all wine and roses ” for the Democrats…but more importantly than this year…. what’s the long term outlook for America? Has this great country been reduced to a one party system? If the Democrats have no competition…just what will happen with our tax dollars? Pounding the upper-middle class with lot’s of new taxes may feel good, but it’s hardly a solution to our economic breakdown. Big money and big influence left unchecked does not bode well for the middle-class….no matter whose in the Whitehouse.

     Want to change America and get a grip? Can the occupy movement…build bridges   with the Ron Paul movement….join up with the unhappy Republicans and Democrats…Independents…Green party folks, Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer supporters?  Can we cast a wide tent with open arms to  to all who want a better America? Consider the best and brightest ideas from all sides…and have a centrist government that makes policy based on people’s  best interest…not corporations.

    Equal pay…Equal rights…a livable minimum wage…why are we still fighting about the obvious? A leaner, less militaristic  government …. with a reasonable level of taxation Stop wasting 50 billion dollars a year on the war against Marijuana. Provide food stamps with care…allow only nutritional food WITHOUT high fructose corn sugar. We know what makes people sick and unhealthy..let’s stop the food vendors and pharmaceutical companies from controlling our fate and burdening our health system.

   America is land of the free and the home of the not so extreme. Time to shift our middle class power to a centrist, sensible government. Corporation’s left in control of the political system seals America’s continued downward spiral. The Middlecrats can be the political movement that both inspires and emboldens .We can  take ownership..and be the change …that makes the change…for the benefit of all.  Now’s the time to make our move…time for America’s middle-class to become Middleacratic… and take control of our destiny…

Romney’s disaster opens door to GOP “Cooperation”


                  With 46 days left to the presidential election, many thought this would be a slug-fest to the bitter end. Romney’s entire strategy was he’s “not Obama”..and that’s just not going to get it done. His condemnation of the “47%” of the freeloaders was just the icing on the cake.  The GOP got what it deserved, and as we all know , all the money in the world can’t turn Romney into  presidential material. There is nothing the GOP can do to turn around things this November… they must look ahead and be realistic.

            Things will  get even better for this country as the law of unintended consequences takes center stage.Without a doubt, Democrats will improve their numbers in both the Senate and the House. This blowout will get the attention of the remaining Republicans….  they aren’t  anxious to become a footnote in history. Thanks to Romney’s disastrous performance, the remaining Republicans will be backed  into  a corner…with survivability as their main legislative goal.

    The tax cuts from the Bush era for the rich will NOT be extended. The Republicans will be much more pliable, and a deal will be worked out. The GOP can’t afford to be seen as the “gridlock” party…and Grover be damned, the survivors better start talking compromise and enacting real legislation to improve the plight of everyday Americans. You will see  a sweeping immigration reform package that will be approved overwhelmingly. Republicans will be licking their Hispanic wounds this time around, and will be more than willing to cut a deal..they have no future as a major party without reasonable support from the all powerful Hispanic voting block. We will see a noticeable lessening  of “tea power” ..and intentional voter suppression will become out of favor.

    For the Republicans to survive as a powerful political party, it will have to prove  itself less obstructionists, and more part  of the future solutions to our countries problems. Nothing like a good old ass whipping to get the attention of the Republicans. Thanks to a pitiful Romney ..things are looking much brighter for a very effective Obama second term, with real help coming from the GOP…anything less will put the Republican party into a death spin they can’t otherwise reverse. Mitt Romney might have been just the tonic to bring the country together to forge some meaningful change….the law of unintended consequences!

Polls move sharply against Romney…Republicans scramble to distance…


                      Who would of thought it would be this easy? Romney is  a flawed nominee, but one could never imagined this scenario. His incompetence has opened up the barn door for a Democratic blowout. The senate will be solidly blue..probably 55 senators. The house is an unexpected windfall, not being perceived quite yet by the national media…Democrats will see significant and unexpected gains.

   Despite Citizen’s United money and all the other super-pacs …all the money can’t make Romney into presidential material. These big money donors may realize the presidency is lost, and may move money into the house and senate races that are slipping away from them. This is just dessert  for big money men that think they can just put up their cash and name their president.

       Just today, Romney actually told folks he was the proud grandfather of “Obama-care”..probably not that far from the truth, but a truth he wouldn’t dear whisper during the Republican nominating process. Several Republican senators distanced themselves today from the Romney train. His ill-considered generalization of categorizing 47% of all Americans as non-tax paying dead weights doesn’t play well into the electoral crowd. Just as many Republicans are on SS and medicare..these seniors paid their fair share all their life, with little respect garnered for the Republican standard-bearer.

Iowa is now up by 7 …Ohio by 7…Wisconsin ,Ryan’s  home state …leaning Democratic by 5. Obama leads Florida by 7 solid points, and Pennsylvania by 8 points. Romney managed to get into this whole all by himself. I bet we won’t see anymore presidential candidates in the future that have Swiss bank accounts and furry dogs strapped down to the top of the car on the way to Canada. The polls are clear ..and the rank and file Republican candidates now understand Romney is a liability…the crazy uncle is out of control, now don’t let him take the whole party with him.


Romney revealed. You free-loaders need to get lost…


     Can things get any worse for the GOP? Romney true feelings have been reveald in a speech secretly  recorded at a  Romney  fundraiser , at a  $50,000 a seat get together….in ritzy Boca Raton ,Florida. He says 47% of Americans are freeloaders, not paying any federal income  taxes. Never mind a big chunk of this people are elderly, retired and living on Social security and medicare, money they have paid in over a lifetime of hard-work. Another big chunk of these freeloaders pay a higher tax rate then our royal heiness himself, the self-entitled, self-absorbed Mitt  Romney. 

    Do we all realize  that when somone earns $109,000 dollars a year…they don’t  another cent in social security or medicare  taxes. You can earn 10 million a year, but your maxed out at 109,000. These are the type of tax inequalities that need to be addressed by a thoughtful legislature. Romney pays  less percentage wise than the majority of Americans earning 50 to 80 thousand a year…and he wants to give more tax breaks to the rich.

   The best thing about the continued Romney meltdown, its starting to effect state and local races. We may actually be looking at a monumental victory for the progressives. Elizabeth Warren has moved ahead in her Massachusetts senatorial race…and Ohio and Virgina continue to trend more Democratic. National polling will continue to trend away from  Romney and the dysfunctional Republican team.  

   The House of representatives  is within reach of the Democrats. What looked like 100 to 1 shot just 6 months more like a 25% chance …and if the Romney implosion continues…the Democrats chance for an unlikely sweep continues its momentum. Voter backlash towards the Romney Royalty is gaining strength…the ugly prospects of intentional voter suppression and a class warfare mentality led by Mitt the Grit, set’s the stage for a dismantling of the Republican party.

Time for the “OCCUPY” movement to mature- move to “CENTER ” stage…


                  The “OCCUPY’ movement of 2012 is about to have it’s big  day. Eyeing 40 ‘corporate” targets, this well-meaning international protest has pledged to create non-violent havoc on September 17th. Just one year ago , protesters took over Zuccotti Park in New York…and other locations throughout America. The have focused the spotlight on corporate irresponsibility. They call out for “justice for the 99%..a more equitable distribution of  wealth.  Unfortunately, these protests produced paltry ctowds, a few hundred arrests and not much else.

       While I personally share many of the same goals as the “occupy” movement….this group continues to struggle for relevance. Making trash out of our parks and garnering unfavorable publicity is senseless and plays into the hands of those that the movement most hopes to dethrone from  power and influence. The social network and overall infrastructure the “occupy” movement has created is in many way historic and important..and could be the basis for future political change .For the movement to succeed, the American middle class must be included. Meaning, this must be a movement of Republicans and Democrats (Ind/ all) ..not a movement that is currently  dominated by the left, lined up deep with Atheists, tree-hugger, pot smokers, the LGBT community, and the disenfranchised. The movement has the ability to be so much more, only if their efforts were focused on “battles” that are winnable. The American middle class welcomes pro-life fiscal conservatives… . Jesus is more than welcome, as are Jews, Muslims, atheists, extraterrestrials…  all with a good heart and love to share.

         Our electoral process of selecting Presidents and Senators is particularly broken…and there’s away the middle class can exploit the opening. If the occupy movement..or the “Middlecrats”..took control of 10 or 15 senate seats…we would be the arbiters of all future legislation. Nothing important would get passed legislatively until the middle class…the Middlecrats….agreedto the bargain.  So small states wouldn’t be left out, the constitution gave just as much power to Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Montana and Minnesota as they did to Texas, California, New York Florida and Illinois…in the senate…and the senate is what counts. The house is obsolete and dysfunctional…they are powerless without senatorial stamp of approval. These  states, cheap ad markets, low populations….independent leaning with pissed-off electorate…are prime territory to give birth to a real movement that makes legislation. A global occupy movement but with truly a big tent…could capture these seats..and so much more as time goes on. 

     Time for the “Occupy” movement to evolve into truly a mainstream, middle-class effort .Regain power and influence for the people whose  sweat equity  built this country..and whose powers  been lost to “big bank derivative madness” Let’s include all the middle class in the movement..and watch change happen fast. The country doesn’t need four more years of gridlock, it need’s years of thoughtful politicians making the decisions based on reality..not checkbooks and influence….trust the middle class to do what’s needed…time for the “OCCUPY ” movement to move “CENTER” stage.

Tea party bosses uses tax returns to intimidate Mitt Romney…..extremists control agenda….


                     We’ve never seen an election season likes this. Mitt Romney is the empty chair  bought and brought to you thanks to  the tea party bosses.In lieu of not destroing  his nomination…Th Koch/Grover power team settled for indentured servitude. The agreed to let the tax issue slide ….as long as Romney played bagpiper to the tea party passions.  Romney has flipped-flopped  himself into the birth-er boy mode… and any morals he might have have had..are put on hold as payment for the tea parties agreement to play nice at last month Republican convention.

           Romney has disqualified  himself as a serious presidential candidate, he simply acts like a man who is just trying to stay out of jail…and get this debacle over with.  He  is the poster boy for the excesses of wall street and everything that’s wrong with the deregulated excess of  corporate America.  This type of predatory economic policy has brought our country to it’s economic knees. Why would we trust a guy whose claim to fame is closing American factories, eliminating jobs..and investing a large part of his American greenbacks…into a variety of  overseas investments.

    As t he tea party is trying to asserts it’s control… it’s great news for the majority of the Americans that don’t believe extremism is best  way to change America. The  disregard the tea party shows for middle America should be fuel to the fire of the soon to be ….”marginalization” …of this  group of tripped-out tea gaggers.  Were getting a huge doze of what unlimited money does to the political process. The backlash is about to bite the tea party in the ass. Who would have thought America’s right-wing billionaires would be the best thing that every happened to igniting moderation and common sense to the forefront of the American political scene?  The tea parties leadership  ..using Romney’s tax problems as leverage..have opened  the door to a 2nd term for our president, perhaps with a congress much more Democratic than one would have previously imagined.

Romney meltdown threatens Republican prospects in Congress….


               If only the Democrats could have a “clean their clock” electoral victory in November… American voters  might be able to burst open gridlock in Washington.  Recent polls show a vary significant change but not where you might think. Democrats and Republican were asked about their “motivation level ” to vote. For the last 2 years the Republicans were significant ahead, but for the first time there’s more motivation on the Democratic side… trends will continue..momentum  has shifted. Romney has simply made too many mistakes, and picked a tea-party, radical  vice-president. Not only is the great news for the president, but expect more . surprises in the more localized races from coast to coast.

    Montana’s polling normal would have the Republican up double digits. ..but Romney only leads by 5, nearly within the margin or error. The senate seat in the right leaning state has the Democratic senator leading the GOP. This type of trend is accelerating, and if Romney continues to stick his foot in his mouth .. continues  to expose his incompetence, watch many contests  nationwide to  reflect Democrats closing in expected right wing favored contests..and widening of their lead in expected Democratic wins.

   Gridlock has been the sickness that has created deadlock and disaster in stalling economic legislation and a more responsible look at entitlements. If Democrats end up with 55 senators and eek out a majority in the house…Obama may have a real chance  in getting things done in his second term. This development, which  was a hail mary 6 months ago… now a possible scenario..especially if Romney continues to implode.

   Another factor in the Republican fade is the Republicans unwholesome support of voter suppression. There’s no doubt what they have been up to ….voter fraud is .ooo4 of the overall vote…just Pennsylvania alone might have a million people disqualified from the vote. Voters get this, and my gut says there’s a backlash brewing.  Independents, Libertarians and many Republicans are  queasy of disenfranchising their fellow American from voting. The combination of extremsits running the tea party …coupled with the beleagured Romney as there standard bearer, sets the statge for a Democratic romp in November.