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Romney sells out to tea party billionaires-Extremist pick VP!


                   Many thanks to the extreme right-wing intimidation squad that rules the Republican party. Without the likes of the Koch Brothers, sleazy casino mogul Adelson..and a host of other billionaire misanthropes…..the progressive’s  might of had some competition this fall. Instead of a close  election…the stage is now  set for an unprecedented Democratic landslide this November.  

        This tea-party controlled ticket not only will energize every sensible American into the voting booth…initial polling is clearly showing that the crucial independent vote will break strongly against Paul Ryan and his pack of thieves. The outcome of the presidential election is now set in stone…and funny enough…the Koch brothers & Co…..full well know it!  They have already moved past 2012 and the Romney misery, and are looking at a more long-term strategy.

      Meanwhile, middle class voters are now looking at a bases loaded , 3 ball –  no strikes opportunity for the proverbial fast ball over the middle! Never before has the middle class been gifted such an opportunity to make unprecedented political gains. Every close senate and house race now goes to the Democratic side. Even more exciting, the opportunity exists to upset any Republicans whose district  is considered even mildly competitive. The combination of a tax dodging, dog abusing spoiled rotten rich kid..teamed up with another super rich maniacal extremist is more than any red-blooded, justice loving American could have ever dreamed of.  

   With less than 90 days remaining before the big day, Democratic momentum is unstoppable. Initially, momentum was  garnered  by the supreme court decision to validate the Affordable Health Care Act. Throw in Romney’s disgraceful tax antics..add in a dose of tea party craziness…and middle class  momentum is now on supercharge. Opportunity now exists for the regular people  of this country  to regain the upper  hand against the rich and powerful people &  corportations that have hijacked our Democracy.

      In fact, with the presidential race being unwinnable for Romney..Democratic strategist will be focusing more efforts than ever previously possible …on every house seat and senate seat up for grabs. The door is now kicked wide open  for progressive thinking to finally wrestle  control of tax policy away from the greedy millionaires . Who would have thought the supreme courts 5 to 4 decision to powerize the rich…would so backfire and indeed be the catalyst for the middle class to retake ownership of this country. So, a big thanks to the Brothers, Adelson  and all the other  dickheads on the extreme right. Who would have thought these tea-sippers  would be the best friend the DEMOCRATS ever had. Politics indeed makes strange bedfellows…justice for the 97.2%..any way we can!

How much for nomination insurance? Paul Ryan and a cup of tea!

So how worried do you think Uncle Mitty was about getting de-throned as the presumptive leader of the Republican party? Really worried. There was a definite groundswell of dissent brewing..and Romney was well aware of it. The nomination of Paul Ryan was his only way to mend fences with the boisterous tea-chuggers.Florida and Ohio look inconsequential as compared to the embarrassment of not getting the nomination. Romney screwed the pooch by even running for president ..and now his only way of satisfying the extremist is to elevate Paul Ryan to superstar status.It was indeed a telling Freudian slip when he introduced Ryan as the next president of the United States.Romney is well aware that it won’t be him, but he is setting up Ryan to be that potential president..in2016!

Can you imagine just how spoiled rotten Mitt Romney really is. His disdain for the ‘public at large” is quite apparent. He won’t answere questions..and we definetly will not be seeing any tax returns.We got an early look into his arrogance during the debates, when he refused to answere direct questions from the media. In fact, he even can ask the questions you want…and I can give the answeres I want. What a bastard.

So now that Romney will indeed get the nomination, what do you think will happen this November?

After the selection of this extreme tea-sipper……you can firmly put Ohio and Florida in the Obama column…were looking at a 330+ electoral blowout for the Democrats. This also opens the door for a very exciting possibility for the Democrats.Romney’s coattails will be so weakened… the Democrats are being handed a gift that could change the direction of this country for decades to come. The senate will become more Democratic..and my gut is screaming that some surprising gains are in store for the Democrats in the House of Representatives.

What’s the bottom line? Because of ROMNEY’S SELFISHNESS…this country has a real chance to adjust tax policy..making the rich and powerful more accountable to the middle class. This country will be able to stop the Nazi-like voter suppression efforts the tea baggers are promoting from sea to shining sea. We can come together as a the extremist are finally marginalized and put out to pasture. I guess at the end of the day…Americans should be thrilled about this train wreck in progress. So how much for nomination insurance? PRICELESS!

Romney’s legacy choice- Paul Ryan- A wolf in dockers…

Want a sure bet? We will not be seeing any tax returns. Nothing…nada…zilch…zero…This election is over…and Mitt knows it. Romney is unable to release his tax returns, plain and simple.
Whether it’s because Romney ripped-off America by ducking his moral responsiblities…or gave money to Planned Parenthood..or has some criminal cultability…or all 3…or even more…it doesn’t really matter. Romney’s gastly gang is looking at the same polling as the Chicago knee breakers. The only saving grace for Romney is to boost a younger man who is the shinning star for many in the GOP. Ryan is the intellectual leader of the Republican party and will be very well positioned to lead the Republican party… in 2016.

The selection of Paul Ryan foreshadows a Democratic blowout this November. Do the math electorally speaking…Mitt did…and he knows a Rubio for Florida or Portman for Ohio is useless. Were now looking at a electoral landslide for Obama. Romney cannot win this election…not a chance. Ryan is a “severley” extreme choice…and Romney capitualted to the worst elements of the GOP.

Paul Ryan would end medicare as we know it, turning it into some voluntary program. Reminds me of the Republican push to privatize social security. When the stock market crashed, the American people received a wake -up call..and these days we hear very little about making social security “voluntary”
Ryan’s budget proposal would raise taxes on the middle class, and lower taxes on the rich. It is anti- worker..takes loads of money from education and hungry children…and is potentially devastating for America’s seniors. It’s an extreme plan, irresponsible and a total non-starter.

Romney figures as long as he’s going down with the ship, he might as well make some noise. The choice of Paul Ryan is a slap in the face to all thoughtful Americans…sure to alienate members of all politcal persuasions. Just wait until we really get to know Paul Ryan. At first blush he seems like a gentleman…a regular guy..but upon further inspection it will become clear to all what Ryan is really about. The guys is maniacal…and a pair of dockers and a polo shirt won’t camaflouge what’s really beneath that tidy cover.

The Democrats are in full celebration mode, and for good reason. Mitt’s toxic tax problems crushed the Republicans in 2012. Romney’s legacy is all he has now, and he is hoping for some long-term kudos for boosting the most dangerous elements of the Republican party. The part is over for Mitt…but American can indeed celebrate. The only thing that will remain of Mitt Romney is a memory and a smirk…and hopefully one really big tax audit! Justice for the 99%!

Political advertising out of control…voters close your eyes!


        The 5 to 4 supreme court decision….allowing unlimited, anonomous donations (Citizens United/PAC) …is not what America needs at this most crucial juncture in our history.  We now have a small group of really rich people buying up media time from coast to coast.  We have a media elite sitting back and smiling..counting it’s bails of billionaire bounty.

    The most recent ad from the ” Democratic side ” (POTUS approved ?) ..tells a tale of a cancer survivors widower, lamenting the loss of his wife. Supposedly, due to ” Romney’s” slash and burn takeover of his employer. This ad is awful, taking advantage of a families pain with a reckless charge the “Romney ” was responsible for his sorrow. Whatever you think of Romney and his shenanigans, this pin the death on the donkey…is way down low and not acceptable.

   Then we have the not-so-brilliant senatorial-leader  embarrassment in  Harry Reid. He used the media to ..throw out damaging speculation…relying on a unnamed source ..that Romney hasn’t paid taxes for ten years. Whether Reid is right or wrong …doesn’t matter, it’s dead wrong to use your position to throw out unverifiable accusations. Even more alarming, is the media’s fervor in providing what amounts to “bonus” ad’s for the Democrats….on a charge that shouldn’t have been repeated without confirmation. The Republicans are just as bad or even worse. The only difference is the GOP milks it’s crazy billionaire boosters…and counts on Fox news. …while the Democrats enjoy a home-field advantage over at the NBC/MNSBC/CBS/ABC/AOL/CNN   network.

    So, for the next 90 days or so, expect a steady, smelly barrage of distorted advertisements from everybody with an ax to grind. Their are no limits to what were about to witness. It’s only August…will the ad’s get even worse?… Thinking that’s a yes, and the American voter is about to be the big loser in the supreme courts regrettable capitulation to the media elite/corporate class. Maybe after this nauseating fall ….the country will come to its senses and make some changes to this  political “f(r)ee”-for-all.

I want to be your president…but please don’t ask any tough questions…especially taxes…just shut the f@ck up.


         Can you imagine looking for a senior management position with a fortune 500 company. It’s a daunting task to begin with . I don’t imagine you will get hired if you refuse to turn over your background information including tax returns to the board of directors. But if you want to be president….and the “board of directors” (U.S. voter) asks for more information….and your not willing to be forthcoming to your future employer…why would we hire  you to be our president? 

    We have lots of questions for you Mr. Romney. We want to know the person we are putting in charge of tax policy has respect for our current  tax policy . Seems your running circles around our tax code now. You’ve proposed raising middle class tax burden by $2000 a household..while giving the rich and powerful bigger tax breaks. You can’t wait to dis-mantle ” Obama care” and you want to deny funding to planned parenthood.

   Talk about Mitt the flip-flopping morally challenged man…there’s some speculation that one of his many “tax ” problems…..goes back  to 2004-5.  Romney was an energetic backer of Planned Parenthood….bets are that Romney donated money TO Planned Parenthood…a point that would be ridiculed to know end by the his frenemies to the right. We really don’t know much about Romney. He is not open with us, he has that disingenuous laugh that’s disquieting. He’s didn’t take humane care of his family dog…strapping him on to the roof of the car on his way to Canada. After the dog got ill, Twit Mitt washed him off with a hose and strapped in back on top for the rest of the ride. Who the hell does that? Things like this give us a brief look into Romney the man, and its not  pretty.

      In my heart of hearts, I don’t think Republicans should select… Romney at their convention later this month. I think he has disqualified himself, and the GOP would be well -advised to put forward a compromise ticket   McCain/Rice… Rice/Rubio… they have several stars that would run much stronger than a damaged and dangerous Mitt Romney. Mitt has been disingenuous with the American people, he does not deserve the Republican nomination!


Rice rescues Republicans?


             The pundits says it all comes down to Ohio, … therefore the stable amd well regarded  Rob Portman has the inside track to the Vice-presidency. No Republican has ever lost the Buckeye state and gone to capture the White House…so a one state strategy seems to make sense.  It seems to make even more sense to grab the senator now…with recent polling showing President Obama pulling to a modest lead in Ohio. The mainstream media has Portman penciled in on top…so…figuring here Portman will not be Romney’s choice. With Donald Trump blowing in Romney’s ear…thinking is were going to see a more Hollywood type pick from the beleagured Romney.

     The star-in-waiting for the Republican party is Condoleezza Rice. The 56 year old former Secretary of State is a very popular Republican…and a pick that will energize the party. It’s also a choice that will provide the GOP with a fall insurance policy if Romney’s tax baggage continues to spiral out of control. Rob Portman would be an incredulous choice for president..but Condi Rice has the gravitas to give Obama a real challenge for presidency.

    Polling numbers show only one candidate can shake up the demographics of the race. The Republicans are blessed to have a qualified black female to challenge president Obama. Let’s be honest, Condi Rice will change this race …and the Republicans will have a much better chance to win. Portman may be well liked in Ohio, but he’s not getting any support from black females in Cleveland….but Condi Rice will.

    Many think that Condi Rice has no eyes on the White House..but I would beg to differ. She has positioned herself as a natural leader for the Republicans. She could be  be the game changer that rescues the GOP from the Romney summer of discontent. It’s not a stretch to think that  Condi Rice could be the next VP/ or  even president of the United States. Will Condoleezza Rice rescue the Republicans?

Romney’s fan-tax-it summer…


                Wow!  Has this been a bad few months  for Mitt and his Republican tea-jerkers.  After a contentious Spring primary season …which saw  Romney barely hold-off such heavyweights as … SantorumGingrichPaulPeeryCainBachmann…Summer has unleashed a bevy of challenges to the Romney corporate raiders.

        The unraveling of the Mitty machine began when the supreme court upheld the constitutionality of the  Affordable health care act of 2010. Republicans were giddy with their optimism of dealing a blow to Barack… but the top barristers sided with the American people….what a refreshing turn of events.. As the new health care moves into action..American families will realize the benefits of real leadership in the oval office. We can cover our 25 year old sons and daughters with real health care coverage. A host of preventive care measures kick in to better protect and maintain our health. Pre-existing  conditioned American’s are no longer piriah’s…and will get health care coverage. Do the Republicans serious think they are scoring points with the majority of Americans when he blasts “Obamacare” in that accusatory tone.?

      When a body in motion stays in motion..look out below…( tea crazy people.)  The summer slide of Mitt Romney began .with a  laundry list of gaffes, Olympic sized insults….question dodging…and most of all tax evasion and in-your face to Americans who dare to ask …is the  potential president  a  tax evading corporate profiteer? ….

    Now that we have all to better know Mr Romney.. we pair him against POTUS..A man and a team that in the last 4 years have accomplished some remarkable things. Inheriting a poor economy from the Bush legacy, navigating thru these murky economic times. Obama took a big risk when he saved the American automobile industry. Were respected overseas,he’s dealt a serious blow to terrorists.. we have a new nation health care act. Spirits are on the rise, and economic improvement will happen.

       Romney remains the “presumptive” nominee. Please note…’s not a done deal. Major polls are all in agreement..Mitt’s mistakes are beginning to move numbers..and Obama is out to a near landslide lead. More dirty dealing on Romney’s taxes may be forthcoming? He may be disqualified before the GOP convention…or after. Whoever emerges as Romney’ VP selection ( my $ is on Condi) ..may actually be the person who ends up running against Obama….and might be a regrettable turn of events for Democrats…who otherwise look to have the upper-hand in the race to the White House. Romney’s not-so fan -tax -it- summer leads to fall..where a host of scary events abound!