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. Romney not in charge?…..let’s Dirty Harry steal the show…?


                 Well, so much for the family values party. On Romney’s big night, with a meticulously prepared speech, he and the GOP allowed a 82 year old man to steal the show and embarrass all Americans. That was a bizarre and pitiful commentary on today’s political scene. With no checks and balances on the two party system, the Republicans are pretty smug, and not so meticulous about details after all.

             If ever did a night scream out and tell Americans….our  two party system for 360 million peoples is just inadequate. We have an opportunity in the next few years to put a stop to a 2 party system running wild with our cash. Special interests have derailed the American politcal system. We have a Republican party controlled by some guy  name Grover?  This is how were doing business in America?

       While President Obama is the obvious choice this fall, the Democrats are equally beholden to special interests. We need a referee to make sure were all on the square here. There is an opportunity to launch an Internet-based third party start-up…only interested in winning 20 or so seats in the senate… for starters. This is a realistic way to alter the balance of power. ..40 or so Republican senators, 40 or so Democratic..and 20 Middlecrats. No legislation passes in this country without the people’s party putting thier stamp of approval. The world wide effort to win a seat in Vermont, and Montana..and other low population,cheap media contest with a big independent crowd realistic and do-able. Instead of millions of dollars from a few zealots, how about 20 bucks from 3 million people world-wide. 60 million dollars goes a long way into running  a strong campaign in selected , low hanging fruit states.

      So, were to let Romney and his gang run the show, when they let a 82 year old man go profane on the American public?  What do you thing those right wing soccer mom’s thought as they watched with their kids?  OMG…Support change, support pragmatic policies, support the American people….become a Middlecrat and help change the world!

Is the two party system failing? …do we need a referee? – Middlecrats Unite.


        Whether Barack Obama holds on and win his second term, or the Romney/Ryan team closes with a rush to snag victory, the American people are in for bumpy ride. Current economic realities …. and all the  many other same issues… will challenge this country regardless of the winner. Special interests money has bets on both sides, and will be ready to cash in their public sector profit chips. Any meaningful legislation that could make significant inroads to problem solving ….will be handcuffed in a polarized political climate

                  If the government improves and gets more efficient….the American people will benfit. . The political movement to empower the AMERICAN MIDDLE  is avaible to all of us…at our fingertips.right now!  The pissed off, dis-enchanted American center deserves some attention. The “Middlecrats” can seize power..and offer pragmatic solutions…by controlling 20 senatorial seats. We don’t need to win the White House anytime soon. 40 Republican senators , 40 Democratic senators…we only need roughly 20% of the senate to have as much power as the Republicans or Democrats…or even more!

     Want an example? “Middlecrats” believe that food stamps is both an essential safety net for Americans,  but also is a breeding ground for abuse and shenanigans… at taxpayer expense..  A more modern approach is needed to both reign in governmental  spending..and making sure out tax dollars are guarded coming and going. We change the food stamp program, so the user can only cash the “people’s money” in a government-sanctioned  super-mart. The food stamp money is worthless unless purchased thru this special debit card procedure..easy to do these days. We only allow products to be sold in these stores that pass Governemenal heatlhy food standards. No high fructose sugar to make our kids fat ..or produce more diabetes and  …to “tax” our health care system .Pragmatic,progressive approaches are needed to make government work… If were going to give away food, at least make it healthy and nutritional. These store will not sell soda pop… cigarettes, alcohol..lottery-tickets..or Doritos…! …just wholesome food. Costs are contained..and these stores can be “public/private” partnerships, so Wal-mart doesn’t have a heart attack! 

    Solutions for a host of problems can be implemented if we can sideline “special interest” money…and fast-track true “American people money” We only need to seize the balance of power, we only need a tactical slice of power, to be the deal makers or breakers. Sensible Americans should realize the power we have if we think and organize.The 2 party system is antiquated, and no longer serves the best interests of the American people.  Middlecrats unite!

The radical middle ROARS! …time to unite… Become a Middlecrat!


            So there is roughly 40 senators on each side. The tug of war over legislation and money is all consuming. Our entire country is help captive by special interests on both sides of the aisle. This is no way to run a country. The Republicans elite knows that Romney is a losing proposition. The powers to be set up Obama for a miserable, argumentative 2nd term. The senate is filibuster proof..and the GOP maintain’s an edge in the house. The stalemate continues …and whose the big loser? …All of us , the old and the young, the rich and the poor…we all suck eggs as government is controlled by forces not in concert with the needs of the American people.

    We, the people of the United State of America…must wake up and come together to force a change to our current political system. Not led by bureaucrats, or corporate moguls…but real people ..who nominate real people…who aren’t in this game for “cash ” prizes. Fresh ideas, not ideologues, but real  patriots who put the good of the country ahead of their “sponsors” best interests. Imagine the scenario that we have 40 Republicans..40 Democrats…and 20 proud Middlecrats. To pass any legislation , the 20 members of the radical middle will have the deciding leverage over  legislation. Can you imagine giving “the people” the power..!!!

   If we harness the power of social media…we can target 25 different states …the smaller the state the better the proposition. We can run a world-wide campaign…we can raise money from every corner of the Earth. Can we get 20 dollars each from one million people ? …or maybe two million..or three million. There are a whole let more people with 20 bucks to spend then..billionaires who drop 20 million….it can be done. The world is very flat, TF, and  every person on this Earth  has a big stake in America.

   The radical middle is set to roar like never before. People from all walks of life, political persuasions… agree things are broken and we can’t wait around for integrity to finally show up   in this dysfunctional political system. . We have to show the Grover Norquist’s that we can’t and won’t  be intimidated. Our numbers have to be STRONG …how about some togetherness America? Let’s leave the extremists on both sides to wallow in their own thoughts..let’s come together. Libertarians, Democrats,Independents,Republicans,AND PEOPLE THAT HAVE NEVER VOTED BEFORE…the biggest voting block of them all. …let’s agree to fight fire with fire…at  the ballot box by our own free will. Become a Middlecrat, be the change that reshapes America. !


Who gave Grover the keys to the car? Can an entire political party be intimidated?


           As we await the Republican convention…it feel’s like we sit and wait  for the freak show to begin. A once powerful and respected  political party has been dismembered by a determined subset of it’s  members. Millions will tune in and feel powerless….as the ultra religious, really white group of powerful people “try” to set the agenda for this country. As we all begin to see that… we the people…mostly unknowingly….sold the “naming” rights of our country…to the highest bidders, just the same as we allow “The United Center’ to be bought by United al.

    The Citizens United ruling…another 5 to 4 supreme court decision…..has dramatically sifted who has the “Klout” in this country and who are the spectators. The middle class voter has been overtaxed, underemployed and poorly represented. We have no piles of cash to offer our politicians…we only have the power of our individual vote. That is even being challenged, as extreme zealots have created laws to disenfranchise the most vulnerable amoung us…taking unholy advantage of the American voter.  Who gave Grover the keys to the car?….how can an entire politcal party be intimadated?

    We need a middle class solution to our problems…not a Democrat or Republican one. We need real people to be involved with the real solutions to this countries many difficulties. Maybe the solution to our inability to influence the conversation is right at out fingertips..literally. My employer is a large  corporation..pretty decent people really. The only way they we get things done in our business when things don’t always go right…is  to “blow up” the phones and make sure we GET EVERYBODYS  UNDIVIDED ATTENTION!   That lesson can be applied to our country today. Let’s continue to  harness the power of the Internet…and  make some noise.

           Did we really hand over all political rights to only those with money , power and benefactors of  lucky sperm? I say no … We didn’t…they just took it when we weren’t looking…and..WELL..weve notcied…time for the regular folks  to assert our legal and moral authority and retake  ownership of our country.  We can take the country back ..Pick up  your phones…pens..and keyboards…lets tweet to sea to shining see…the middle class wants its country back!. Are  there  any real  political leaders willing to lead…because they have good ideas…and not a bloated checkbook. ? Do we have the character to stand up to the most extreme elements and of our great country? The jury is on lunch break..and we need more than a 5 to 4 decision!

Winds of change howl in Florida? ….


          The winds are howling for real, as tropical storm Isaac makes it’s inevitable progress towards America’s coastline. Florida is in the eye of the storm once again. Nature’s uncertainty makes us all very mortal… just in case we forget how fragile life is. We pray that the storm will leave little destruction, but one never knows… we hope for the best.

           The impetuous Republican party, led by it’s most extreme elements, hold’s their nominating coronation this Tuesday…in  Tampa Bay. Karma is a bitch, and its not a coincidence that turmoil rolls near this convention.  Never before have the American people been so let down by it’s political parties…  Yes, both parties! Brass billionaires and millionaires on both sides of the aisle reign their influence with huge stacks of $1000 dollar bills. The American voters can tune into the convention, and view what destruction the 1% can have on the political discourse in this country. The elite and the extreme control the dialogue. Crazy, divisive issues dominate the discussion… with little progress for the the hardworking middle class. We will hear about the evils of Obamacare… and about the sanctity of Government bossing it’s women around. 

        The eye of  the storm zero’s in on Tampa Bay… there may be a message in all the madness. The extremists have bought the Republican party… and the American voter is  not happy about this. We have our votes suppressed… we have our campaign contributions rendered meaningless. The fat cats have undue influence over this countries future… and we allow ourselves to be led by packs of bandits. Sometimes the trees need to be trimmed to keep vibrant… as the winds rattle in the hearts of  sensible Americans. Is this really the best we can do..? in  this  great country… Do the winds of change howl in Florida.?

Dark clouds follow Republicans to Florida…


                   As the Republicans set to gather here in Tampa Bay on Monday…a tropical storm swirls closer to the USA. One has to wonder if the almighty is sending a signal of his (her) discomfort with the GOP’s current mindset? We hope any weather related disaster stays far ashore, a man-made disaster lingers inside.  The road to Tampa Bay has been plenty bumpy for Romney, and he awaits his kings crowning as standard bearer for the beleaguered GOP.

         Recent bumps in the road include the goofy tea party belief that….if a “legit” rape occurs…God intervenes with immaculate anti-spermicidal protection. Even crazier yet, our “presumptive” Vice-presidential nominee is one of the biggest proponent’s of Rep Akin’s legislative initiates. These zealots want to deny a women’s right to make her own reproductive choices..and yes..even in the case of ” real ” rape…and incest…these extremists want the government to control  our personal and family decisions. This will be part of the GOP national platform..Aren’t these the same folks that want less governmental intrusion?  Let’s add  in the Republicans favorite legislative pastime of 2012, passing restrictive voter participation legislation to disqualify  the vote of hard working Americans. The basis of our country is to make voting easy and encourage widespread participation in our open and free elections. I’m appalled that moderate  Republicans and many Independents  seem to be just fine with restricting the vote of Americans. Republican immoral behavior is piling up, and soon enough their day of reckoning will come.

  Let’s watch as the Republican brand is forever besmirched with the nomination of a tax dodging, ethically challenged  Mitt Willard Romney. He doesn’t answer questions, he apparently doesn’t hold the American voter in very high esteem. If your not a CEO or don’t have thousands to give the campaign,step aside. There is no place for your participation in Romney’s gang of  corporate profiteers. As the darnkness swirls towards Tampa Bay..this may be nature’s way of sending a message to the powers that controls 2012 Republicans….someone’s not very happy.

Go get grandma and her vouchers…we need to shop her around….


                        When Romney repented for tax sins with the far right king makers …and gave them what they wanted…Paul ” let’s shop mama” Ryan as his vice-president…the dynamics of this fall contest changed forever. Ryan’s medicare privatization fantasy…let our seniors shop till they “drop” literally…is a complete non-starter.  It’s not just our seniors that are unnerved, anybody 40 years old or is looking at a dramatic change if Ryan gets his scheme enacted. Health care is not a “policy wonk” toy ….we’ve paid in a lifetime of work for medical security…please stop messing with the American people.

      Do you want to make some real progress in advancing medicare and keeping it solvent? Does everybody realize that when a taxpayer earns $ 106,000 for the year…they stop contributing to medicare and social security? This is an unjust tax policy  that needs to change. There is no reason to keep that cap so low..we let our millionaire earners pay no medicare or social security tax after 106,000? Really. Why?How about making senior citizens who have net worth of a million dollars or more pay a higher deductible for medicare? How about some tax fairness so all American will have equal access to health care …isn’t this just plain common sense and decency?

    Because of the extreme nature of the GOP ticket in 2012…Democrats may make some surprising gains in Congress. Maybe something good will come out of something really bad. American seniors have been disrespected…and everybody has a stake in this matter. Tell Grandma to vote…and grab the neighbors!  Let’s make Paul Ryan and his friends  grab their vouchers and  shop around for their “safe” house seats.

Republicans looking to 2016 … Romney defeats Romney…wooofff…wooofff….


                   Due to President Obama’s uneven first term record…and the state of the economy…it seemed the thought of Obama as a one term president wasn’t an unlikely proposition. . How quickly things change. The mass media is of course trying to keep the horse race going….this  a cash cow that keeps on giving to our corporations…sort of a back door  tax break..with the billionaires kicking back their under taxed bullion ..spreading the love around. The reality of the situation is that Romney’s tax problems will sink his campaign..and there’s nothing that will reverse that situation..the trend is strong and steady…the majority of Americans really don’t like the this man. Cruelty to people, cruelty to dogs…tax cuts for the super rich…why would we want this flip-flopping severley confused person for our president?

The selection of Paul Ryan clearly means the Koch brothers understand the reality of Romney and 2012, and are clearly looking to 2016 and exerting their full control. Romney’s tax returns will not be released….AND YES , it’s a really big deal. There’s so much this man is hiding from the American people. How could we have the confidence this secretive man is being straight with the American people? That’s water over the bridge at this point for the Koch brothers, they just want to keep a filibuster proof senate and a Republican led house, two likely possibilities. Congress may stay deadlocked, and the Republicans may relish to see a few more years of strife…2016 will be here sooner than you think.

 If Obama fails in his second term, Paul Ryan will be waiting to run at the top of the ticket with a Rubio, against a unnerving Biden?..or an aging Hillary Clinton. The Republican leadership will bide their time, as Romney slinks away in the sunset, and the POTUS starts a challenging second term

Can Democrats win the House ? Is the tea party on the ropes?


                       More and more it feels like 2012 will be the year to remember as  the presidential election shifts decisively towards Obama. Whether a true believer..or just a pragmatic picker of the lesser of two evils..the end result is the same.   A plethora of positive developments for the Democrats has opened the door to some realistic possibilities.The  Democrats will increase their dominance in the Senate.  The big surprise will be in the in house ,as the closer to the ground races, will see a steady trend against an extremist ticket of the GOP..towards a more sensible, moderate party working towards installing  more middle class tax fairness.

     Romney  is now and will become enshrined as the poster boy for the evils of the excesses of  capatilism run amuch during the turbulent pre & post 911 era. Can you imagine one person alone is  willing to take his whole party down because of his bad judgement .Would why anyone even consider  running for President of the United States ? … he full well knew the dark secrets contained in his tax returns . His arrogance took over, he has the pretty face..the cash..and the good fortune of running against a group of also-rans.

     Romney’s tax woes makes him a beleaguered candidate beholden to the tea party for not “benching” him at the convention for his bad behavior. The extremist got Paul Ryan for their shot in 2016…the story is now about just how badly will the GOP gets pounded…can this be the seminal shift that will move America toward a more balanced tax policy that  party breathes life back into its middle class? The progressives are on a roll, buoyed by the  pivital supreme court green light the for  Affordable Health Act. After inheriting a reall messy economic situation from the Bush boondoggle..things are  more positive as housing is perking up..a lynch pin for a sustained economic recovery. The stock market remains in a healthy trend.

      The  dynamic duo of Romney’s sleazy business practices and arrogance coupled  with  Ryan’s extreme beleifs  on medicare and lack of repsect for our seniors. Now’s the time for  America, to wrestle tax policy from the big corporations and special interest, back to where it belongs. Power back to the people… that actually do the work in this country….and legislate fair play back in the tax codes  All this could never have happened witout Romney , Ryan and the big money GOP .(Greedy old pricks).


Voter suppression challenges American Integrity…


                      I lost my mom this year….I loved her very much.  She struggled for many years, but through it all she received respectable health care. Not perfect by any means, but it’s an imperfect world. Toward the end, mom wasn’t allowed to drive anymore, and turned in her license. She wasn’t happy about  it…but it needed to happen. Then she spent months in and out of the hospital….things were touch and go and we did the best we could. She spent over a year between the time she gave up her license and passing. She was hoping to live long enough to vote in this years election.  My mom had never missed an election in her 81 years. She’s hardly a scofflaw ..but under the new voters law ….she would be excluded from voting in this Novembers Presidential election here in pivotal Florida. Many other seniors have similar stories and it’s a national disgrace to be hassling these proud Americans.  

       Even more restrictive laws have been enacted in the key states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Republicans are willfully and conciously trying to deny as many elderly people the right to vote as possible. Medicare is a key issue, and seniors overwhelming would be supporting Obama. Some 750,000 voters are in jeopardy of not getting to vote just in Pennsylvania alone. So, we are intentionally  excluding our seniors, minorities, and many poor from being able to vote.  Laws passed by wealthy white people are intentionally disenfranchising  Americans  from voter participation. This is a blight on our country , certainly the world looks with justifiable disdain at these goings on. I can’t help but thinking how God (or your version of a higher power) will hold human kind responsible for this bad behavior. Winning at any cost…willful isolation of the elderly and minorities … how we can explain this disgraceful behavior to the almighty?

  The intentional creation of laws to manipulate election is as ugly as it gets. It’s our modern world version of Jim Crow laws. American’s  cannot sit on their hands and allow this to happen with little or no objections…we need to make some noise!  The justice department is looking into the legality of these new laws, but we must proceed as indeed the laws may hold up in the courts. For now…we need the people from states  like New York and Illinois ,.. safe Obama states, to use their  people and resources to make sure we get anyone that wants to vote… the get the identification required in these other tea party threatened states.  Sometimes there’s a fee, many times its a long bus ride for a person to get identification,  and all these things cost money. How we handle this voter suppression issue..will have real and spiritual ramifications…we need to do the right thing. Voter suppression challenges everything our great country stands for…it’s time to make a stand and protect voters rights, not let the dark forces shut them down. Is America still land of the free…and home of the brave?