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Romney’s Olympic sized Problem…


                    Romney wobbled out of the United States after having a really tough week. Over 20 conservative and Independent leaders have asked Mitt to release his tax returns. Voters be damned, Romney pranced off to England with his million dollar dancing horse.  Alas, Mitt will not be by Mrs. Romney’s side when she shows off her fancy horse. Mitt doesnt want us thinking about his million dollar Equestrian friend in England …or  the other millions of Benjamin friends he has deposited all over the world. It’s really kind of defies all logic that Romney would invest so much of his money in foreign tax haven accounts…while denying the good old American banks his investment..and of course short-changing the treasurer of his precious tax dollars. Why didn’t someone remind  him he was running for president of the United States? It might have made sense if he made it look better  to the voters… he might  atleast invested his money in the same country he was whacking all the jobs out of… about the tin ear…think its two tin ears …next time you might not want to lecture the Brits about problems he see’s brewing for olympic security….he sure knows how to win friends…this guy is the ultimate corporate clown.

         In a short time, the Olympics will come and go, but when it’s all over Mitt still has an Olympic sized problem to deal with.  Mitt’s in tax denial, and he is willing to go all the way to his grave to not release these tax returns. He just cant release the tax returns and put his family and business in jeopardy…that’s right, winning the presidency is a lower priority then holding safe his families  bullion .

     The serious back room Washington tight-lipped chatter is this. Whoever Romney selects as his Vice-President ,,,may very well be the person that’s actually running against Barack Obama in the fall. The likelihood of Romney remaining standard-bearer for the fall is waning. So, the real game is who will get the pick for the Vice=President? Does Romney owe McCain a dept of apology for forcing him to select sweet Sarah P.? Will Romney now pay McCain back with a vice=presidential slot? McCain could be a very contentious candidate against POTUS. Who else would be on that short list.?Not Rob Portman. He might make a sensible VP choice if things were sensible, but he needs a much bigger name if the GOP is going to upset the progressives. It’s either McCain, Condy Rice…even Jeb Bush, or Christy.. both would offer a compelling  challenge for Obama.The rich guys over in Tampa want to get themselves fixed up with a winning team…seems Mitt’s turned himself into one WAY BIG tax liability. The fact that Romney didn’t plan ahead ..or went ahead foolishly because hes so used to getting things his own way, one way or the other…The future King of the United States…looks like he may come up a few crown short!

Why did McCain select Palin over Romney? What the media doesn’t want your to know…


                About four years ago, another presumptive presidential nominee was making a final decision on who his  vice-presidential running mate would be . The well- respected , honorable John McCain was not expected to nominate Sarah Palin as his vice-president and most trusted partner…a person he barely even knew.

          Mc Cain was forced at the last minute to make a risky, and regrettable choice for VP. Every media outlet in this country is very well aware that Mitt Romney was the person that John McCain had front and center to be his vice-presidential choice. Can we ask the question then…If Mitt Romney was rolled over by Sarah Palin for the vice-presidential spot..with his big reputation and deep pockets…what reasons caused McCain to make such an unnatural selection?

     The mainstream media moguls know the answer. We all know the answer. Romney’s tax returns are toxic..and that’s why he’s not showing. He can’t show us..that  would be …the ultimate suicide by police.

   But the police, or mainstream media in this case, is not about to reveal truths that would alter this election. The MM is  financially bought and paid for by forces behind Mitt Romney…and Barack Obama. . ..don’t look for them to be the ones to stick the knife in the back of the people that brought these moguls their fame and fortune. Seems, the only way the American voter will get the information they need is via  alternate media outlets…people not bought and paid for by the corporate class.

   So, mainstream media..let’s ask the right questions. What was it specifically that caused the solid John McCain to make such a curious choice for vice-president…and how about the biggest question of the all………If Mitt Romney succeeds in wrapping up the nomination before the explosive tax returns come to light…who do you think would make an excellent presidential candidate if Romney is forced to step aside before November? What man has been featured on every major station an inspiring defense on president Barack Obama when a voter besmirched him? What right of center  candidate would have the experience and support to  defeat  the president this November. Put John McCain on the very short list for next GOP candidate to challenge Barack Obama this November……maybe someone in the MM should ask a few questions…Could John McCain become the next president of the United States?





Does Media’s glorification of mayhem promote decadence?


             It would be great if as a result of gun tragedies we were able to pass laws that had a real effect on controlling gun violence. The NRA. like AARP, have disproportionate control over our legislators….don’t expect much change to happen. Even if they passed some more restrictive laws, tragedies like Colorado, or Florida..or Arizona..all over the country..will not be averted. Chicago has one of the most restrictive hand gun laws in the nation, and one of the highest murder rates at the same time.

    Our answers to controlling the craziness lies more in our acceptance or lack their of …of Hollywood’s glorification or guns and violence. I’m not talking about censorship…just a national discourse on sensibility.Earlier this year I was at the movies with my son. We must have watched 15 minutes of preview after preview of upcoming movies. We saw Spiderman, and Batman..and loads of other movies with violence displayed in its previews. I watched feeling disturbed by all the ads, looking around at a movie theater filled  with lots  of teenagers, and younger too.

   Earlier that same day a song came on the radio. It was by an artist named Keisha. It sounded catchy enough and I had no idea what the words were saying After the song was over ,my son asked me with a mischievous  smile if I knew what the song was about? ..I had not a clue. He went on to explain that it was girls going to a drag queens oral sex through a hole in the wall.. OMG. He is 12 years old and he’s explaining this to a clueless dad. The desensitizing of our youth is an enabler to a society that in moral trouble…our kids are subjected to degeneracy we never had as youths..we need to be more vigilante.

   Decades earlier, we figured out that smoking cigarettes was very dangerous to your health, We didn’t make it illegal, but we did restrict television advertisement  and forced disclaimers to be sold with each cigarette package. We also raised taxes on these items to discourage usage. Why can’t we have legislation restricting the amount of violence that can be advertised on television and movie trailers.? That could and should be controlled. Hollywood could assist and not make music video’s and reward artists that go over the top in common sense decency. Not censorship, the American public just needs to make it an economic necessity for big entertainment companies to provide content that’s not inciting  impressionable people of all sorts.  

       How about a combination of new gun laws barring rapid firing assault weapons..coupled with an entertainment industry that takes some responsibility for reigning in the violence and decadence in their advertisements? Kind of like the right-wing agreeing to some sensible restrictions..and the left-wing entertainers taking  more responsibility in their advertising standards..imagine if we could compromise and make some progress for the safety of our society…


Is Mitt Romney fit to be president?


       If you wanted to be president of the United States , isn’t it common sense to not put your money in Swiss bank acconts or obvious tax havens like the Cayman Islands? Would you not strap your family dog on top of your car on your way to Canada?  Would you brazenly offer up a $10,000 dollar bet on a national debate with families listening in all over the country? Doesn’t he know gambling is not something to be glamorized by a potential presidential roll model?

    The lack of common sense and tin ear towards the middle class paints a very out of touch, troubled person. .Are we suppose to be impressed that $10,000 is just pocket change for him. Reports are that for some years Romney’s personal income may exceed 50 million per year. He probably paid no little taxes while he was earning about $20,000 dollars an HOUR. How could he possibly relate to the American middle class? 

    To make the decision to run for president, knowing you had a fatal tax problems is very troublesome. You could call it plain reckless. It was inevitable that Romney’s tax obligation would come under scrutiny.He must have felt …  the Republicans” owed”  him this years nomination, plus he’s the big money guy for the GOP. He threw around his ill-gotten gains…spoiled rich guys pretty much do what they want most of the time.

    Romney reminded us of Mrs. Romney’s two Cadillacs .Ann Romney told us today that “you people” don’t need to know any more about their tax returns. We saw pictures of the family vacation in their multi-million dollar party house. Success is great ,and we all would love the fruits of financial success. But, when your profits are ripped of the backs of hard working Americans .slicing and dicing jobs all over the country ….and then siphoned your personal profits  to off shore tax heavens.  Romney doesn’t feel like a guy that should be the moral leader of the free world. . Considering all the facts, one has to wonder about the soundness of Mr Romney’s  and his decision making. No matter who gets the Republican nomination, at least the American voter is now more aware of what Romney is about. All the money in the world doesn’t make Mitt qualified to  be president of the United States.




Romney fails leadership test…he may not be the Nominee….


        Just after the South Carolina primary when Romney got whipped by Newt…he trotted out his emergency, sanitized premeditated version of ‘tax returns’. His back was against the wall …He showed just a bit of leg…enough to quiet the masses…and Nutty Newt’s momentum stopped quickly.

    Seems Romeny’s has no back up plan left….he will not be releasing any further tax returns. If he was able to release his taxes returns, he would have already done so. Not only will the release of tax returns deny him the nomination…all signs point to possible legal jeopardy as well…one huge can of worms lies in those tax returns. Romney’s  arrogance usurped his best judgement,as he should NEVER HAVE  run for president if he was unwilling to pony up his tax returns…but it was his turn..and he had the cash to get it done……spoiled ,rich guys often get what they want.

  Now that it’s become obvious that its time to show or go…(20+ prominent Republicans are now on record asking for the release of the tax). Look for Romney’s upcoming selection of vice-president to foretell who will actually be caring the mantle for the GOP.  This choice will not be good news for Obama and his stalwarts, as the Republican hierarchy has already decided on their choice.

     Condoleezza Rice is an outstanding candidate…and well-qualified for the oval office. She is a social moderate, fiscal conservative and  hawkish.   She would receive warm approval world-wide…and set this 2012 presidential race on its head. The 90% support that Obama now enjoys from the African-American community will be nevermore. His edge with the female vote will be diminished..and the pro-life voters are not getting behind the POTUS anyway..

         “Bushies” will get their hand picked candidate after all. Thinking about January of this year when Henry Kissinger visited China. He assured the Chinese leadership that the Bush wing of the Republican party would rule the White House….never mind the media reports they were receiving. Romney’s tax troubles have been brewing…and there is no turning things around this time. Leave it to the clever Republicans…..a Rice/Rubio ticket sure would bring lots of minorities over to the Republicans. With the economy so weak and people struggling…smart money says with Romney out…you can make Condy Rice the unlikely but brilliant choice for the GOP.

Romney damaged goods…”presumptive” nominee in free fall…


                   If Mitt Romney is unable to release his tax returns …or more likely unwilling to risk revealing any information prior to his “presumptive” nomination …he is playing with fire. These questions are not going away, as the voters are unable to make a fair judgement about Romney without knowing his full story.

        If the tax returns were not toxic, they would have been released some time ago. Romney can’t release the tax returns now. He thinks he can withstand the  heat prior to the convention in August. At this point, he is betting the Republicans will nominate him despite the swirling questions about his taxes.

  Here’s Romney’s biggest problem. John McCain and the Republican establishment know what’s   contained in those returns… 23 years of tax returns were turned in to the McCain during the vetting process last time around…and McCain was more comfortable with a risky Sarah Palin vs. the cash rich seemingly logical choice in  Romney.

  Romney looks so suspicious, yet… he just doesn’t feel like he needs to answere questions. His arrogance is sickening …and he doesn’t deserve the Republican nomination.  Just wait until the new polling hits the streets next week after this disaster continues to  unfold. Obama is steadily moving ahead   in several polls.. firming up in several swing states. The pattern recognition is clear…momentum is set…this election is slipping away from Romney and the Republicans.

If Romney comes forward now, he doesnt get the nomination. If he continues to stonewall..he  believes he will likely hold on to the nomination. The wild card is not what will come out from the Democratic side..its what the neo-cons are sitting on that can be leaked to the public. Not for the POTUS benefit, just for the benefit of the right wing billionaire bunch. Do not be surprised if we have a compromised convention where Romney is unable to close it out on the first ballot. At that point, Republicans will look to either Jeb Bush or Condy Rice to save the day. Democrats shouldn’t rejoice at that prospect, either candidate will be much harder to defeat than Romney. Romney’s damaged goods, and an object in motion stays in motion..his star is in a a steady fade.

Mitt can’t reveal taxes until nominated…otherwise he might not be the nominee!!


It’s becoming pretty clear that Mitt won’t reveal his tax returns because he will not get the Republican nomination if he did.

Remember, Mitt is only the presumptive nominee..and there’s many foes within the Republican party that would be thrilled to see his “presidential star” fizzle. In fact, with the McCain camp privy to 23 years of tax records..seems some Republican have the inside scoop on what would be revealed. Interesting to reflect, that the McCain camp took sorry Sarah P. over a cash rich logical vice-presidential  choice in Romney…..wondering why…are Romney’s tax return’s just plain toxic?

If Romney was elected to be president, imagine the arrogance he would display after he got the job. He won’t come clean and talk to the American voter now, can you imagine his arrogance should we give him the keys to Pennsylvania avenue. It seems the “moment of truth” for the Romney campaign is not far away. Either Romney coughs up the tax returns and tries to get the nomination despite it’s content, or he  continues  to stonewall. If he continues to sit on the tax returns , I’m feeling his tax returns might  be released anyway….somewhere..prior to the Republican convention. Romney doesn’t just have foes to the left, but many to the right don’t like him put it mildly.

One way or the other, it feels like Romeny’s likely  toxic tax returns are in our future. Imagine what INTEREST the Republican convention would be if Romney fails to get elected on the opening ballot. The world could turn upside down quite easily…and a surprise, compromise nominee may still be coming from the Republicans.

Smart Republicans have done the math, and if Condoleezza Rice became the standard-bearer  this year, she would likely be unbeatable. No way would the POTUS take 90% of the black vote….and the women vote would also be significantly altered….truth be told… Condy Rice is probably the best Republican for the job. She would do very well with independents. Alas, .. progressives would be wise to tamper down the tax talk for now. Let an injured and vulnerable Romney get the nomination..let’s not let the Republican elite take him down so they can sneak in their ne0-con agenda…..the 1% is determined to get the White House back..and they don’t care if they go through the front door or the back door…the result is the same. !

Mitt’s cash is in the Caymans- he won’t let us see his tax returns..he’s insulting the American voter!

Mitt Romney appears to me as a man that’s just plan out of control. With the camera lights on and his election year in full wing..the arrogant attitude of this man is in full stride. After insulting the NAACP by unnecessarily using “obamacare” in a pejorative way. …he now tells CNN live on TV that there’s no chance he will release any additional tax returns. He says he legally complied by the law ..and that’s the end of the issue .

Wow, does that sound like a guy that really, really doesn’t want the voter  to see those gold platted tax returns . He seems to believe  the release of those tax returns will destroy his campaign…its a  smaller risk to keep stonewalling than actually complying to the morally responsible action of releasing  multiple years of tax returns .

So, we know that Romney made many millions vultering over corporations..and picking their leftovers dry. Denying promised pension coverage….Romney and his people even forced the federal government to back up loans …that Bain’ had acquired and…systematically destroyed…,saddling the government and taxpayer to bail out the pensioners.

So , Romney made 250 million or more ..moved  much of his wealth overseas, and tells the American voter to fuck themselves if they want to see his tax returns.With no remorse, us voters are just not going to get to see those tax returns.  Personally speaking, I’m appalled that a serious presidential candidate would have this type of attitude towards the American people .It;s not right, its unseemly, and I hope  for independents and thoughtful Republicans too. When someone is so insistent on hiding something from us…me thinks there may be some smoke by that fire.  If Romney won’t get close to telling us the truth now, guess how much worse it would be if he becomes president.? Hey .. Mitt….Tell us why the Cayman Islands is the place to be ? What is the rest of us missing?

Romney’s Dis-credited – Could Republicans still dump him?


Mitt Romney’s campaign has been sputtering along. Careful not to say much about anything…hoping this election is simply a referendum on Obama.

Alas, things may not be so easy for the jet skiers . Several bombshell reports have emerged this last week calling Romney’s veracity into clear question. Seem his handlers think if you just repeat a lie often enough, people will just accept it and go away. Romney’s tenure at his 100% owned and operated little empire called Bain Capital…is not exactly true to his words. Romney tried to duck all responsibility for being “the out sourcer ” and chief” at Bain capital. He claimed he wasn’t there when the decision were made to close down American jobs and ship them around the world.While at the same time….. He was the guy closing plants in the USA, moving the manufacturing equipment and jobs to China…and profitably quite handsomely. Nothing like trying to have your cake and eat it too..why not..if your rich and powerful…..and brazen..

This Bain bashing of the truth dovetails nicely with Romney’s shipping  off his personal profits and moving them to the Camyan Islands, Swiss Bank accounts and who knows where else this slippery Mitt  has slid his families funds. Maybe Romney knows all too well about the Bank of America and Citigroup…and knows where smart rich people put their money for safe keeping. Romney is consistent ….he will not release his tax returns…he is arrogant and he knows the information in the tax returns would sink his campaign. Some say his net worth is 250 million dollars….but I think all signs are pointing to a much greedier man than we ever even imagine.

Why would Romney make visit to the NAACP convention and use that time to use “Obama care” in a racially tinged put down? Some suspect he was just setting up a future commercials..prepared to show him as the tough guy willing to take on anybody. The pundits might be right, but I think “they”  give the Romney rascals too much credit. I think Romney said it because he has a tin ear towards the working class….minorities and sick people…and has showed it time over time.

You have to wonder what the ” new world order” people are thinking now. They are witnessing the meltdown of their guy…and the emergence of an affordable health care act that many are starting to a really great  for the American’s pretty hard for Romney to run as the guy that’s going to take that all away…not a winning position. Romney may quickly be seen as more of a liabilty to the “powers” that be. Is it possible that Romney can still be denied the Republican nomination.? Swings states are all moving slowly but steadily for the president..and Obama has taken his largest lead yet in an overall poll. Another twist, do they nominate Romney and Condoleezza Rice as VP? Romney could “step” down for “health ” reasons…before November. Then we would have the POTUS against Condoleezza Rice..a moderate, wise, women candidate that would change the demographics of this race in a split second. Not possible?…The new world order, the Bush/Soros power team…has their gal close at hand….do not dismiss the power and cunning of the 1%.


Obama poised for big win – Here’s why…


                   As the July fourth independence celebrations begin, the presidential election will soon begin its final trimester. Reading the tea leaves, many  signs are pointing to a decisive re-election for the POTUS. Here’s a run down of why …things are spinning out-of-control for the Republicans.

               Romney is a flawed candidate whose weakness will be pounded home time and again during this final leg of the campaign. Besides white dudes who makes 100,000+…he has no other constituency that he can count on. Romney’s refusal to back the equal pay act for women..coupled with his “severely” compromised position on women’s reproductive rights are not winning him any extra votes. He is beholden to the Billionaire bomb squad, and as things slip away… the desperation of the tea party will come through loud and clear. Middle of the road voters will be uneasy and not come around to the extreme positions of Romney’s money men. Even Rupert Murdock is prepared for a Romney of his biggest cheerleaders up until now.

       We know the black vote with go around 90% for Obama. A bigger problem for the right wing is Romney’s tin ear towards the Hispanic people. There is no reason for any Hispanics to vote for Romney..even Romney’s likely choice of Marco Rubio, senator in Florida…will not help. The Hispanic vote is wide and varied…and a rookie tossed into the Vice-presidency will not sway many Hispanics. Kind of like Geraldine Ferraro or Sarah Palin capturing the women’s vote….crude  tokenism will not help…Hispanics are poised to support Obama by some 65 to 70%.Romney’s chances to win Colorado and New Mexico are  weakened…..He’s even down in North Carolina…and the big prize of Florida..seems well positioned to go Obama…despite the tea parties desperate attempt to keep as many Democrats as possible off the voter roles.

    The Obama “pros” who are managing his campaign out of Americans heartland..good of Chi-town..are so much smarter than the Romney man that it’s like a major league baseball team matched up  against  the AA squad. Romney is beholden to these not so smart operatives..another boost for the progressives. When the gloves come off this fall, we will continue to hear about Romney’s Bain out sourcing of American jobs. His huge personal profits that he pocketed…and his  willingly  ducking of  taxes… and squirrelling   his money away to the Cayman Islands … his Swiss bank accounts…and the arrogance of a man  who will not release any  meaningful tax returns.  Let’s throw into the mix a solid stock market and a European situation that seems to be stabilizing, while precarious, may not be as bad as first thought..the stock market doesn’t seem  overly concerned. Let’s not forget Romney’spersonal his cruelty to Animals by tying his dog to the top of a car on his jaunt into Canada. What kind of asshole would do something like that?…do we want him protecting the Earth and his continual denial of any ‘global warming issues”…which clearly are here to stay and require a dedicated effort to bring things under  control. Another wild card out the is there is no independent candidate positioned to take any significant votes away from Obama. Ron Paul looks like the likely standard bearer for the fringe…and he will hurt Romney  more than he will take votes from the Democrats State by state polls continue to edge slowly but steadily for the president. The affordable health care is affirmed by the courts, and quite popular with the rank and file. Romney’s best hope is a complete economic breakdown in the next several months. With states like Florida unemployment rate has fallen from 11% to under 8%…and major near term downturn seems unlikely. All the facts point solidly towards a decisive win for Obama…the good sense of the American people will prevail.